Bollywood Blind Item – September 2019 – 7

This big-shot manager has been in the news for the past two months now. This time, the blind item is not about why she fired most of her staffs, but about how she likes to piss off Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather by pushing her client’s films’ release on the same date as the superstar.

Don’t know if she realized it, but it’s her client who got scared the last time the superstar scheduled his film’s released on the same date as his. Though the client is a top star, his fanbase is not as huge and blind as Bollywood‘s Bhai!

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Speaking of this client, how come all of his films are crossing 100 crore+? Are they manipulating it? We are just asking because we haven’t seen his film for a long time, but it seemed strange how his films are raking 100 crore+ in just a short time within release. Like within 3 days, news comes out that the film has crossed 100 crore. Is it true?

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Anyways, everyone knows about the blind item but does this top star aka manager’s client know? The blind item says the superstar and top star used to be besties. They were never and they are not! In fact, his wife was one of the women that Bhai came on to and she refused him so the whole time they were shooting together years ago, they never uttered one word to each other. Then years ago, probably Rajeev Masand had a blind item that came out where he wrote that the top star took revenge on what this superstar did by coming on to his then-girlfriend, who was still a newcomer at that time.

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No matter how old they get, their minds are still like little boys with huge egos! Who cares! But between them, it’s Mr. Khiladi who is laughing all the way to the bank of Canada! Bhai has like a thousand mouth to feed.

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. Oh, these two managed to remain cordial with each other. Top star hated his time shooting with Bhai, ’cause you know Bhai never comes on time…on the sets, that is.


Bollywood Blind Item

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WE have had it with superstars fighting with each other. Once great buddies, these two mega actors – also known for their flops with over Rs 100 crore going under – are now at loggerheads.

It seems the bone of contention isn’t a competitive streak or a busybody director, but actually a manager who hopped from one star to the other. This cog in the wheel is said to be playing release-date games, pitting one against the other. Tsk, can we go back to fighting on screen please?

OSOP Guesses

Two Superstars: Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar

Manager: Reshma Shetty



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14 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Bhai has fans who will watch him gyrating for 3 hours on screen without anything else hence his movies cross a certain mark no matter how trashy they are. AK doesn’t have that. His movies are more based on the topic that might appeal people. Even John has played that genre well in recent past. As for Khans, they’ll blame everyone but themselves for still doing things they did 20 years back.

  2. KT says:

    Ok sorry, you can delete that comment. Somethings seems to be wrong with comments sections, as after loading the page multiple times the comment and your reply finally appeared

  3. Ron Faulkner says:

    @Admin and everyone.. Have you noticed Pinkvilla filtering comments? Earlier the comments section was hilarious .Now, click or pick any posts and look at the comments. Either you see all “good” comments or none at all.Any idea?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, Bollywood people seem to have used bots to generate positive comments instead of real ones. We mentioned it on the Karan Deol post. It’s apparent now they are really doing it

  4. KT says:

    Admin, please talk about the constant pictures aloo paratha keeps posting of her vacay with rk. I mean the guy looks so turned off by her in all their pictures together ( I dislike him but you can’t blame him, she looks like a flat chuhiya these days). Since you keep mentioning it’s a fake pr relationship, how come they are going on couple vacations just meant for the 2 of them. Does kjo pay for this lol? I mean It’s way to much effort , time and money to spend on this cheap pr trick. Also if you keep saying it’s fake then what do the two of them on the trips alone, play ludo?! I mean common they must be at least having a fling, right admin? Please clear

    • Shinyobject says:

      Vacation just for the 2 of them but who patiently takes their pics, filters them and shares them with the world? I just hope this popularity insanity ends soon in Bollywood. It’s just filling servers with useless stuff and the pockets of Zuck.

    • leaps says:

      its ranbir he will hook up with a tree lol. so him alia having fun is nothing new. Also there are fake marriages in hollywood that are suppose to be professionally mutually beneficial so why not in bollywood with alia ranbir. Considering the amount of money riding on alia/ranbir movie trilogy kjo is desperate to make sure they set couple goals and he will spend even more if he can to sell the two as price harry and meghan

    • Admin says:

      In their relationship, only Alia looks like she is having fun. πŸ˜‚ Still young hence her spirit ain’t broken yet. RK looks like he’s stuck, how will he get out of this one? Aloo’s bestie is with them and also his bestie. They are never alone, there’s always someone there to take the pics and share them.😎

      • leaps says:

        @admin come to think of it there is always someone there to share a videos and pics of ranbir with the women hes with as when needed ;). seems like alia has an ayan in her life too thn . peas in a pod these two lolz

  5. Kit says:

    Akshay is doing so well it’s surprising. He and Ajay D have gone a long way from delivering back to back flops compared to their contemporaries, the Khans. Now they are having back to back hits while the Khans are struggling. They also have interesting upcoming film projects unlike the Khans. (I’m praising them for their work not their sleazy behaviors)

    Actors currently struggling like SSR should look at these two men and be inspired not to give up.

    I remember reading that Karishma Kapoor started rejected films with Akshay because his films were flopping. Funny how life turns out.

    Maybe Reshma does have the magic touch. Afterall, Salman’s career took a positive turn when she was his manager.

    Unless something drastic happens, looks like Akshay is taking over the box office in 2020.

  6. HateKjo says:

    Salman is going through a bad phase. His last 3 Eid releases tanked at the box office despite paid reviews and inflated box office figures which angered him as he cant handle failure and NO.

    He is not only at logger heads with his friend Akshay but his directors like Ali (Rumour has it he signed SRK for his next) , Kabir who has signed Ranveer and now SLB ( InshAllah has been shelved and few journalists are of the opinion that SRK is the next choice of SLB) just because they failed to give him a hit like he wanted.

    He paid critics to give positive reviews and stop them posting any review of Bharat till 1-3 shows ends . Still its not a blockbuster or consider a hit given bhai’s star power and previous outings.

    Akshay on the other hand, is doing good . Mission Mangal is a hit , he has signed 4 big films and locked every festival next year. I don’t know if its his luck or good script sense. But he is lucky from past few years.

    Though I wonder how he manages 4 films a year . He has a good stamina and energy even at this age.

    Salman’s time is almost over . People obey his orders because they are petrified of him not out of respect. Inside they are tired and sick of his attitude and dadagiri.

    Salman is helping talentless people(read : Aysush. Katrina, Isabelle, Jacky, Daisy etc) instead of supporting talent like Arijit, . Ayushman, Rajkumar Rao, Yami, Bhumi or Tapsee. This made film makers upset and wary.

    Hope better sense prevails him and he mends his ways before its too late. SRK is an example how he was so arrogant and had issues with everyone including those who helped him in bad time. See he is almost finished with 5 back to back flops and no project in hands. Lost friends and good will in Bollywood as well.

    • Kit says:

      Calm down about SRK. He just had 2 flops JHMS & Zero. The others like Dilwale and Raees just under performed and remember both films clashed at the box office. Fan was really good but didn’t do as expected of a SRK film.

      On the friends part, make no mistake. Among the Khans, SRK is the most hated because he’s an outsider who overshadowed others. Even though he has been in films for over 20 years, he’s still regarded as an outsider. Sunny Deol hates him for getting the credit for Darr while Hema who launched him hates because he apparently refused to work with her daughter. Akshay gets a pass because his wife is a star kid with an influential super star father and mother.

      His relationship with PC also cost him the loyalties of many people within his then clique including KJo. I think he’s just maintaining the KJo relationship for his children’s future film prospects.

      I think SRK needs to step back and stop relying on his previous formulae for picking scripts.

      Another thing is SRK is overexposed with the “King of Bollywood” tag on him. He needs to tone down his PR on extolling his stardom.

      He also needs to be humble and stop blaming others for his failures. Heard Rohit Shetty and SRK are not in good terms because of blame game for Dilwale. Rohit was so pissed he said in an interview that Deepika was the reason for Chennai Express success. It’s like he saying Kareena was the reason for Singham’s success, which he would never do because he and Ajay D are good friends.

      In fact, SRK needs to learn from Ajay D how to maintain good relations with others. His cheating asides, Ajay is well-liked within Bollywood circles. His friends are strongly loyal to him. But SRK, with the exceptions of actresses like Kajol and Juhi, i can’t think of anyone else strongly loyal to SRK. KJo is a business man. When SRK starts delivering 500 crore box office, he’ll become loyal. πŸ™‚

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