Bollywood Blind Items – February 2018

If you think you were having a lousy or boring Sunday, brace yourself as we are about to bring you a bunch of blind items in a surrounding that you could have possibly never imagined. From Telegraph India, the blind items consist of a couple of stories about black magic in Bollywood. It’s quite interesting and is quite an eye-opening. The thing is, black magic is real and is very much practiced not just in India, but all over the world.

Though it sounds like the most interesting thing, black magic can destroy lives if the people involved don’t know how to handle it. Basically, it’s like playing with the devil and you need to know what you are doing and who you are dealing with before getting into all that. Sometimes, it doesn’t affect just the people dealing with it but also others, who accidentally get it. As it is a tradition to put the guesses right below, for now we won’t do that because we need to research thoroughly about all the clues. It’s not an easy one. As soon as we get the guesses, we will update the post. For now, we are just sharing it so that you can read it before your Sunday ends. Enjoy!


Bollywood Blind Items

Bollywood Blind Items – February 2018

Bollywood Blind Item – February 2018


After a Mumbai daily carried a piece on black magic being practiced in the Hindi film industry, television channels and other media houses have all of a sudden started asking everybody around for more news about the dark art.

Down the years, most of us have heard many a whisper but didn’t care to give credence to it by writing about it. However, looking at the interest the subject has generated, here are a few inside stories that’ll require a bit of guesswork from the reader.


Blind Item 1

A Bengali actress once told me about her husband’s dalliance with another Bengali actress’ aunt. The husband, who has a strong connection with Calcutta, was so mesmerised by his girlfriend that his wife was worried about the many expensive gifts, including an apartment, he was showering on his lady love. The husband had moved out, into a small ground-floor apartment, where he lived on his own without his family. The wife was so convinced that her spouse was caught in a spell that she went to her husband’s flat, in his absence of course, to get hold of “proof” that a pir baba had warned her about. According to the fakir, the girlfriend had done black magic on the husband and evidence would be found where he lived. She was told to look for bones and strange things like a bit of cloth in the soil. She looked around and voila, in the small potted plants in the balcony outside, there it was. She found what she was looking for inside a flower pot.

The husband soon returned home, the spell broken. But the wife had the feeling that the girlfriend’s entire family practiced black magic. When a leading filmmaker fell head over heels in love with the girlfriend’s niece, the gossip vine sourced his ardour to her family’s trysts with black magic. She’s got him in her grip, they whispered. But if truth be told, the niece and the filmmaker who’re happily married, seem to be more in bliss than under a spell.

Another Bengali actress was rumoured to have sacrificed a black bull at a Kali temple for her son’s floundering career. The bull died, the career didn’t quite revive.


Blind Item 2

When a much-married villain died in Mumbai many years ago, his girlfriend was reported to have also sacrificed a black bull at midnight to bring on his doom.


Blind Item 3

There was another young actor who made a promising start with films that co-starred many leading heroines. Although a reliable actor and a pleasant person, he lost his way in his career despite a couple of sex comedies doing fairly well at the box office. Now, this actor was friendly with an elderly lady who supposedly had a “gift”. It was not a romantic liaison, it was more like an aunt-nephew equation. However, acting under her guidance, the young actor was soon being cut off from his own family. Once again, it was food that the clairvoyant was cooking and feeding him that was said to be the controlling factor. In fact, even I was advised not to eat anything in his house that she was serving. The actor is now happily married and the aunt-like figure doesn’t seem to be around him anymore.


Blind Item 4

But what do you do when a star spouse is supposed to have her husband under a spell? After a senior actor strayed many moons ago, his wife supposedly brought him back to the fold by using the same yucky black magic potion that Kangana was later accused of mixing into her boyfriends’ food. But this senior actor is said to be still under the control of his triumphant wife since he’s stayed by her side thereafter. Pure gossip, once again.

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32 Responses

  1. jyoti says:

    bllind item 2 is related to nirmal pandey or inder kumar?

  2. TRS says:

    admin help out with the blinds – like ZERO idea. First one i think is about mukherjee family. Niece being Rani mukherjee – rest dont know.
    Blind item 3 seemed to be tushar till it mentioned he is much married – dont know who else made it big in sex comedies and stared with many leading ladies too. Ritesh Deshmukh?

  3. nefarious says:

    @Admin- Is the blind item 4 ref to Sr AB and Jaya?

  4. Tina says:

    No. Just absolutely no! Black magic has always been something that has been used to accuse women as witches. Whether burning them at the stake in the west or excommunicating them in the east, it’s always women who are accused of and bear the brunt of such nonsense. The line of thought is always the same – The men had an affair/fell ill/lost fortunes /died because the woman bewitched them. It’s a ‘get out of jail free’ card for men, as though they never had any say in their own actions.

    Can it be proved? No. But it will definitely be used to seed doubt and blame women – and that mindgame is in reality the greatest trickery of all. Karo jo karna hai aur phir kehna jadu tona ho gaya tha. Too many women are killed even today in Asia and Africa on this basis.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less about witchcraft. However, I respect the fact that some of you do, just like I respect the fact that you may or may not believe in god. But what good will solving this blind bring? It will only create doubts/malign people/give more credence to the idea of female bewitchment for no reason.

    This is one blind I have no interest in solving.

    • Admin says:

      True. In this blind item, it’s only referring to the women whereas everywhere else, the men do it too.

      • whatever says:

        May be Men do it more than woman.. I just want to say I do believe that People do Black Magic and it certainly works, But one thing is for sure , It will be back to you sooner or later, what ever seeds you sow, will bear the fruit.

        So do Good Karmas !!

    • Kali says:

      Tina, I’m glad you said this. For the first time I’m actually disappointed in a blind item on this site. We are living in the 21st century. I expected better.

  5. Nars says:

    So any guesses with the blind items?

    Some of these celebraties are mad. I am sure many of them practice any and everything to keep getting work, success and money.

    Hollywood has its secret societies. The music industry is beyond devil worshiping. I caan only imagine what these celebs might be doing in the name of religion.

    These so called babas, gurus, mountain babas, Kali Maa’s temples to do anything but good etc.

    Talking about food. How many of you got the chance to read all the russian leaks about Hillary Clinton and her team? Hints at pedophila, child sacrifice, wicker practice, impure blood cooking and all. #nasty

    My take on Kangana and her “black magic” – I dont think she fed him impure food to “lock him down” (he had no evidence but his family pundit said so, the same pundit from the dus ka dum show – LoL) in my opinion she latched onto Adyahan to get Pancholi of her back. But she did ackowledge going to this “guru/preist” and did some so called “poojas”.

    • Rashmi says:

      Kangana herself left Pancholli. he mocked her, beat her, threatened. finally she left him alone. this was confirmed by Pancholli himself. so why did she need to return it back, even with the help of magic?

      • Nars says:

        Don’t think she used magic to keep or release any man at all. She tried to leave Pancholi but it was difficult to do. Her relationship with a young star son might have helped her be rid of Pancholi for good.
        On some interview she admit to taking him ( Aryanna) to some priest to do some poojas. Kangana is Hindu and very much open about it. I don’t think she would do as he accused but she does practice Hinduism.

        • Rashmi says:

          this idiot Suman accused her of using her monthly blood for a love spell and to kill his career. Kangana responded to these charges with her usual openness and humor. She knows how to beautifully match any nonsense and it does not have complexes due to this. It does not make the problem of difficult questions.does not renounce his opinion for the benefit of the public. this is another reason why I respect and love her so much.

          • Nar <3 Kangana says:

            Adyahan has no star quality, he cannot act, he cannot sing, he claims to be an “American Educated” boy but he appears rather dumb. I dont know if his parents babied him more because of the untimely death of his older sibling.

            No one needs to do jadoo toona on him, he just doesnt have an ounce of star quality, no good looks, no charm nothing!! Like y on earth he has to think it is her fault his career never took off?

            You are right, he insinuated the worst about her during a time when things were out of hand. She is strong though, she stands up for herself despite all the odds. Another person might’ve given up but she hasnt. No one can take that away from her!!

        • Universal says:

          I am sure you know practising Hinduism and practising black magic are entirely different things. There is nothing “open about it” if one is a practising Hindu as millions are in India.

    • lightsaber says:

      @Nars: Hey, in case you are talking about Pizzagate (re: Hillary Clinton team and pedophilia etc), this was a right-wing conspiracy theory created to hurt HRC’s campaign right before the Nov 9, 2016 Presidential election and was eventually debunked as fake news.

      • Nar <3 Kangana says:

        Thanks. I never looked it up after seeing the leaks on twitter.

        American politics is a big fat mess.

  6. Amanda says:

    I am unable to guess any of these… It is very frightening to know what all people do to get what they want…. I always believe whatever seeds you sow,you will bear the fruit of it sooner or later… Someday,the people who are involved in blackmagic will pay for it…….

    Any idea who is cast opposite SRK in Rakesh Sharma biopic “Salute”.. After PCs exit,who can be cast? I don’t want katrina in that…. Katrina is trying to reach out for every filmmaker for roles….. hoping 2019-2020 should not be a katrina year or nepo kids year… Now Ash is also going to be on social media…. Wondering what prompted Ash… Katrina was advised by KJo… Now Ash too?

    • Admin says:

      It’s not decided yet…SRK wants to finish Zero first before signing something else.

      • Amanda says:

        ok… Is KriArj seriously in financial mess as oer one of the blind or it just rumor planted by gattu? What is the truth?

        • Admin says:

          They are still playing ping-pong, let’s wait and see. If they went bankrupt, it is because of Kedarnath going overbudget.

          • Amanda says:

            Admin, another question… What was the reason for pc and Prakash jaju fallout? Why is he quiet now since he had threatened that he will leak all the details regarding pc…

          • Admin says:

            PC’s family said he stole from them. He said he put money in her career and got nothing in return. He sounds bitter and hateful because he put in a lot of energy, time and money into her career and she just kicked him out through an SMS. He said he wanted her to focus on her career whereas she was busy trying to have affairs.

          • Amanda says:

            Oh.. I think now she is more focused in career than a relationship (can’t rule out affairs though) After SRK, PC never got involved in any serious relationship… I didn’t even hear a rumor regarding her love life.. Even parineeti joked about PCs loveless life… And all that comments, that she is one man women, she wants to have babies, she is single and wants to be in relationship etc are all veiled messages directed at SRK I think….

            Thanks Admin for answering my queries…

          • Nar <3 Kangana says:

            movie is shelved

      • Pooja says:

        Is this related to rani-kajol mukharajee family???.bipasha just married for 2-3yrs n never hear about karan grover for such linkup.

      • Pooja says:

        Its 3rd blind about ekta-tussar ???ekta refer as totakaa queen.she bring 6goldfish costing each fish 60thousands.

      • Pooja says:

        Is 4th one is mithon chakarwarty??

    • Pooja says:

      User taking kjo n lallu name for just the real reason she lost her prtool rk that y rush to join social media for sake of publicity for nonsense by the way same say her PR delete all negative comment on fb n instra same thing she can’t do on twitter that y not join this or she get troll everyday like others.

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