Boney Kapoor shares what happened to Sridevi that day

Komal Nahta, the film critic, happens to be a very close friend of Boney Kapoor. Despite the tragedy that he has gone through, Boney is still picking up his phone to talk to his well-wishers. One such well-wisher who called him was Komal Nahta and like everyone else wanting to know what happened that night, Komal too asked Boney. Now, Komal wrote it in such a way that it looks like tragedy movie script. What happened is pretty much what we have heard from the media, except there’s no cardiac arrest or drug overdose or the fact that the hotel staff discovered her first.


Kapoor reportedly told his friend of 30 years, trade analyst Komal Nahta, about his unscheduled trip to Dubai to surprise Sridevi and how barely two hours later he found her dead in a “bathtub full of water”.


Boney himself doesn’t seem to know what happened as when he got into the bathroom, Sridevi was already underwater. Maybe he panicked and called his relatives to tell them that Sri had a cardiac arrest. No one, except Sri, truly knows what happened. Whether or not this story is true, we don’t know for sure. Many people thought that the “surprise” story was made-up because what couple married this long would do this. Boney also said that this is the first time he has left Sri alone in a foreign country all by herself. There’s no mention of her not feeling well, as reported by her childhood friend.

It could be that something else happened and the family does not want to disclose it. After all, it is their choice. If this is truly what happened, then it must be that God wanted her back and that was it. It’s just that if this was a movie ending, no one would be happy with it. But unfortunately, this is real life and not reel life!

Boney Kapoor shares what happened to Sridevi that day


Boney Kapoor shares what happened to Sridevi on 24th February

For some reason, Komal starts his story by sharing that Boney once did the same thing at the beginning of his love story with Sridevi in 1994. That’s not relevant here and it’s not nice to bring up the past when he was still married to Mona Kapoor and was the father of two young children. Still, the purpose of bringing up the past in this context was to show that Boney has done the “surprise” visit before and no one should be shocked that he did it again at the age of 62 years old.


February 22nd and 23rd

Sridevi was supposed to go shopping for Janhvi, but could not as she supposedly left her phone in the old hotel they were staying. She stayed in her room the whole day and the day after as well, supposedly with a friend. She did the same thing, laze around as told by Boney, on the 23rd and because of this, he had to postpone her ticket.

– It is strange how despite being so close to her kids and husband, Sri chose to stay all alone for three days in her hotel room just by herself. Boney doesn’t mention how she got her phone back.


February 24th

Boney spoke to Sridevi on the 24th in the morning. She told him that she missed him and he told her the same. He was already planning a trip to Dubai to surprise her that evening. On the same note, Boney said that Janhvi agreed that he should go because she was scared that her mother was all alone and was not used to being alone. She was saying this in case her mother misplaced an important document or her passport. Boney also mentioned how the whole time they were married, they have only be apart when overseas twice but even that Boney said he had a friend’s wife accompany Sri so that she would not be alone. He went on to say that the Dubai trip was the only time Sri has been alone for two days abroad.

– It’s strange how she was all alone for two days and on the second day, they are suddenly worried that she will lose per passport or documents even if she stayed in the room the whole time.


Boney took a flight to Dubai at 3.30 pm. He said she called him while he was at the lounge and he made up some story of how he was busy because he wanted to surprise her there. So, he reached the Jumeirah Emirates Tower Hotel at about 6.20 pm and asked for a duplicate key to her room. Let’s just quote the rest directly in his words because we don’t know how to rewrite that:

While he was doing his check-in formalities at the hotel and taking a duplicate key to Sridevi’s room, he asked the bell boy to delay taking his bag to the room as he was too excited about catching her by complete surprise. The two hugged like teenage lovers once Boney opened the door with his duplicate key. “But she told me, she had a hunch that I would come to Dubai to fetch her,” Boney recalled amidst sobs. The couple hugged, kissed and chatted for almost half an hour.


Boney then suggested that they freshen up and go for dinner. Sri decided to go for a bath while Boney watched TV in the living room. After 15-20 minutes, Boney went in to check on her since he didn’t get any response when he asked her to hurry up. The time then was 8 pm, Dubai time. He went to the bathroom’s door and heard the tap on and called her. But there still was no reply, so once that happened, he panicked and opened the unlocked door. Once inside, Boney saw Sri lying in the tub, which was full of water. Sri was deep inside the bathtub, from head to toe.

– Let’s the description of what followed be in the original context, the way it was written.

Devastated, he reached out to her but watching her motionless, he feared the worst. Sridevi had drowned! Boney’s world had come crashing down. He himself was drowned in sorrow and misery as the centre of his world had passed on to another world.

– The explanation of how this happened in the original text:

Whether she first drowned and then became unconscious, or she first fell asleep or unconscious and then drowned, nobody will, perhaps, ever know. But she probably never got a chance to even struggle for a minute because had she moved her arms and legs in panic while drowning, there would be some water spilling out of the tub. But there wasn’t a drop of water on the floor outside the tub area.

– This whole thing is just sad because it’s something that could have been avoided. Still, she went without feeling anything which is similar to passing away in your sleep. Hopefully, now she is resting in peace.

– There’s a big gap from the time that he found her to the time he called the police to the time that the news got out. It seems that he had to get his story straight before calling the cops and letting the news out that Sridevi died of a cardiac arrest.

– Boney knew the hungama/circus and shock that the news of Sridevi‘s death will cause. He was well-aware that he was married to a superstar, the favourite actress of many people. We forgot who it was, but someone mentioned how once when they went to Cannes Film Festival, Boney had to find a suite for her to stay in. He had to find one during the festival and the prices were not that pretty. Anil Kapoor, who also attended at the same time, choose to stay at a small budget hotel at a way cheaper way. Boney did what he did because he knew who he was married to. This coming from a man, who declared that his company was bankrupt many years ago. He wanted to make her comfortable at any price and at any rate.

– Hopefully that these lowlife TV channels don’t take this whole story and turn it into a drama and have other people re-enacting it. They spent days explaining the difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack. Then the cause of death changed, the whole narration changed and became even more complicated.

Boney Kapoor shares what happened to Sridevi that day

Komal shared how close he and Boney are, so much so that Sri wondered what these two spoke about when they talked to each other more than three times daily:

It was after a few years that I started meeting Sridevi with Boney as his better half. She must’ve known about our friendship because she once told me, “Komal, you know something. I’ve never seen Boney so much at peace with himself and with such a broad smile on his face as when he is talking to you on telephone. Tell me, what do you both talk that he is always so happy while talking to you!” I had laughed out loud then and had replied, “Sridevi ji, trust me, we talk only trade, nothing but trade.” The lady had continued, “Main Boney se hamesha poochhti hoon, how come, you don’t have the same smile when you speak with me?” I laughed even louder, and she joined me, laughing indulgently and innocently.

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37 Responses

  1. Nimi says:

    Ok my laptop is playing up, the mouse keeps posting the same comments. Sorry guys, you don’t have to read it lol

  2. Nimi says:

    Ok so I am bit late to this post but better late than never I guess. Ever since the “accidental drawning” part came out, I started to become extremely suspicious of everything. I am going to side with the underworld theory.
    We may think that the mafias and the dons don’t exist anymore but I can tell you that’s false. Everytime I go to Harrods in London, its a prime example of how much black money and ancestral mafiosos exist with so money to spend that they shop all the designer wear worth tens of thousands of pounds all the time. Ofcourse now this can be entrepreneurs, businessmen, Old money etc. but these guys pay by checks and cash or Black Amex’s.
    Boney kapoor has declared his company bankrupt several years ago. Sri Devi was supposedly penniless when she married Boney as she was amidst several property disputes with her family. How did they sustain this lifestyle? Mom didn’t make any money and Sri Devi wasn’t charging a heft sum to her producers for working in the film. Buzz was also that its because of the financial disputes, they were promoting Jhanvi into films. Not sure how true is this though.
    Now Dubai is a safe haven for Russian, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and Mediterranean Mafiosos. The Asians prefer London, and Paris over Dubai. The Russians are split between London, and Dubai. I know this because well, I dated someone from the Dubai aristocracy for 2 years before my parents flat out refused to get entangled in such mess and that they’d prefer I stayed away. The guy was great, handsome, London School of Economics graduate etc. But life would have never been the same for me and I thank my lucky stars now because money isn’t everything. I can wear a short dress, I can work, I can hang out with my male friends even though I am mother and a married woman.
    Anyway, most of these BW actors attend events in Dubai to get footage amongst these guys so they can hook on to a financier for their upcoming projects. Boney Kapoor had dwindled some money and also he was quite careless. The rumour goes that these two were neck deep in debt to the mafias and the leverage was falling quite flat.
    What I assume has happened is that during the wedding, these two received a final warning of repayment of their debts. Sri Devi was asked to stay behind as a leverage, other wise why would any woman who has never spent an iota of time alone would not only stay back but also not leave the room, misplace her phone (with all the bank details, card details, contacts, etc.) and not contact anyone.
    They scurried Khushi off to India probably as a trade off with Sri and I think Boney definitely knew that Sri was gone before he boarded on tht flight, potentially with property papers etc to repay them back. It’s easy to get some one high on drugs and alcohol and hold them under the water until they die (Google Linda Andersen murder).
    By the time Boney reached the hotel, Sri wasn’t alive anymore.
    Boney probably never returned the key card because they didn’t check out. Who was that friend that Sri came to the hotel with? Would she raise an alarm if it was a goon indeed? Or would she just introduce that person as a friend?
    Why did Boney call the politicians first? To ask them to use their contacts to hide this Mafia mess? or to ask them for advice regarding her death and the story he needs to spin? Why did Dubai police release the body so quick? Did they want to hide the fact that Mafiosos and black money transactions are rampant in an Islamic country? Or did they want to hide the fact that they cannot control anything as the real players are some one else?
    I do not think Boney killed her, I think he came back to her lifeless bloated body, and realised that it was too late. That’s why he hurried back to Dubai because he was on a time limit. It takes 2 days for property papers to be salvaged. Why did Khushi not stay back fully knowing that her mother cannot take care of herself or is extremely dependent?
    We know that mafias have killed many people, extorted, abused families etc., for decades and this would be nothing new.
    Of course, this is what I think happened and it could be completely false and some one, Rekha Rai said could also be true.
    RIP Sri, whatever the mystery if, I hope she didn’t suffer too much and her soul transits peacefully to the other lands.

  3. Rekha Rai says:

    Most of the people who can’t believe this story can’t believe the following:
    1. That a woman would stay alone in a hotel room and not leave for 2 days
    2. Than an adult can drown in a bathtub
    3. That after so many years of marriage a husband would surprise his wife
    4. That a husband would leave his wife alone for 2 days.

    1. I think that it is a little surprising that she stayed behind but not that surprising. She was there with her whole family and Dubai is only a 2 hour flight away. Also as she said she probably expected that her husband would come back and fetch her. What other time would she go overseas and be left behind – those other instances it’s usually a film awards show or an actual vacation they’re taking together so of course they are going to be together. This is the first incident where Jahnvi already was not there, they were all together with friends/family for a wedding, she had nothing else to do after and the rest of her family did so maybe she felt like staying behind this time and recuperating from the long wedding. Maybe she did want to shop, but then felt uncomfortable as she lost her phone and/or uncomfortable going out in Dubai by herself. It is Dubai after all, not Singapore or London women don’t usually wander by themselves. Presumably if she was going to go shopping she would have some escort or bodyguard with her.. Maybe she had some underlying anxiety or mood stabilizing issues which is why after 2 days her daughter got worried that she was there by herself. Maybe she had none of those issues and after a long week at a wedding with no immediate next plans she just wanted to chill in her luxury suite by herself and have some me time and watch tv, go on social media and enjoy a glass of wine. If I had a suite in Dubai by myself (have you seen their Presidential Suite?) and was a world famous actress I would probably prefer to just relax in the suite also. Not to mention that she does this when she travels normally – for example in IIFA in Toronto she was only seen at the main events escorted by her husband and family. The rest of the time her husband and Anil were out and about spotted in the lobby and having dinner etc but Sridevi remained in her room. I remember everyone was wondering why Sridevi was not spotted in the lobby like the other actresses were (like Zeenat, Shabana etc). Sometimes when you are a celebrity you don’t want to go out especially if people are going to judge your appearance and you don’t have your hair and makeup staff around anymore. Those are all perfectly normal things to do, and perhaps because she was already in Dubai with all of her family and relatives she felt more comfortable there and decided it would be nice to stay back a little longer. I’m not sure why Khushi would have come home with Boney though rather than just staying back because it’s not like she had anything to do. Boney at least left for some functions he was attending. In this case I don’t believe the Dubai underworld conspiracy theory – Boney seemed perfectly normal when he landed in Mumbai, attended a convention and also a birthday party. Doesn’t seem like someone who is “worried about being blackmailed” or whatever this dumb theory is.

    2. It’s quite common to accidentally drown. Usually you are faint/dizzy either by influence of some drug or alcohol. I had heard that she was ill previously and on antibiotics. While usually a glass of wine is allowed when taking antibiotics unless it is some specific penicillin that doesn’t mix well, perhaps that and lack of food or sleep or whatever caused her to be a bit ill and then faint. I’m guessing she was not under the influence or anything unusual or Boney would not have allowed the bath. I also take a glass of wine with me to the bath because it’s relaxing. Also if you don’t want to wash and style your hair bath is the better option as your hair can be piled onto your head and you luxuriate and leave cleansed but not have to do makeup hair all over again so that’s why bath instead of shower. It’s not like they had dinner reservations or something that they had to leave suddenly, there is enough time to bathe and go out leisurely. Once you faint, you continue to respire and that is what causes the underwater drowning. It’s not like when you’re in an ocean or swimming pool and you’re thrashing around yelling “bachao!” That’s what people are imagining when they say “adults don’t drown in bathtubs” that’s not the case of what happened here! Simple case of loss of consciousness and then body involuntarily continues to breath but since you’re underwater you are breathing in water into your lungs causing you to drown quite quickly. Who knows, maybe she was as I said on some other medication like mood stabilizers or antidepressants that they don’t want to disclose to the public. Also if you walked in on your wife lying dead and still underwater would you not freak out and go berserk with sadness, grief and confusion?

    3. Considering she had not been left alone overseas much before (due to usually they are vacationing together, versus attending a family event 2hr flight away) it makes sense that you would want to stay behind and shop or relax after the wedding. She likely wanted some alone time. Most likely Boney and Sridevi both already knew that after a while he would come back to escort her back to Mumbai. Like I said many times, it’s only a 2 hour flight. That’s nothing for people who travel frequently. If my husband left me alone in Mumbai or Dubai I would assume he would come back and get me and we’d travel home together even if that plan was not set in stone or discussed. It’s just how couples work. Any husband would come back and get you if money was not an option and you are not used to traveling alone. Probably after leaving for his convention appearances he felt guilty for leaving his wife alone and thought it would be nice to go back and continue the vacation. Plus knowing maybe she was uncomfortable as she lost her phone initially he wanted to go back. Also asking for a key at the front desk is normal. Usually you need hotel keys to access the elevator, the room is probably in his name to begin with and you wouldn’t just waltz up and ring a doorbell (hotel rooms don’t have doorbells). So you would come in, get your room key, tell the bell boy to wait because you want to have some adult time and then go surprise your wife upstairs! The kissing “like teenage lovers” description sounds like something Komal added in, what Boney says is ” “But she told me, she had a hunch that I would come to Dubai to fetch her,” and that seems more normal and realistic. I’m sure they hugged and kissed (as anyone who loves their husband/wife would, but I doubt boney himself said “like teenage lovers”). .

    4. Nothing much more I can add here other than – this was a travel to attend a wedding, not a family vacation or something like that so if you were going to stay behind now was the time otherwise of course usually you travel back and forth with your family. Probably she was more used to being alone now considering she’s regained some independence after coming back to films plus she wanted to shop something special for Jahnvi’s debut. Also like I said, it’s unspoken rule that you believe your husband will come back to fetch you or after a few days she would request him to come back if he hadn’t already to bring her back to Mumbai. Also she had family there still. Not leaving the room is something I’ve mentioned has happened previously.

    —– What I think…. I think it’s a tragic accident. Nothing more. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Sridevi dead in a bathtub in Dubai at age 54 is the kind of tragic thing that happens in celebrity fiction, but perhaps the shock value of this is the only way Sridevi would go. Like no other, in a complete superstar type of way.. if that makes sense. Sorry for making someone’s death seem salacious but I mean it’s really a rockstar kind of way to go. Tragic by all counts, but somehow a little more fitting than a simple cardiac arrest, and maybe that’s why it’s harder to fathom. It would be easier to think, ok cardiac arrest god just made this plan. Perhaps some things not being said like Sridevi’s mental state or affinity for any drug or alcohol but the coroners report would have noted if there was excess alcohol they only stated trace amounts. I think that Boney definitely loved his wife, and I believe this to be a tragic accident. But I think perhaps there’s an element of Sridevi that we will never understand. Somehow she seemed a little fragile and that element of her daughter worrying after 2 days is probably due to this naive innocence as Jahnvi herself mentioned in her Instagram post. As a grown woman, I would be more uncomfortable if Boney did not feel comfortable leaving her alone. She’s an adult and when you are in a place that you feel comfortable surrounded by friends or family previously you feel a little more comfortable to stay behind and relax. The very fact that the Dubai authorities investigated this rather than let it go immediately is common practice there, and they found no foul play. The timeline after her supposed death and Boney calling the authorities. I think you will never know what it’s like to walk in and see someone motionless at the bottom of the tub. The shock, grief, effort of pulling her out and checking if she’s alive, sobbing, confusion, and then wondering what to do, the mother of your children is dead, naked in a hotel bathroom in a foreign country and there are no witnesses other than yourself. You probably on some level know that this is going to be a complete gong show and a mess. The heart attack/cardiac arrest vs drowning thing got out of hand in the tabloids.

    At the end of the day nothing Boney says will convince the naysayers, so he should not say anything at all moving forward. I hope he can grieve in peace and know that many believe he loved his wife and their love and the strength of their love will hopefully carry him forward.

    • NIMI says:

      i think we all agree Boney loves SRI …. but there is masking of truth here. Unless you know for sure your take on this is as good as anyone else.
      Sridevi death of heart attack was given to media by their own family.

      • Rekha Rai says:

        Yeah I don’t know what happened for sure, but I just wanted to write my take on the common reasons I’m seeing people not believing her death… May she rest in peace, I hope she is at peace and moved on to the next life or journey.

      • Nimi says:

        Haha hi fellow Nimi,
        I am Nimi too 🙂

  4. Samantha says:

    Ok.. My 3 possible scenarios: any of the 3 scenarios the Family wont want the truth to be out

    1. Botox/lipo gone horribly wrong: Sri couldnt bear the stress, yielded under multiple surgeries.

    2. Heavily drunk/drugged+pills: That can do th trick

    3. However improbable it might be, underworld theory! It stl seems improbable..

    Honestly, I do NOT feel tht Boney was the main culprit n was ‘involved’ in Sri’s death! But, so many freaking loopholes in the story! How can a public figure remain without a mobile in a foreign land when never she had remained alone? N that 22 years ago, Boney gave a surprise to Sri; is sooooo convenient n stupid! These loopholes give Underworld theory some weightage IMO.

  5. Ananya says:

    Admin what’s your take on this letter. All here and outside feel there’s loopholes. Many speculations being made.

    Do you have any inside info of Sri or Boney being involved with underworld or her having health issues or isuses bwn Boney and her. What’s your strongest speculation?

    I saw a pic of hers at ht awards and she does look weird with the nose and lips gone wrong. Did she stay back to correct it and this all happened and family hiding for her dignity?

    Bz in any case if she had an attack or fell into water or drowned with tap open water will spill out or flow out, at leset a drop. Unless her dead body was placed in it and water was opened later. Or if they thot she was dead and placed her in tub, water opened her eyes but then she was held down in water. This way it could be drowning. Or sleeping pills or some other drug mixed with her drink or food and then she went to get bath, fell asleep and drowned. So it all points to mischief and Boney comes under radar. I don’t want to judge but it’s too much to give benefit of doubt.

  6. namdeo says:

    admin A lot of posts are coming on the success south indian actresses achieve in bollywood.. some are saying north indian gals are manly looking like amrita singh etc… may be you can do your own post on this phenomena south indian success stories in bollywood..

    • aishu says:

      all actresses are good, even in south many top actresses are north indian like Tamannah, kajal

    • Pooja says:

      PC bebo anushka all r north india.

    • Admin says:

      Really? Who are the South Actresses? It’s definitely not in today’s time right?

      • namdeo says:

        no i mean the post were discussing actresses like vjyanthimala, hema , rekha , jayaprada, sridevi, meenakshi , aish , deepika etc… like what qualities they possess which make them so successful in bollywood….USP of south indian culture…

        • Admin says:

          It’s a little unfair since actresses from everywhere have no problem being successful in Bollywood. It’s the South actors, who have had difficulties gaining a foothold in Bollywood. There was also a phase where Bengali actresses ruled Bollywood. Honestly, it’s not something that we are expert in to speak about it. Thanks for the suggestion. Appreciate it. 🙂

  7. LuvOSOP says:

    This guy should just shut up and stop digging his own grave. Everyone with an ounce of intelligence can guess she probably OD’d or was murdered. He is coming up with new information daily. I am still not sure why the police closed the case. The daughters are so dumb they didnt ask any questions. Like seriously? Your mom died under such mysterious circumstances. Shallow industry and even shallower people in the industry. Enabling wrong behaviors

    • aishu says:


    • NightGlory says:

      I guess they are still in shock of losing their mother. Remember, the first emotion someone has when a very tragic/bi/traumatic event occurs is freezing.
      Let things come back to normal. They shall probably start questioning then.

  8. Nars says:

    Nothing seems to add up. Why are they so afraid of letting the truth out? Did boney find her dead? Did she die while he was in that hotel room? Did he, himself, kill her? Was she having an affair and he found her & kill her? Was she drugged? How often did she drink heavy? To lose conciousness? In 22 years of marriage she was never left alone? Never traveled alone? Was she dependent? Like a child? Even her daughters were worried about her well being within 2 days?

    Too many questions. Not withstanding all the questions from admin & the timeline of it all.

    • namdeo says:

      everything is very dark right now….. just like sunanda pushkar and aarushi talwar this case will also go in confusion..

  9. Shilpa says:

    Wow. When the news first came out about the tub I wasn’t suspicious at all because bath tub deaths are not unheard of . But this explanation makes it sound way too fishy . Like why was she alone for two days . What has shopping got to do with losing her phone. Do high end hotels give out duplicate keys without verifying with the person who has checked in ?if the tap was running and she was immersed in the tub how is it possible that there was no water spilled around the tub? Was she planning to take a relaxing bath just before going to dinner? In that case it’s possible that with the mix of drugs, alcohol and the joy of the surprise of meeting her hubs triggered a silent attack when she got into the tub for a relaxing bath . But then the cause of death does not mention heart attack. So many questions !

    • Tina says:

      His explanation actually makes things even murkier.

      They never stayed apart. She never stayed alone. She couldn’t even be trusted with her passport and documents. But this time they let her. Why? Because she wanted to shop. Yes, she did something completely out of character, something they were not comfortable letting her do, for something as mundane as shopping.

      So did she shop? No, she didn’t. Why? Because she left her phone in a different hotel. For three whole days she stayed in. In fact, so long that Boney actually postponed her ticket to come back. Did she not ask why her ticket was postponed? How did Boney manage to ‘surprise’ her then?

      There was someone staying with her before Boney arrived. Who was this person? Why didn’t Sri go shopping with this person? Or just go out? Did this person lose his/her phone too? For 3 days? When did this person leave finally?

      She was asked to take a quick bath. So instead of a taking a shower, she filled the tub. Because waiting for the tub to fill so you can then soak is faster than jumping under the shower for a quick bath?

      15-20 minutes later he checked in on her. By then according to him, the tub was full of water. The tap was running. Yet, like Shilpa pointed out-no water on the floor.

      At this point, did he just assume she was dead because she was coming completely submerged? Did he not try to help her out of the water and revive her? Did he pull the plug on the water? Did he call anyone else to help revive her? The person who was nice enough to stay with Sri? The Concierge? When did he call? What’s the timeline here? These details are obviously missing because it would be unusual to remember such details at this time. I have no issues with these details missing in the narrative.

      But yet, there are the 0ther random nuggets of information with very specific details. A little story to establish that Boney tried to surprise her before too, precisely 22 years ago – in 1996. That they hugged like teenaged lovers and then kissed and chatted for half an hour. That she didn’t splash any water around. In fact, according to them there was not a drop of water on the floor. Another story to show that Komal and Boney are very very close. Like they are establishing their own veracity than the story’s.

      This isn’t speculation about how she might have died. But really just too many holes in this ‘factual’ narrative. This may just have been an unfortunate accident or twist of fate. But this story is definitely not helping. If they wanted the privacy they are asking for, they might have just waited for the official police report, than put this story out.

      • Ananya says:

        I completely agree with you Tina. These are the doubts in my mind.

        The onmy llogical eexplanation is she had cardiac arrest as part of a surgery effect and died. But since from first day even before knowing the real reason media started post mortem her for the surgeries, family hide it. But have heard Dubai police an all will not succumb to preassure. If it’s heart attack they’ll mention that.

        This story of Boney is really unbelievable and so many loopholes. But then he’s too devastated and for sure he will release this with his lawyer permission na. So won’t they highlight the loopholes for him, innocent or not?!

        Any death has a reason. Divya Bharti I searched, it can be an accident or murder. But here I don’t see any chance of an accident unless a heart attack or head injury. None is there. So where does that leave us?

      • sweettooth01 says:

        also misplaced phone is kind of suspiscious since most of the crimes are solved based on call records and with whom the person ws in contact with the most and emails exchanged..
        and if smone is staying in such expensive hotels, they might as well go out and shop irresp of lost phone and buy a new phone in a mall..
        the whole thing looks like theyr trying to clean up boney kapoor’s image..but at the end every murder needs a motive..not sure if theres any motive..whatll he get by killing her..

        also with all due respect to the lost soul,
        why wud she call him papa..thats weird on so many levels..

  10. fanofblinditems says:

    my guess is she had a cardiac arrest. she was on diet pills and was having many surgeries. lips, boob implants, lipo, nose, botox (not surgery but injecting external s@#$ into your body) etc…too much that her body gave up finally. kanye west’s mom also passed away after a lipo procedure. some bodies can’t handle that kind of stress. i guess the family does not want to make this public. hope someday the real story comes out. i still wonder about divya bharthi’s passing away. how come truth is hidden this long.

    • eSS says:

      I agree. I too think she suffered a cardiac arrest or fainted in the tub because of an overdose of prescription pills, or a pills and booze combination. (Remember Heath Ledger’s death?) Then slid under water while knocked out, and drowned.

  11. Samantha says:

    My guess is she was heavily heavily drunk! All these ‘relaxed in hotel room’, not leaving hotel room fr 2 days..all point to that; and its reported in blinds in Sri’s life. when she was alive too! So heavily drunk tht she was semi conscious when entered bathroom n died in tub in deep sleep post being drunk!

    • Sara says:

      A drunk person will not set up a bath tub for bath. Also if bonny was with her how can he allow her to take bat in tub knowing she is drunk. It’s like going to swin after drinking. And to someone die in the bath tub water in someone’s presence….?

  12. Sefora says:

    It is sooo strange that she didn’t leave her hotel room for 2 days before her death. Also, one doesnt need a duplicate key to surprise someone…you can simply ring the bell and they’ll get a surprise when they open the door!
    It all just doesn’t add up somehow. Does it?
    I have heard conjecture that she was killed by the underworld who called up Boney and informed him that they had killed his wife. It was then that he flew back to Dubai.
    Do you think there’s any truth to this? If yes, why would the underworld kill her? And why would the Kapoor’s not accuse the underworld of murder?

    • prvilla says:

      @Sefora What?!Where’d you here that?

      • Justlurking says:

        I have heard a similar version & I am inclined to believe this – Boney & sri owed huge money to Dubai underworld. they had even sold some property to repay the loan. After marwah’s wedding, Sridevi was held hostage in the hotel while Boney went to india to get the property papers. How & Why she died is unclear though.

        This will explain why she didn’t step out of the hotel room for 2 days.

        • aishu says:

          i feel like believing this story, even my family suggested casually that Sridevi’s death does not seem natural, because , when the authorities in Dubai were delaying to send her body to India, then howcome suddenly they closed the case and allowed her body to be given back to her husband Boney. I guess just like me, lot of people are speculating her death to be a murder in reality.

        • Pooja says:

          I have read many time that boney kapoor is bank corrupt have huge losses in films still live such luxury life with every 2nd day their family at airport get spotted.same suggest in shitvilla r they have home at airport where they get money also that y boney requesting lallu for do no entry me entry so he recover his losses from what he facing for other film.still this mafia angle look unbelievable.

        • Nimi says:

          SPOT ON! I think the same!!!

        • maverick says:

          One channel, I don’t remember which one had reported that Sri had a head injury and her body also had a lot of injuries. This news could fit in here.

      • namdeo says:

        bollywood does have a mafia connection.. it is an open secret!!

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