Bollywood Blind Item – September 2019 – 7

This big-shot manager has been in the news for the past two months now. This time, the blind item is not about why she fired most of her staffs, but about how she likes to piss off Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather by pushing her client’s films’ release on the same date as the superstar.

Don’t know if she realized it, but it’s her client who got scared the last time the superstar scheduled his film’s released on the same date as his. Though the client is a top star, his fanbase is not as huge and blind as Bollywood‘s Bhai!

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Speaking of this client, how come all of his films are crossing 100 crore+? Are they manipulating it? We are just asking because we haven’t seen his film for a long time, but it seemed strange how his films are raking 100 crore+ in just a short time within release. Like within 3 days, news comes out that the film has crossed 100 crore. Is it true?

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Anyways, everyone knows about the blind item but does this top star aka manager’s client know? The blind item says the superstar and top star used to be besties. They were never and they are not! In fact, his wife was one of the women that Bhai came on to and she refused him so the whole time they were shooting together years ago, they never uttered one word to each other. Then years ago, probably Rajeev Masand had a blind item that came out where he wrote that the top star took revenge on what this superstar did by coming on to his then-girlfriend, who was still a newcomer at that time.

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No matter how old they get, their minds are still like little boys with huge egos! Who cares! But between them, it’s Mr. Khiladi who is laughing all the way to the bank of Canada! Bhai has like a thousand mouth to feed.

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. Oh, these two managed to remain cordial with each other. Top star hated his time shooting with Bhai, ’cause you know Bhai never comes on time…on the sets, that is.


Bollywood Blind Item

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WE have had it with superstars fighting with each other. Once great buddies, these two mega actors – also known for their flops with over Rs 100 crore going under – are now at loggerheads.

It seems the bone of contention isn’t a competitive streak or a busybody director, but actually a manager who hopped from one star to the other. This cog in the wheel is said to be playing release-date games, pitting one against the other. Tsk, can we go back to fighting on screen please?

OSOP Guesses

Two Superstars: Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar

Manager: Reshma Shetty



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