Bollywood’s Ultimate Godfather and his Only Successful Launch on a Magazine Cover

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Things you have to do when your career is going nowhere

When you are not ashamed to claim your sugardaddy

When you decide to tell the world, you lied about being a virgin

Look how I tame the Tiger!

He’s mine, Romania Iulia!

Iulia, look what the Kat got!

We are pretty sure that this is the first time that Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif shot for a magazine cover together. Usually, they are photoshopped and put together on a magazine cover. So yes, imagine our surprise when the super-private Katrina Kaif and the even more private Salman Khan decided to leave behind their being private theory in a bid to sell their upcoming film, ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’.

Wonder how much convincing Katrina had to do for Salman to agree to not only appear on the cover with her, but also pose like on the cover. His head looks like it was put on there and he’s not even looking at the camera like Katrina is. It’s far cry from when Katrina used to say that she never talks or discusses about her personal life. The last time, she accidentally mentioned that Salman was her first boyfriend was years ago and she denied she ever said that.

As for Salman, the man just denied yesterday that there’s no such thing as a casting couch in Bollywood. Well, you know what they say: you will never hear a crazy person calls himself crazy. You get what we are trying to say here.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif on Vogue Magazine

Bollywood's Ultimate Godfather and his Only Successful Launch on a Magazine Cover

Several other pictures have been released and we don’t know why Katrina feels the need to do this. Reminds us how she had the worst idea of her life to have cosmetic surgery. Also, someone should tell her that she doesn’t need to squint or pout in her attempt to be sexy; her face has already been turned into that!

These pictures are really bad and far from what they are trying to portray. Salman looks like a pimp, who looks old and tired at the same time! Maybe it’s the setting because it does feel like something is off.

Bollywood's Ultimate Godfather and his Only Successful Launch on a Magazine Cover


Bollywood's Ultimate Godfather and his Only Successful Launch on a Magazine Cover

Bollywood's Ultimate Godfather and his Only Successful Launch on a Magazine CoverS


Bollywood's Ultimate Godfather and his Only Successful Launch on a Magazine Cover

Bollywood's Ultimate Godfather and his Only Successful Launch on a Magazine Cover

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55 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    To all the ppl here who call Kat rude- Twinkle khanna, Anushka sharma, Kajol etc are no different.
    To all the ppl here who call Kat a user- Tumhare baap ka kaya ja raha hai? Is Vidya not getting UTV movies just bcuz shes married to their boss? Is Vani Kapoor not sleeping wt Aditya for YRF roles? Is Fathima not sleeping with Aamir so he can recommend her name to directors? Is Twinkle, Kajol not remaining in dead marriages just bcuz they want the perfect family image? Is Anushka not egtting married to Virat only cuz he is famous and rich? So how come only Kat is seen by ppl here as MANIPULATIVE??

    • Pav says:

      Totally agree.. also we can include, Aishwarya,Rani,DP, Priyanka,KAT.. and the list goes on and on. I think they all have to at some point in time and some prefer doing it continuously. Only true personality I have seen in the glam scene is Chelsea handler. Maybe someone can prove me wrong with information that I haven’t heard.

  2. Pav says:

    Are these really fans or paid PR comments? It’s a fact if you are a saint or person with dignity no matter how talented you are it’s impossible to survive in this industry especially for female actors. So why fighting over DP or KAT? Just because you bash Dp, kat doesn’t automatically turn gospel. Or just because someone says something against Kat , it doesn’t mean DP is innocent. Why so childish, seriously

    • Shivanisd says:

      oh wow our defending of Kat is childish whereas ppl making stupid, hurtful, judgemental comments on Kat, saying things like horrible childhood, filth in her life etc just bcuz shes white and from a single mom family is fine? Applause!

      • Maji says:

        God!! Please stop your childish obsession with Kat!! Why so twitchy if someone says something about her? Don’t like it, don’t read it instead of retorting about DP. DP is no saint but this discussion is not about her so why bring her into the conversation?

        • Shivanisd says:

          Why dont the ppl here stop their obsession with Katrina? Bringing her down in their comments but praising DP as if shes some innocent 16 yr old girl. DP is a big flop in Hollywood.

      • Nina says:

        Hurtful ? Did you not call kajol’s Underage girl UGLY . Who are you lecturing here ? Forget DP, it takes special sold out evil soul to attack little girls . It says a lot about @ Nikita and you .

        • Rashmi says:

          I’m frightened of Katrina fans like Nikita and Shivanisd I can not understand the reason for their stay on the site. they do not like everything. all the commentators are enemies and haters Katrina, everyone wants her evil. If you do not like this website, which in turn does not like Katrina, why come here and make a tantrum? it looks like a sick masochism. Nikita does not comment at all, she only attacks people with the opposite opinion about Katrina. I for her is public enemy number 1.

        • Shivanisd says:

          yes i called her ugly and so was her mom kajol, its my personal opinion. If u call Kat ugly I wont say anything. But ppl here make personal attacks on her family saying she has had a horrible childhood etc. WTF do they know about her childhood?

          • Admin says:

            Shivani, please don’t call any living girl “ugly”. It’s not a nice thing to do. Besides, Nysa is not an actress and does not deserve to be criticised for her looks since it’s no fault of hers that she looks the way she does.

          • shivanisd says:

            If shes not an actress then why is bong media trying to shove her and old slag, sushmita sen down my throat everytime i browse a website? Shes not a child shes a teenager. And her arrogant mom says far worse things about ppl.

  3. Shivanisd says:

    I think the cover pic looks really good. SK looks old and tired bcuz…well he is old and tired! He is like that ox which everybody uses in the field mercilessly. I have a soft corner for Kat. I guess this is the last phase of her career as an actress and I hope she manages to extend it as long as she can. She has earned enough money by now anyways.

  4. lightsaber says:

    Hey admin. Its been a while now and I can’t read the latest post on Amir Khan. Is something up with the website?

  5. Kali says:

    Idk about this admin.. Aish and Ranbo had a similiar magazine cover and nobody batted an eye. I think this sort of promotional activity is quite standard.

    Believe it or not, I actually like Kat’s movies. I thought she was good in Rajneeti and Namastey London (Where she was playing herself). I think the issue with Kat is that she put all her eggs in one basket after she got Ranbo. She truly believed he would marry her. I think it is something she’s always wanted, what she never had growing up- stable home life and family.

    What I’m trying to get around saying is that.. she was a A-list actress only around 2012. She stopped maintaining her career and signing the right projects when the news about their ‘roka’ was making the rounds. You know, around the time Bebola was running her mouth about bhabhi Katrina on KWK and Saifu was saying how she will be a good life-partner to Ranbo and more. This was a huge mistake. Never give up on your career or education even if a man promises to marry & support you. The man might leave you but your educational credentials/career will always be yours.

    Ranbo and Sallu never had a good relationship. I believe Sallu even tore Ranbo’s sleeve cuff once at Olive and made a lame excuse about it. I watched APKGK recently and that sequence with Salman was just bizarre cause it was filmed around the time Ranbo and Kat ‘fell in love’. It was around this time that she started distancing herself from the Khan-daan. His bhai-tards were livid with her leaving Sallu and saw it as a betrayal that she moved on to greener pastures. Now that her pasture is dry, she has slithered back into Sallu’s life. Idk, but it seems rather manipulative doesn’t it?

    That goes to express her acting capability. She is still very much an outsider. If she was an actress with versatility, she wouldn’t have to resort to these tactics to get signed onto movies by recommendations. If she was good, filmmakers would seek HER. Can you see an actress like Vidya Balan (before marrying SRK) clamouring for Shahid Kapoor’s attention and connection for roles? Is Kangana haranguing Aditya Pancholi or Ajay Devgan for their recommendations? They didn’t need to because they are talented!

    Meanwhile Kat is still pining her career on appeasing a man who slapped her in full public view.

    • kiran101 says:

      Did Ranbir ever intend to marry her ? promised ? There were talks how Kareena calling her Bhaabi when the real bhaabi never said anything. In the sense kareena and Co were never really close with Neetu and co maybe until recently if at all. At a certain point Katrina was trying to act like this all dignified prospective kapoor bahu and all. I never thought RK’s family will let it happen even if Rk ever had any slightest of intention…Rishi’s comments on “She would never dare to take liberties to call him Papa ” says volumes.

      to think of it they did not want women to act…so much that kareena-karishma moved out of the house…their own flesh and blood. How did Kat think she will be in that too considering her past….she should have been cautious. Its highly unlikely she had no insecurity and let her gaurd down. I always thought salman is not the forgiving type…why did he let her in again ?

    • Admin says:

      The fact that most people can see the resemblance between these two magazine covers show that they were really trying to outdo RK and Aish. It’s laughable, childish and pathetic at the same time. Yes, the level of desperation comes off both covers, but only Aish managed to make it work. Maybe it was because Aish looked the part in the film she was trying to promote, but KK and SK are promoting a film that fights terrorism so the photoshoot should have been something similar.

      Kat and Salman should have done a cute cover, it would have been much better. This is just way overboard and to force an old man to do this at his age is just pure elderly abuse happening. πŸ˜‰

      Yes, agree with you. Kat was given a chance and she could have made better choices for herself. The success of Namaste London proved that she could have had a better career, but she went back to being just a pretty face opposite these big stars. She should have seized the opportunity to do better roles.

      We think that her meeting Ranbir had a lot to do with the films she signed on. She started doing edgier, sexier and more serious roles. Maybe she felt threaten because everyone praises RK as a good actor. But the signs were there and she could have never done the roles she did if she was still with Salman.

      That scene in APKGK is just prophetic. Kinda crazy that Salman let himself get played like this, but even he didn’t know that Kat would leave him. RK came as a hero to Kat’s problematic relationship with Salman. Just a break-up text to Sallu Bhai and off she went to RK. That was probably a mistake because she mistook RK’s lust for eternal love and that’s sad. She probably thought that she would have a shot like Aish did with the Bachchans.

      If you think Salman let her off the hook easily, you are wrong. He is the one indirectly responsible for making the world know about Kat’s past. No one knew and then suddenly, details including links and pictures were out to prove what Kat’s past was like. Can’t imagine how Kat must have gained entry back into his life? How did she have to ask for forgiveness? Maybe she can give some tips to Vivek Oberoi.

      Kat knows what she has to do to survive in Bollywood and she’s doing it. Now, if Salman’s career goes down the hill, she will have to start looking at other options!

      • Xyz says:

        What nikita : katrina.
        Admin : aishwarya. Lol.die hard fan.
        By the way all vogue covershoots are sleazy. might like some according to your favourite but check out srk’s, hritik’s everyone’s. (Including aish rk).they are obsessed with one person sitting or lying on another .

        • Nikita says:

          Don’t know if the admin is aishu or deepu Mata or their PR but I surely want to be in Kat’s PR team,if anyone from her team is reading this you guys can contact me please, I would love to work for Katrina 😚

      • Shivanisd says:

        Really? U wnated SK and Kat photoshoot to “incorporate terrorism” At a time when 26/11 nine year anniversary is in peoples minds? Its vogue, not TIME magazine.

  6. Nikita says:

    Stay pressed
    Tzh will be the biggest blockbuster of the year and there’s no sign if your fav’s movie is even releasing.

    And you know what is desperate, it was deepika reminiscing about ranbir’s “cutest boxers” during Tamasha promotions.

    • Pooja says:

      Lol crazy kat fan’s can’t see anything what we as neutral people do observe. Kat is trying hard to tell the world that she is salman’s women , while salaman is again trying hard to sell katrina , But sorry kat just messed it up with all the wrong choice’s (movies, personal life) ; she didn’t treat people well when she had the power and acted as superior ice queen -now karma is just hitting her back . Now she is acting all cute etc but it’s not working people can see through her facade and with all the cosmetic surgeries she ruined her face , so now her only hope is salman so she is sticking up pretty hard to him. People on this site feel sorry for kat’s messed up childhood but i don’t , if she knows how tough life can be people turn out to be empathetic and graceful for the opportunities they have got but kat turned out the exact opposite a nasty ,mean , full of attitude to people she works with. So don’t feel sorry for her – it’s her own doing.Period.

      • Admin says:

        We all go through things in life, but what makes us better is how we take those bad experiences and turn them into learning experiences just to be better in life as a human being. Hell, if someone was a bitch to you doesn’t mean you should be one to others. Sadly, people don’t get that and use a bad childhood experience to explain why they are messed up today. As adults, the ball is in your court and you are in charge.

        • Pooja says:

          Exactly my thoughts admin . I personally feel kat’s die hard fan’s use her childhood experience to justify (trump card) all the people she wronged , her attitude to others and her actions. But kat had a lot of power she had salman , she was close to akshay (rumored affair which i believe in), like literally she had close contact with all industry biggies from amir ( that’s how she replaced Dp in dhoom 3 -remeber kat and amir leaked pics from a bedroom) , hritik (rumored affair-confirmed by kangana) , srk ( still cringe at the akward kiss in jab tak hai jaan-again strong rumors of an affair ), close contact’s (too close to comfort:,) with many bigshot producers ,directors , industrialist etc- but i’m not trying to malign her – it’s her life and she’s has every right to live however she wishes to and i’m not holding her sexual life to character assasinate her , but i’m stating few facts which i believe in .

          The kind of contacts kat had sums up to too much power in her hand- and we know how well she behaved when she had the power. What i don’t like about kat is she’s very manipulative (act’s all precious princess ),cunning ,the way she put’s down people through her so called friends (kat herself) in news articles,the way she treats people as inferior being’s- she act’s like she’s some untouched virgin etc -these are the reason’s i dont personally like her . I don’t judge her for her sexual life but for the above mentioned reasons.

          • kiran101 says:

            please throw more light on amir-kat bedroom. I dont know anything on that subject.

          • Shivanisd says:

            oh yes kat is manipulative…and dp is an innocent bournvita milk drinking little girl. Double standards much?

          • Pooja says:

            This is an article about Ms.Turquotte so gave my opinion on her. If the article is about Dp then i might give my opinion one her . This is what’s wrong with kat fans – if anyone has an opinion against kat they assume they are dp fan’s. Read my first comment ” neutral audience ” -that’s who i am . But i do admire dp that doen’t mean i don’t call on her bullshit. period

        • kiran101 says:

          one must think kat would be kinder to people with so much filth that was in her life. Yet she misbehaved with Indian air hostesses in a country where she was made so she is. DP had far more privileged life with famous father and strong family Yet she is atleast nice to people. All this says about one’s core character.

          • Shivanisd says:

            And pray tell what was the filth in kat’s life? Just bcuz shes a foreigner and the daughter of a single mom so u think u can say anything about her huh? Ur just showing ur own narrow mindedness here girl. Should i also assuem without knowing anything about u that u had “so much filth in your life”??

          • kiran101 says:

            I dont know , i do not see why should i give explanation when you did not on how you know DP sold her soul and called her shady.

      • Shivanisd says:

        even if she is sticking up to salman…what do u care?? Why was DP sticking up to Vin and RK okay for you?

    • kiran101 says:

      Dearie ! Kat has not even been nice to salman himself for kapoor tag let alone other mere mortals. TZH wud be a blockbuster with or without KAT nanga nach. She is nowhere near the stardom or success or even talent when it comes to DP.
      DP’s boxers comment was lame…but the way Kat is throwing herself on salman just the next day after being dumped and begging Rk to take her back. Having her mom pitch for her to Neetu Kapoor. List is endless…Kat has nothing over DP. padmavathi will release and guess what she may even sweep all awards. Will Kat ever get roles like that ?

      Look where Kat is after RK dumped her and look where DP got to after being dumped by RK.

      • Admin says:

        Actually, DP left him not the other way around. RK wanted her to stay, but she knew he had a problem and would never change.

        • kiran101 says:

          Yes, i heard that. But for the sake of @nikita …i went along with the widely accepted notion that DP was dumped by RK. So it is true that DP dumped RK then ?

          • Admin says:

            He cheated, what do you think? Who in their right mind would get back to that? Or wait, Kat did.

          • kiran101 says:

            Admin: can you please give info on Anushka-Ranbir toronto blind. I cannot seem to find it.

          • kiran101 says:

            I sometimes dont understand Dp’s behavior. She left him rightly for he is not faithful. Yet, she talks fondly about him in interviews and keeps saying her break up was instrumental in triggering her depression. I know it is smart for her to be on better terms with ranbir for her career after all warring with nepo kids is not exactly wise with ppl like KJO backing him.

            all these talks in public makes people actually think in fact she was dumped by RK. Truth is Rk treated DP in far more dignified manner than he ever did with Kat , but you are the one who knows more. It would be nice to factually know what exactly is going on …if anyone has give some inside info.

          • Shivanisd says:

            kiran101, DP is shady shady shady. I feel like she will sell her soul in order to have a better career and thats the one thing I dont like about her. Like I said before she is what you call a smart person who always looks out for their own interest. Padmavati will either not release or only in some states. DP career will fail.

        • Shivanisd says:

          DP left RK bcuz he cheated on her. Its not liek everything was fine and she left RK. So in a way RK did dump her. He didnt think DP was the one!! Thats the truth. DP was always sucking up to him and getting his name tattooed etc. Pathetic antics.

      • Shivanisd says:

        What about ur fav DP’s nanga naach in every movie except Padmavati (which is not gonna release) What about her laughable 2 minute role sin movies like Housefull and Race2??

    • Nikita says:

      My one comment left all the Mata deepu fans burning ahahahaha
      BTW come back at me when Katrina gives statements like=
      1. Having her co star’s kid in her head.
      2. Says her ex can marry only when she permits,the same ex she accused of cheating on her.
      3. Talks about the physical familiarity and body smell of her ex that she still feels while talking about her their equation.
      4. Says his ex’s wife will have to deal with her.
      5. Chooses the same cheating ex as a participant when asked who she like to have her on swayamvar.
      6. Says the most romantic gift she ever got was from the same cheating ex.
      7. Also the iconic “ranbir has the cutest boxers” comment.
      I mean how can some mere mortal even think of surpassing such gems,just as legendary as Mata deepu’s eyebrows.

      And all this while saintly Mata deepu was in relationship with baba Ranveer.

      And does anyone here remember the rumors of skin whitening/gluthatione injections Mata deepu apparently took while shooting for BM,strange no one has a problem that Mata deepu now looks like white ghost πŸ‘».

      • Shivanisd says:

        I agree with u nikita. Kat haters love to crib about her but dont bat an eyelid when DP says and does the most unconscionable and shrewd things! Such hypocrisy and hate for a woman of a different race. Its just indians being biased, thats all. As someone whos not mainstream Indian I know how difficult it is to adapt to a culture thats not your own. So i recognise peoples true intentions when they hate on kat.

        • Pooja says:

          Wow shivanisd you’r generalising the whole country huh. If india did hate women from other race kat wouldn’t have been amongst a-list heroines . India embraced her . As i already said i personally don’t like kat – but i do love jaquline , amy jackson , nargis fakri ,kalki ( women from other race )because they are what they show to world -like their attitude . People call jacky as a flirt or write her off as some kind of girl who jumps from one man to other ( which she might) but then again there’s no facade that’s how jacky is and that’s how she show’s it to world and same goes with kalki,nargis,amy……..You don’t- not like people for their race but for their attitude.
          And as for Dp she’s bashed left , right and centre for her statement’s – people trolled her and abused her mercilessly for her comments and i was a witness when it happened .

          You don’t have to be a kat hater or dp or aish fan to call on bullshit when you see it. So stop generalising people when they have an opinion against ms.turquotte .

          • Shivanisd says:

            I will stop generalizing indians as racist when they stop being racist. When they stop hating on Kat just bcuz shes white and from a single mother family. Have u even read the comments here about kat? Saying that she has filth in her life etc. Im just showing these ppl the mirror.

        • Nina says:

          DP will sell her soul ! And KAT or any other actresses would not for career ?

      • Pooja says:

        To NIKITA any one who expresses there opinion against katrina ( precious virginal ice princess lol )is either dp’s pr or aish herself. So in my opinion replying to niki is like hitting your head against a wall – the wall will be intact but you end up hurting your brain cells and your head . So nikki darling writing a long reply on Dp’s tongue in the cheek comments won’t help your case . If anything DP is transparent ,her own boyfriend dosen’t mind because he knows she dosen’t mean anything with these comments- unlike some people who call the person who was always there for you as anybody / somebody and being ungrateful when she thought she dosen’t need salman anymore as she’s got kapoor kandan ladla.

    • Shivanisd says:

      never mind nikita. Ppl here think that DP karein to sab maaf. But Katrina karein to shes a bitch! U and I know the truth…its enough. And admin I really dont know why u keep spewing venom against Kat. Has Parineeti not slept with maneesh sharma for her roles?? Has DP not acted pathetically aroud Vin and RK for cheap publicity?? Why no fingers pointed at them??

  7. anon says:

    There’s casting couch and there’s a term “consensual” . Look up the difference

  8. RS says:

    Well this is just plain nasty on your part Admin. PR for movie release is a big part of their career. Leave them alone.

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