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These two were rumored to be getting married earlier this year in April. It didn’t happen and everyone around them refuted these rumors. It’s funny because how can rumors of their wedding spread when they are not literally the most-talked about couple? Like, why would someone in the media just spread out something as uninteresting as their wedding.

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It could have been a ploy to see the audience’s reaction to their pairing. Since they have been playing it lovey-dovey for the past year, they are surely hoping they can put the past behind them and move on. They, as in people.

The boyfriend still has his ups and downs career to think about, but seriously he’s a star kid, he will keep on getting films despite giving flops and having no screen presence. His upcoming film, though, will be very interesting to see since he supposedly went through a whole different look and workshops.

They have both been going on a lot of vacations this year hence the clue that this blind item is referring to them.

Just the other day, we were thinking about him. The wax figure launch of his deceased step-mother brought back a lot of memories. His dad was very emotional at the launch, which is understandable since he loved his wife very much. But still, he did shamelessly tell the world how he fell in love with her even before meeting her barring the fact that he was married at that time.

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Naturally, this must have had an effect on his kids – not the good kind. For the longest time, this actor hated his step-mom. It’s funny how destiny played an almost same plot with this actor except this time, he is on the other side. It’s even weirder how both the step-mom and his ladylove have a crazy obsession with the way they look. He could have never thought that one day he would be in this position, the same position he despised with all his heart!

Anyways, check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. If they do get married, it will definitely be out of town. No point of pissing off the biggest family in Bollywood!

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Bollywood Blind Item


DESPITE intense speculation regarding their marriage, these star-crossed lovers have kept the buzz at bay. But not for too long, your diarist is told. The good-looking couple may not be in a hurry to tie the knot but are definitely all warm and fuzzy about the idea of marriage.

We believe they will keep their date with destiny next year and are planning a beach wedding surrounded by just their nearest and dearest. Uff, a white wedding on golden sands, sweet dreams are made of these.


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Lovers: Malaika Arora & Arjun Kapoor


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