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The blind item is stating many facts below, but these are the truths – his truth. What we are trying to say is, they have the motive wrong because this is what this top star does with every film of his!

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We have mentioned it before, after delivering a lot of flops earlier on in his career, this top star started paying extra attention to every department on his sets. On top of that, as soon as the film is done, he sits in the editing room with the editor and chooses his best scenes. That’s the way it always has been with this actor.

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So for this young actor to be saying that the top star is insecure, it’s a bit far-fetched. If he was insecure, he wouldn’t have worked with him because everyone knows the only two assets that the young star posses are his dancing and action skills.Β If you have seen the trailer of this film, you can see that both traits of his were displayed well.

The way the top star behaves when it comes to his films, he believes this is professionalism. But remember when we said that if a female actress does the same thing, what do they call her?

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Rani Mukherji said that!

Anyways, the first song from the film has been released. We are surprised that they choose to go with the top star’s song first. But then again, you can only have one star wearing a swimsuit and that couldn’t be the young star! After all, the producer needs to let his pet project shine as well. By the way, we heard the song in a really good headphone and the beginning and background tune sounds a lot like Pharrell’s ‘Get Lucky’ song. It’s a catchy tune! Only wish he didn’t use that much bronzer on him!

Oh and the top star is what he is. Many people know his true colors already, but funny thing is this young actor himself is a star kid whose father worked with the father of this top star. He very well knows how that family is so what’s the point of pretending to be gullible now?! It’s not like he came from the mountains!

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Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS handsome SUPERSTAR is playing MIND GAMES with his younger co star who is oblivious

While both the stars appear to be best buddies off screen, the dashing super star is insecure of the younger actor and has been playing games behind his back.

Full of action, drama, beautiful locales, romance and sexy actresses, it is this year’s much-awaited flick. The movie brings together a young action star and a dashing super star known for his dancing skills, for the first time.

The movie announcement and the trailer has brought forth a gush fest among viewers, trade and their fans. But while both appear the best of buddies off screen, the dashing super star is insecure of the younger actor and has been playing games behind his back.

He makes sure before each schedule that he has the script on hand with every detail (costume, scene breakup, shots, camera angles, choreography) so he is one step ahead of the young actor and has even seen all the rushes till now. He is also a good friend of the director (having worked with him earlier) so they share a great rapport. The director too keeps the dashing super star briefed on every shot before the shoot begins.

The young actor is clueless about all this as he not only respects and loves him but has always looked up to the dashing star as his mentor and elder brother. A few of his close friends have tried to warn the younger actor about his co-star’s manipulative practices but being a nice guy, he refuses to believe in such things. On and off sets, in front of the unit, the super star behaves like a caring brother.

When recently both the actors had to shoot for a song, the dashing super star made sure (without the young star’s knowledge) that he knew everything before the shoot began. The dashing superstar met the choreographer, the director and the production team before the rehearsals began and had every dance move chalked out – right down to his best angles and steps. He even told the production house what each star was going to wear as he didn’t want to look overboard while dancing.

The song that was shot is going to be a spectacular one and a face-off between both the actors is bound to be fabulous. While after pack-up the young actor would head for home, the dashing super star would sit with the director in his van and take a look at the rushes. The producer, a fair guy himself, who does not indulge in politics has been kept in the hiding. The director and the dashing super star are the only one’s involved.

However, this isn’t the first time. Turns out, the games began much before the shooting when the super star wanted to know what the young actor was wearing from the costume designers. Now, the young star is quite innocent and unaware of all these mind games being played. Well, no one can blame him.

Very few people are aware that the super star is not as holier-than-thou as he claims to be but in reality, is hot-headed, has a fierce temper and is extremely shrewd and competitive. The younger actor is an excellent dancer, very good-looking, has an extremely loyal and huge fan following, is a superb actor and great in action – all qualities present in the dancing super star too.

What was on screen is becoming a reality today. The guru-shishya relationship off screen has become a real one and if the younger actor doesn’t wisen up and become aware of what’s happening around him, very soon he may be reduced to a prop in the movie.


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Hrithik Roshan

Young Star: Tiger Shroff


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