Can you guess who this creepy personality is?

UPDATE: This creepy personality is footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. Kathryn Mayorga, the woman he raped in 2009 finally has the courage and sanity to come in public about what Cristiano did to her. DeadSpin has all the details, including a statement from CR at the time of the case where he admits he forced himself on this woman despite her saying No many times. Check out the article if you are interested to know more. We are not sharing it here due to the extreme sensitive information in the article. Forget creepy, this greasy MF is a psycho rapist! Glad that this woman can finally come out with the truth and she is doing so because she thinks there are other victims of CR. Allegedly, all of his kids are by women that he slept with. Two of these women, the first and the third, were working as ladies of the night when they met CR.

Woman Who Accused Cristiano Ronaldo Of Rape Tells Her Full Story, Seeks To Void Settlement

Cristiano Ronaldo has been first publicly accused of rape in 2005

Can you guess who this creepy personality is?

The reason why we are not revealing his name is because of the creepy nature of his behaviour. You know who this is if you are familiar with him. There are just so many things about this dude that just put him in a different slot altogether. Like what is his deal? You know there was a rape case against him years ago? He managed to silence the victim by paying her thousands in an out of court settlement. Rumour has it, he plays for the other team and if you know what he has been accused of by his victim, you will understand exactly what we are referring to. When he got to know about this report, he claimed it was fiction. But unfortunately, there’s proof and usually, he should know that allegations like this are not publicly shared if there’s not enough proof. In his case, there were tons of proof.

He has a kid, whose mother literally doesn’t exist because he paid her off. Was it another case or just bad protection? It still doesn’t explain why he felt the need to have a surrogate carry his twins, who were born this year. And it also doesn’t explain how he got another girl pregnant and she too recently gave birth. That is like 3 kids in a year. Is that a coincidence or something else? He does have the money, though, so he can look after his kids. But isn’t this strange? He is said to love himself so much that he wants to have small versions of himself at home.




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16 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    This is exactly why surrogacy makes me uneasy. It allows creeps like this to have kids with no checks and balances in place to ensure either the kids or the mothers wellbeing. Like the Japanese guy who had 12 surrogate kids from poor Philipino women, just because he could. Literally buying and trading in human parts (ovaries) and children. Literally messing with gender chromosomes (almost all Indian business families who did this) to only have male children. If this kind of trade was happening with other body parts we would be shocked. Surrogacy was supposed to be for childless couples, not for people trying to deny kids a mothers love or go for gender selection.

  2. Pooja says:

    And I read many times this guy is gay.ahhh??what is true.

  3. Pooja says:

    What mean by ladies on night???waitress in night???

  4. Monalisa says:

    What!! I can’t believe this. So many rumours of him being gay has been doing the rounds for many years. I used to be a big football fan and watched premire league/world cup matches regularly a couple of years back and CR7 is one of my all time favs. Ugh!! Disgusted!! Thank god I’m not such a big fan of him as I used to be.

  5. naughtytrini says:

    Omg I want to dead with laugh lol how do admin come up with these things? rofl at first I thought it was bips husband, then i thought it was KJO, nevermind who it is, that statue show is creepy.

  6. Pepeas says:

    It’s Ronaldo, who seems to announce the birth of new children every 5 minutes. I didn’t know about the rape case and pay out, which if true is abhorrent and indefensible. But I assume you are referring to forced anal sex. Let me just say – many, many hetero men also sodomize their rape victims including wives and girlfriends. Anally raping someone is not about being gay – it’s just another form of degrading the victims, inflicting maximum pain, and showing them how powerless they are.

  7. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    Not related to btown this is about christiano Ronaldo the footballer that had or did not have a one night stand with out sweet cupcake Bipasha

  8. Deep says:

    this is not related to bollywood.. it is about Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer player.. the bust in the picture above is his…

  9. Rtm says:

    karan johar? didnt ppl say he was gay in previous posts????confused ?¿!!

  10. Coffee with GayJo says:

    This has to be GayJo

  11. Anon1990 says:

    What? This seems to reference KJo because of twins being born through surrogacy in 2017. But he has another kid born this year? And a rape case by a woman? Am I missing something?

  12. OddEye says:

    A few of your recent posts show “Database Not Found” when you try to click on them.

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