Come Guess: Who is this woman executive with a casting couch

So to follow up with the previous small Guess Who of today, we have another snippet from an article in Open Magazine. Again, this article is a follow-up of what Saroj Khan said the other day. In it, there is a Guess Who part about a female executive who has enjoyed using the casting couch methods and then bragging about it to others. Using your power to do this to those desperate for jobs is being an a$$hole, but bragging it to others make you a disgusting pervert. Guess, there are Harvey Weinsteins everywhere in men and women!

You all know who this is and this is not the first time that she has been spoken about. Check it out below.

Who is this woman executive with a casting couch


The casting couch can also be gender neutral, which is something that many who were shocked by Khan’s views seem to miss. In Bollywood, one of the rumoured casting couches is of a woman executive at a major production house who has propelled the careers of many of today’s male stars.


Another gem of an info:

We will never know with certainty who rose to the top having slept with whom, but one thing is always noticeable: casting couch gossip usually tags those who are not from a movie dynasty. A star son or daughter has no need for it, even if their talent is limited. The choice is thus between nepotism and sexual quid pro quos. In an ideal world, both should be anathema, but if one exists then there is no mystery in the other following.

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11 Responses

  1. TRS says:

    Might be Shanoo Sharma – Read her name a lot in comments sections of many such articles. I think casting couch should be divided into two categories: First is the friend with benefit/you scratch my back i scratch yours etc – Both parties are happy with their end of the bargain. Why just point fingers at the exec when their partners are equally.
    Second is the real evil – Harvey W type, you give me what i want or you are F****d anyways!
    Ekta Kapoor, Shanoo Sharma, Akshay kumar etc seem to be in category 1 – Not saying its good for the industry but – its two consenting adults. Other is Santoshi (MK incident), Rakesh Roshan (TC incident) – that’s just sad!

  2. Ray Shan says:

    BBC has come up with a documentary “the dark side of bollywood”…. highly recommended!

  3. pooja says:

    off topic—-

    @admin……Check out these articles. These are the most brutally honest articles i’ve read in recent times on Nepo Kids—

    1- This one’s about Varun and his acting provess. The making of varun Dhawan i.e marketing varun dhawan. This writer was really honest.

    2- This one’s about Sanju and Ranbir—– and how hard industry is trying to sell both.
    And the writer also talks about Ranbir’s acting prowess in Sanju teaser and in

    Ranbo’s fans started harassing the writer on twitter after this article.

    Admin if possible can you please post the content of this articles on osop . I’m sure every one on the blog will have great time reading these articles.

    It’s very refreshing to see such honest articles on these nepo brats , which is a rarity these days. Tired of all those fake articles .

  4. Rashmi says:

    sorry now the admin does not specify the names and does not put the photo. this new trend I do not like

  5. lince says:

    maybe EKTA KAPOOR [allegedly]

    • Monalisa says:

      This.. Ekta is rumoured to be a lesbian. Mona Singh, Anita Hanssadhani were allegedly her squeezes.

  6. Priya says:

    That lady Shanu from Yashraj?

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