Chris Brown finally talks about what happened with Rihanna that night

This topic has been on our to-do list for a while now, we just couldn’t get to it because it was a heavy topic to talk about. Since we watched Chris Brown’s documentary, ‘Welcome to my life’, we have been wanting to share what he said happened that night with Rihanna – the night that changed everything for both him and her.

It was not a documentary solely made to explain what occurred that night. It was made to remind you how talented Chris Brown was, how the world was so unfair to him, how he had to grow up so fast, how bad things just keep happening to him, and why people should give him another chance. We saw the trailer for the documentary and in it, Chris talked about the night that he beat up Rihanna.

That was what made us want to get it so that we can see what was his excuse for beating up his girlfriend. In case you don’t know or were still young when it happened, Chris Brown was dating Rihanna at that time. They were both hot and happening newcomers in the music world. He was 19 and she was 20.

Chris Brown finally talks about what happened with Rihanna that night

One night after the Grammys pre-show celebration, they got into an argument on their way back home in his rented vehicle that resulted in Rihanna ending up like this:

Chris Brown finally talks about what happened with Rihanna that night

This image flashed on Entertainment Tonight and there were goosebumps and chill down the spine type of feelings! Just numbness and shock at how this happened to a famous girl. Usually, you hear or read of things like that happening, but for this one, there was the picture that shocked everyone.

There was news of two celebrities involved in a domestic violence case. You see, the police cannot disclose what happened or who were involved so they let this leaked picture do the talking. No one would have known for sure who it was or how bad it was if it wasn’t for this picture. This picture was not shared by the cops to the press, it was sold by one of them to TMZ who then proceeded to share it with the whole world. In a way, it is good that they showed the world the kind of beast that Chris Brown was and might still be, but what TMZ didn’t think of was the humiliation that Rihanna would feel after this.

Sure, she is not the first celebrity to get physically assaulted by her partner. Halle Berry was reported beaten up by her ex and she ended up being deaf in one year because of that.

Madonna was badly assaulted too by one of her exes. There are many others, but Rihanna is probably the most happening star that had her domestic violence issue publicised for the world to see. She had to do interviews afterwards to let the world know that she was fine.

She also tried to explain what happened. It didn’t matter by then because the damage was already done to Chris and his public image.

His life turned upside down and rightly so! He can’t think that something like this would come to light and everyone would just forgive him for being a jacka$$. Deep down, he must really blame her for the way people started to look at him after that incident.

Chris Brown finally talks about what happened with Rihanna that night

So much has changed since that incident. Rihanna changed a lot, she became a different woman. She went from looking classy, innocent, dressing well and being elegant to walking on the streets almost naked. She made a mess of herself, couldn’t perform on stage for a while and almost died by accidentally overdosing herself. In a way, she became a different person; an oversexualised woman going haywire trying to make a point. It is a strange turn and it seems that she was trying to prove that she didn’t need the world’s pity. This was the way she knew how take the attention away from that brutal incident. Madonna did something similar as well. Now that we think about it, Rihanna was launched by Jay-Z’s company. At the beginning of her career, they wanted to make her the new Beyonce. That was the plan until Rihanna took charge of her image and decided to go the other way – the good girl gone bad way. Ironically, Beyonce has been trying to catch up with her now with all of her oversexualised images and videos. It’s sad to see these talented women thinking they have to strip to prove they are talented.

Chris Brown finally talks about what happened with Rihanna that night

Back to the Chris Brown documentary in which recorded events in his life are played out with snippets of a fidgety Chris Brown talking about these events. 25 minutes in and he starts to talk about what happened that night. He gives out a long explanation, a really long and detailed explanation. But….He doesn’t take responsibility for his behaviour that night, for what he did to her. He tries to reason the whole thing by saying she beat him too and he beat her as well. He said they used to beat each other months prior to that night. It all started when he confessed to Rihanna that he slept with a girl when they just started dating. Ri-Ri got super mad because she asked him about it before and he denied anything happened. Since then, they were always fighting with each other. This is the explanation he gave, it’s his story and not hers.

Guess he thought that him saying they used to get physical with each other would make sense to people, like it would justify things. If anything, it made things worst. This means that he was assaulting her before that incident. It so happened that what occured that night took place in a residential area while they were in a vehicle – it happened on the outside, out in the open. She was able to get out and shout for help, which was exactly what she did. He said in that moment, he asked her not to do that because people would call the cops. He had no idea why she did that. So, you beat the crap out of her, break her lips, punch her and shove her head hard against the window and you are wondering why she was crying for help once she got out? What?!

And, he drove off after that leaving her there! He tries to make himself sound like a good human being by saying he went to the police station the next morning because he wanted to pay for his actions. Guys forget that they are much more stronger than women. RiRi had her face battered, but Chris’ face looked normal when he showed up at the police station so to say that he hit her because she hit him first doesn’t justify him beating the crap out of her. There is no excuse that can justify a man beating up a woman like that and calling it self-defense just because the woman hit him first.

While telling this story, he explained why he became that “monster” on that night. OK, we have to admit that we thought he was like this because his dad assaulted his mom and Chris was a victim of his mother’s domestic violence issues; he grew up in that situation. As it turned out, he said it was not his dad but his mother’s significant other at that time. So, how in the world does this connect to him being a violent and hot tempered person? It’s not even his father, he was not even a little kid around so how does this equate to him doing what he did? This is what he talked about in trying to justify where this monster that is inside of him came from.

He spoke about another incident as well, which happened when he was doing his first interview on a morning talk show where he was promoting his album, but the host only wanted to know about that incident. Fair enough, you can’t be involved in something as huge as that assault and not expect people to ask you about it. He got really upset afterwards and out of anger, he threw a chair at the window which resulted in a broken window that ended up being the headline of this interview.

How does he justify that? He said he is trying to get rid of this monster inside of him, but people keep pushing him back to being that monster. He is not that monster, but if they are going to ask him about that assault then the monster will come out. If he was in India or in any other country that believes in exorcism, people would have said that he is possessed. But this not being possessed, the dude has a problem – a temper that he should have worked on.

Why he should have worked on his temper? Because Chris Brown is still the same person!

In this whole documentary, people around him are interviewed. They try to cover up that this guy is sick by saying he couldn’t believe what he did, he was scared and all that crap. His mother, despite being a domestic violence victim, was more concerned about what could happen to her son than finding out what happened to Rihanna. Though, she does compose herself when she realised what she said by saying that she was also concerned about Rihanna on Larry King Live. That doesn’t change the fact that she is on tape saying that it was the most devastating thing to happen to her to see him like this. When you look at her saying this, it really does appear that she blames Rihanna for blowing this out of proportion. Not just her, but everyone else who was interviewed. Not one thought for the girl who has been assaulted and what her parents must have gone through seeing their daughter beaten up like that. You can see in all the special appearances’ eyes regarding this incident in the document. They all know that this wouldn’t have happened had Rihanna not scream for help that night. If Chris and Rihanna drove back home that night, none of this would have happened.

That Rihanna incident is not a one-time incident for Chris Brown, it was the start of his violent behavior. Since then, he has shown his temper on numerous occasions on different persons, including women and his ex-girlfriends. His lawyer justified his behaviour by saying that Chris was only 18 then and his brain wasn’t fully formed! Like, for real?!

Sure, he was a talented young man. He had fluid dancing skills and was able to sing live while dancing like crazy. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that he is not a nice man. We don’t want to say he is a monster, but that was how he described himself. At end of the documentary, they tried to play out a good and happy ending for him. Hear this out: he got some girl pregnant and she gave birth to his baby. He tried to explain the whole situation by saying this kid was conceived when he was on a break with his girlfriend. Then he said that this call came at a time when he was trying to get his girlfriend pregnant; he was trying to do her right as a boyfriend. Like, what the hell?!

News of the baby leaked by TMZ before he got a chance to tell his girlfriend about it. Again, Chris tries to justify this situation by saying he was going to tell her and the media blew it. His longtime girlfriend left him and Chris claims that his daughter is the only person that matters and nobody else will come before that.

Great way to play his fans and the media like that! We would have believed it too until news of him being a drug addict came out. He doesn’t care about his daughter, but is paying child support to the mother. He does drugs all day long and hangs out with ladies of the night at his house. Not to forget, there were pictures of him doing this that came out:


And, what does he keep doing to his face and body? How did he go from looking like this:

Chris Brown finally talks about what happened with Rihanna that night


To this at 29 years old:

Chris Brown finally talks about what happened with Rihanna that night

If he really wanted to change, he would have cleaned up his act and get himself together. Instead he keeps going down the wrong path and expects people to understand him.

Like Rihanna said, if this can happen to a strong woman like herself, it can happen to anyone. She too went through a phase and it seems that she has been out of it now, she seems to be doing well.

Either way, she’s a talented artist and she deserves to keep going. There’s something about her voice and the way she sings, she has her own style. She has this talent of choosing great sound and lyrics that end up as chart toppers. ‘Umbrella’ still sounds great to this day!


Before we end. To all the victims of domestic abuse, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Saying “Hang in there” doesn’t seem right. Let’s go with “Just leave because your life is worth much more, you don’t have to keep suffering. Get help and everything will be fine!” Peace and God Bless!

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5 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    Very nicely analyzed.
    Sadly I know lots of young couples who think verbal abuse with each other is cool and normal. Physical abuse is just a further step, waiting to happen. And yes, when it does, not all men realize their actions are more violent and damaging than the girls.

  2. Hmmm3 says:

    Admin, we still like bollywood more!!!

  3. Humpty Dumpty says:

    Rihanna bribe naked or dressed up or even sexualizing herself is her choice idk why admin sounds like she wants her to feel ashamed of that!

  4. Hmmm says:

    Chris Brown is an abuser who will never take any responsibility for his sh***ty behaviour. That guy has been cancelled since the day he beat Rhianna. The fact he has no remorse and seems to be blaming Rhianna for triggering him shows he is a low life scumbag.

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