Bollywood/Hollywood Blind Item – June 2017

It has been a long time since we have had a Hollywood Blind Item over here. There were way too many and irrelevant blind items to share here. Since the readers here are more interested in Bollywood gossip, we thought it’s best to just post the relevant ones from Hollywood. The blind item below is by Blind Gossip and was kindly shared by readers here. It is relevant to another post we did yesterday.

Speaking of hype, Blind Gossip’s reasons for the two of them dating is hilarious. Never thought that one day we would read a guy was fake dating a girl just to get her Instagram followers. It’s freaking funny! Like if Instagram followers equate to them buying your music or watching your show.

No but to be real, the reason why Instagram followers matter is because of certain deals these Hollywood people can get due to their popularity online. We remember this research that a famous bag brand did on why signing this famous young female singer as their brand ambassador didn’t generate in increased sales for their bags. It turned out her followers on Instagram were fake. Well, most of them. And to think that the company hired her because her Instagram followers were the highest among all the young female singers.

Back to this blind item, it seems that this boy not only wants her Instagram followers but also wants a meet-up with the friend of this lady. Like, why? For what?

Check out the blind item from Blind Gossip.


Bollywood/Hollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item


The Dating Twist

In case you were wondering if this TV actress and this former boy band member are in a real relationship, here’s what a source close to the situation tells us!

It’s fake. She is doing this for the publicity and so is he. This is his third or fourth fake relationship in the past five years.

Here we go again. Anything new about this one?

She’s old, but he’s done that before. The twist with this one is that this is his first interracial “romance” so he’s hoping to add a whole new fan base segment. He thinks he can get two million of her followers to follow him.

Check out those numbers and let us know when he reaches his goal!

Oh, and he wants her to take him on a little overseas trip to meet [her celebrity friend].

Looks like we should be prepared to be royally annoyed by both of these celebs for near future!


OSOP Guesses

TV Actress: Priyanka Chopra

Former Boy Band Member: Nick Jonas

Friend: Meghan Markle

Bollywood/Hollywood Blind Item – June 2017

Umm, maybe she was checking for lice?

Bollywood-Hollywood Blind Item – June 2017

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29 Responses

  1. Sara says:


    Do you know the other couples that this SKJ article is referring to?
    “A yesteryears’ superstar’s wife thought she underwent an overnight fairytale marriage with the most eligible man in the country .She was soon disabused when she was showered with the eligible superstar’s inebriated abuses. She soon found herself in the vortex of unmentionable brutality. She wisely bundled her two kids out of her husband’s domestic hell and built a new life for herself.”

    “Rati’s friend feels another star-wife, herself an accomplished actress, who has borne with her violent husband’s fist-happy ways for decades should also go public.”

  2. Senior says:

    Women like Kangana n PC willl stoop to any low just to stay in news. Later, same women will later preach about “Feminism”

  3. bluegreen says:

    Hey admin do post on hollywood celebs too i would love to read about tgem . Also expose their pr -relations too . Like selena and the weeknd
    Kendall jenner -harry styles and taylor swift -tom hiddleson ..

    • Admin says:

      Compared to Bollywood, the Western media is not that scared to report on their celebs so pretty much everything is out about these people.

  4. bluegreen says:

    Hey admin do post on hollywood celebs to I would love to read about them too .. also spill some tea about hollywood PR relationships too
    Like kendall jenner -harry styles
    Taylor swift -tom hiddleson
    Selena gomez and the weekend

    • Admin says:

      Hello…you are probably the only one who wants to know. All those you mentioned, everything is known about them. All PR-generated couples.
      kendall jenner -harry styles – both not straight
      Taylor swift -tom hiddleson – Tom thought he would get more famous by fake linking himself with TS but it was the opposite. He wanted to be the next Bond and because of the TS relationship, he will not be considered for a while.
      Selena gomez and the weekend – PR-generated couple, both are heavy addicts.

  5. Shanaya says:

    I totally agree. It’s all for increasing the American fan base. They r now commenting on each others instagram posts to make it seem genuine.

  6. June says:

    It is okay, guys. She needs this. Look at others cashing on their relationships to stay in news. Everyone does it. She should do it too.

    It is better to increase fans this way than to pay fake followers like some others. And younger stars getting more likes than they have followers

    I mean what is the point of being in relationship with SRK for 5-6 years and not learning a thing about marketing and creating a brand for yourself. I would seriously doubt her intelligence if she didn’t do this.

    She is pretty busy. Can’t expect her to have time to work on a real relationship.



  7. m says:

    Nick Jonas is well known to be gay. They went to Craig’s restaurant which is like the No.1 place in HW where the paparazzi hang out outside. You only do this when you want your pictures taken. This is a PR exercise for sure. People magazine also confirmed their relationship and everyone knows People works hand in glove with celebrity PR and only spreads the stories they want spread.

    Nick has done this many times before and PC has also lived off her links-ups.

  8. lince says:

    nick jonas is closeted g*y in real life

  9. sweettooth01 says:

    im not surprised shes doing it..her bollywood career was established bcos of akshay kumar and then took off bcos of SRK..but shes talented smart and pretty..else urvashi rautela who desperately tried to followed the same route wudve been big too but dint..
    also meghan markle was not less famous than pc in us..although the most annoying character,she still was a huge part of suits which any day was a more recognised and popular show..
    pc’s whole hollywood game runs on the Indian factor..her show is hardly good enough and is not popular,her red carpet events and talk shows and interviews r what gets her noticed and she gets all these bcos hollywood needs one Indian face to expand their market n to show how they welcome ppl from diffrnt races and shes wayyy tooooo fierce abt holding onto that status than to focus on doing some proper work thr..

  10. NightGlory says:

    @admin, is the bag-endorsement actress referring to Selena Gomez? Didn’t know many of those follower accounts were fake (though have to admit I was surprised that Taylor Swift had lesser followers than her)

  11. Pav says:

    I never saw her as a very talented actress (barfi was exceptional though). But loved her interviews in India. She sounded super confident and intelligent. It’s really sad to see the low she has hit to stay relevant.

  12. NewGirl says:

    Chalo. No more SRK drama.

  13. Monalisa says:

    @admin  You just hit the nail on the head about how fast paced pr manufactured relationships are. The Alia-Ranbir pr relationship is a prime examole of it. The blind about them hooking up came around new year, pics of Ridhima hanging out with Alia at SRK’s party, the next thing we Neetu visiting Bulgaria to celebrate Alia’s b’day, Further blinds about how RK is having fun with Alia, Neetu, Alia and Ridhima liking commenting on each others insta posts, Alia blushing and gushing about Ranbir in her interviews, them making a couples entry at Sonam’s reception, Ranbir saying he has crush on Alia,, Rishi talking about his connection with Bhatt family and finally Ranbir admitting to the relationship which lead to his sister sending Alia a bracelet which she posted on insta. This all took place in the span of 5 months.. This is the same Ranbir who was not willing to get married to his live-in gf of seven years. The irony.

    Coming to PC-Nick, people on this blog called out that this is a pr thing way before this blind. Really feel pity for her that she has to succumb to such tactics to stay relevant in hollywood.

  14. Shanaya says:

    Yeah it looks fake. Now they will make them random appearances together till madame has to come back to Mumbai. She had more expressions on her face for srk compared to Nick.

    • tina says:

      PC going in for his teenage fanbase and him trying to get her desi fanbase. Let’s see if he comes to India during Bharat. Being able to sell albums there would be a huge boon for him though I don’t think it’s going to work. I just see that being his strategy.

  15. Rashmi says:

    Priyanka fake. Priyanka fans think that Priyanka is sincere and kind, and Deepika is a fake, but in fact Deepika keeps away from everyone and does not call anyone a friend, if it is not. She is not flattery on Twitter, unlike Priyanka, who for the benefit will kiss even evil enemies

    • Monalisa says:

      Danny, Ranveer is the only insider, the whole bollywood insider circle be it Kjo, Bebo even his own second cousin Harshvardan, unlce Anil call an outsider. They all seem to participate in his lies. Also people like Richa Chadda, Shaad Ali, Aditi Rao Hydari, Manish Sharma, Shaad Ali, Kabir Khan have given interviews saying that they knew him from his struggling days. (I can give exact qoutes even if you want). Is Ranveer’s pr paying them? It is only the fans of others who call him an insider. Go watch Anushka-Ranveer Kwk episode where kjo admits he told Adi Chopra to not take Ranveer BBB because he thought his face will not sell movie tickets. Kjo, the lover of all nepo/star kids and gossip queen and Adi’s best friend is not aware of Ranveer being an insider. Do you really belive that? Also in recent Sonam-Anand wedding Arjun tweeted that Shanya his cousin wanted to meet RS so he took her to meet him while he was dancing. There is a video of it. The Kapoor family and Ranveer are so close that the first time Shanaya meet RS is at the party. Yes, Ranveer is related to Sonam through Sunita her mother. But if Anil is so influential and friemdly with YRF or Adi why did he not go to convince Adi to take Sonam for Rabne banaadi jodi. Instead it was Kjo who took Sonam to meet Adi but Adi wanted Anushka for Rabne and Kjo was miffed about for a long time.
      I agree he grew up knowing a lot of filmy people and had a lot of connections with filmy people like Shanoo, Shaad, Zoya and is related to Anil’s kids. Apart from his connection with Shaanoo which got him the auditon no other connection helped him. Zoya was so close to him back then that she only offered DDD to him after Ranbir rejected it.

    • Monalisa says:

      The connections he have with Shaanoo, Shaad, Zoya are known because he himself talk about them in interviews. Can give links to these interviews and all the interviews of people who had talk abot knowing Ranveer bfore he became an actor.

    • Monalisa says:

      And these interviews are not recent ones, so don’t say that his pr asked them to say it. Some of them talked about him in 2012 even. These infos have alwaya been out there. people without researching discredit him.

    • danny says:

      @ Rashmi
      What celebs say in social media or print media is another extension of their PR exercises. Am not a PC fan but what she says on social media is not different from other celebs like AB Sr, Alia, DP, the Khans etc. As admin said, it is a scam and most of them have fake fans and which made big news recently.
      Funnily PC has fewer fake fans than then the Khans,Alia, DP etc. PRs should know when to not go overboard. Public caught Ranveer’s lies for projecting that fake “outsider” image when he is an industry insider. That is a carefully orchestrated PR image that went awry. Or how SRK does far more charity than BeingHuman but does not blast it out. Or when DP dedicated her award to Kangana who was not attending the award show and forgot to call her to say so in person. Alia-Ranbir relationship. Its a long list. Also most actors in Hollywood are in PR relationships (bearding, marriage etc) and the funny thing is people there don’t care. The fan/stan culture is very toxic in Bollywood – worship some actor and pull every potential rival of that person down. Best to focus on their acting skills as they are actors first.

    • danny says:

      Karan and AdiC are maternal cousins and have strong ties, consult with each other about casting, etc. As YRF talent/PR manages Ranveer, KJo will say Ranveer is outsider if AdiCho wants. Besides, does Kjo have any credibility after the Ranbir-Alia shitshow and DP joining the bandwagon? LOL I would not take what the insiders say about nepotism very seriously. They desperately want the word nepotism to be erased from the dictionary and for no one to talk about it ever again. So they ask others to “shut up” when asked about it and say things like it doesn’t exist at all. So if they can make anyone fit in to show the opposite they will. They are simply protecting themselves and their own. Tomorrow if it is in their best interest to say Ranveer was an insider, they will find a way to say that too. But people (except stans/fans) see through the crap.

    • Rashmi says:

      danny I do not argue with you, but the fact remains. Priyanka is not sincere, this is what really disappointed me in my time. At one time I loved Bebo and Priyanka the same way, they were the same for me, but after all the fake games I fell out of love with Priyanka, but I still like Bebo, although Bebo is also not an example of sincerity and honesty

    • Monalisa says:

      Ranveer debuted in 2011. Nepotism was not a topic of debate back then . Heck, being a star kid/nepo kid would have been more alluring for a denutant back then. His story was always the same google his old interviews. People got more interested in it after his success and the whole nepo issue. And as you said after the backlash, insiders take his name to show that their is no nepotism in bollywood. Even before nepotism debate cropped up, he was called an outsider and treated as an outsider by insiders. That is a fact. After his success his success, these insiders strated fawning and praising him to sky when back then they used to make fun of him. There are so many such incidents from his earlier years.

      Anyways, I’m not trying to change your mind or anything. Just trying to show you that all these things that make him an insider (according to some) his relationship with Sunita Kapoor and all his other industry connection were always there in the open since his debut. It was never hidden. You just need to do some research as he already spoken about it. If no one (stans/fans of other actors) called him out for faking the outsider tag back then, why call it out now. But you are free to make whatever assumption you want about him.

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