Bollywood Blind Item – September 2019 – 35

Do you remember the old Priyadarshan films? Well, not that old but just like 10 years old or so. Filled with riddles and in the end, everyone meets in some kind of potpourri setting.

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The blind item below is just that. Posted and deleted within a couple of minutes, we are still sharing it because it’s super funny and crazy. It sounds like whoever wrote this is trolling us all or…It might just be the truth and this blind item was sent out to test the waters first.

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At this point, who really knows?! But let’s just say, this is the first time this has been said so out in the open, even though it is in the form of blind items.

There is nothing more to say…Just have fun reading this blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


The male super star was known to have a roving eye but settled down after he met his current actress girlfriend. After his much publicized and angst-ridden breakup with another Bollywood celebrity, the male super star settled down with his new girlfriend and focused on his career and family. But he is also known to love the company of a famous filmmaker who is known to give blockbusters.

Apparently, the male super star, is a smart cookie and keeps his filmmaker boyfriend and actress friends as he dates them both – who know of each other and are perfectly happy with this arrangement! All come from famous Bollywood families and buzz is that even their families are in the know and don’t mind their relationships…

The male super star’s current girlfriend is also very fond of the filmmaker and the trio are known to often go out for parties and holidays together. Once they reach their destination the girlfriend goes her separate way and the male super star and his filmmaker friend go together somewhere else.

The GF doesn’t mind as she’s happy to be known as the male super star’s girlfriend, though she is a reputed actress in her own right. She had a painful breakup with another young actor who refused to commit to her and dumped her unceremoniously for his long-time girlfriend. The new girlfriend of the male super star hooked up with him to show the young actor she didn’t care.

It’s an arrangement that suits all and now the trio are even closer having worked together in close proximity for a recently released romcom. The male super star and his filmmaker friend share everything – from celebrating each other’s birthdays to having their own private parties where only both are present.

The filmmaker is known to be possessive about the male super star and doesn’t like to share him with his other male friends. The male super star is wise enough not to upset his apple cart and listens to his friend’s advice – almost blindly. In fact, he is not signing too many movies now because he doesn’t want to upset the filmmaker, who has promised him a big movie deal.

In the meantime, the ex-girlfriend has been telling her close friends that it’s only a matter of time before her ex-boyfriend breaks up with his current one as it’s a fake relationship. She says the male super star and his new GF are only friends because of a movie they have signed up for recently and will begin soon.

The ex GF thinks that it’s only a matter of time the duo breakup and the male super star returns back to her loving arms. She even knows that she may have to share him with the filmmaker again but as he’s one of her closest friends, she doesn’t care as long as she has her old BF back. Maybe she knows more than we do?

But this romantic triangle has taken an interesting twist with the male super star and his current GF’s families insisting on marriage. It has put them in a spot and there is buzz of an informal engagement taking place just to keep everybody happy for the time being….


OSOP Guesses

Male Super Star: Ranbir Kapoor

Current Actress Girlfriend: Alia Bhatt

Famous Filmmaker: Ayan Mukherjee

Ex GF: Katrina Kaif

Another Young Actor: Varun Dhawan


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21 Responses

  1. kiran101 says:

    Katrina’s past ? Bhatt family’s past is riddled with illegitimate children, semi incestuous tendencies, friendships with criminals (david headly).
    Hell ! even Varun Dhawan’s family totally rejected Alia as not good enuff for their family. So its a joke on Neetu Kapoor in the end that she has to put up with someone else’s rejects. Serves her right after all the mean things she said about Ranbir’s ex’s.

    I do not buy this love Neetu has for Alia either. I guess ranbir’s parents already got a lot of bad press for how they treated DP and Kat and seeing how a lot of Ranbir’s potential mates went ahead and married well DP, ANu, Sonam . They may have dropped their high and mighty behavior for time being.

    Why does Ranbir look like someone sucked life out of him …he isnt aging well or looking good.

    • abcd says:

      alia comes from rich family and has father’s support (which has increased due to her so called kjo given stardom).This is where alia has an edge over kat. But what’s the use, alia-ranbir would have a cursed marriage. Broken hearts, so many people being wronged, alia- ranbir would be joining the long list of those married couples trapped all thier lives in loveless forced marriages. Usually in such marriages, offspings bear the brunt. amitabh bachan must be feeling something after seeing abhishek’s failed career in bollywood, jeetendra-tushar, yash chopra-uday chopra and list goes on

  2. Niki says:

    This Katrina is still pinning for RK is so passe. Come up with something new.

  3. What's my name? says:

    Going by the latest kat-HR pics, i think something is brewing.

  4. leaps says:

    wait how is this a blind?? this is literally hashed up version of a lot of old blinds about ranbir/alia/varun/sid/kat. Not surprised about the timing though there is an add of rk/kat coming so minions r keen so show hes the one no one gets over its old now kjo and rk need to think up something new.

  5. Neep says:

    So Ranbir is rumoured to be bisexual? Oh Deepika were you actually depressed over your breakup with this guy?

    • Axis says:

      Admin pleaseeee shed some light on this. Why was deepika so worked up about this breakup? Why are all the women so heavily invested in RK? Even Katrina seemed devastated. It can’t be Kapoor tag I mean that just can’t be.

      • Admin says:

        Because she was so invested and he ended up messing up with her mentally and emotionally. He did the same to Kat.

        • leaps says:

          Ranbir has all the the signs of a narcissist and they mentally break you up.

        • Tess says:

          If he’s in the closet then what’s the deal with the women? What does he even do to these women that someone as clever as Katrina is falling for it?

          • leaps says:

            most likely bi . just do a basic search on dating a narcissist by Dr. Ramani. now how they break you up mentally.

  6. RuRi says:

    Wow I must say gutsy Pinkvilla.. I think what happened is typical business scenario –
    The employee (Pinkvilla) wanted to do something courageous, went ahead with it, boss (kjo) came in last min and asked it to be removed.. hahahahha

  7. KA says:

    so sad, ranbir isnt able to come out of closet with ayan. he is compelled to put up an image. future is unpredictable, lets see what happens with alia and ranbir.

  8. Hate Kjo says:

    Alia is so characterless. No idea why is she like this? She is pretty and talented who doesn’t need such thing. Really is she okay with him being a gay and sharing him with Aayan? Kapoor surname is really powerful and tempting I guess. KJO aunty is destroying her and her image as well. she is dump and desperate for Ranbir a man who cant stay loyal to anyone.

    As far as Katrina. she is so desperate for Ranbir and trying hard to woo him back. She doesn’t have any self respect either (she went back to Salman too just for the sake of her career : a man who has insulted and beaten her , a man who leaked information about her past.)

    She is the one who got dumped in the most humiliated way still she thinks and actually want Ranbir back. Actually she tried her level best to get Salman as her Boyfriend but Ilulia Vantur didn’t give her any space and kick her out. Katrina team and fans run a campaign against Ilulia and troll her everywhere. Salman has a soft spot for Katrina but he is not interested in her romantically. Later went for Vickey( I don’t believe this rumor and pretty much sure its by KJO aunty to give Vickey hype and attention but then it might be true given her past and her actions. ) Katrina cant stop talking about Ranbir ( no idea why women like Katrina and Deepika go for a person like him knowing he is gay) and did an ad film too. Now she is anxiously waiting for him to return and she still hoping for it. Truly, she has no dignity and self respect.

    This make one thing clear Ranbir must have something (besides his surname) that make women go weak in their knees. See Deepika too is not over him despite being married.

    What does it make Katrina? A backstabber, snake and a desperate person? if it happens for real (though chances are less) so how will her fans defend her? They claim she is over Ranbir and abuse Alia by calling her a snake , a backstabber , a bitch etc just because she is dating Katrina’s ex that too after 1 year of their breakup.

    Katrina’s fans still defend her for breaking Ranbir-Deepika and blame it on Ranbir while doing Deepika’s character assassination, I bet they will defend Katrina here as well , calling Its a Karma for Alia (she will get one like Katrina ) and Ranbir loves her etc.

    Katrina can do anything . She has so much of attitude as well.

    • Nancy says:

      What info did Salman leak?

      • Hate Kjo says:

        He leaked information about her being a Pornstar, faking her father being an Indian and her sister and Brother in law are involved in making porn videos He went on leaking her photos with Terry Stephens whos is adult film maker..

        • Nancy says:

          Oh 😯. I’ve missed a lot . But I don’t really think he leaked the info about her being fake Indian. Since Ayeesha Shroff already said that since her debut, that they created the ‘Kaif’ surname. The pornstar stuff, wasn’t her sister’s sextape leaked?

          • Hate Kjo says:

            No one trust Ayesha wholly, but Salman took revenge from Katrina for cheating on him. Yes her sister’s MMS was leaked and I am sure he was behind it. Though Katrina and her sister claimed it to be a fake one. He did make his team to post blinds and articles about her father. Infact, there were some news of her dad being Polish ; named Ronald Turquotte. There were some news of her being a cult child.

            Later, These Kapoors hired a spy and dug into her past. Ranbir’s parents told him about her indecent past and provided some proofs (as per PR articles) that’s why he dumped her. But , she is still longing for him and want him desperately.

  9. Ron Faulkner says:

    @Admin , So is it the truth?

  10. abcd says:

    So it is awesome threesome and not awesome twosome…Where has Uglia Bhatt’s self respect gone? It seems that for Evil mouse false pride is more important than fulfilling relationship with true love. Has Kat still not seen influence of Neetu Kapoor?Why does Kat forget that Neetu Kapoor will stop at nothing until and unless she gets grandchildren through marriage of horrible Alia and Ranbir. Kat must come out of her LA LA land and see the harsh reality; it will hurt her a lot emotionally later. Neetu Kapoor will not accept kat due to her past and father issues….Kat must stop fooling herself. Shame on neetu kapoor for being a hypocrite; she conveniently forgets her casting couch in her initial years of bollywood. Uglia and Rk’s marriage is for convenience, mutual give and take, nothing to to do with love.

  11. Pooja says:

    User Katrina is day dreaming n read lots of pinkvilla comments after trying damm hard to win back lallu now she dreaming rk will back to her.god,may be this is fake n will be they breakup but rk moved to sara, jaanvi or ananya or same body else younger new not to botoxrina.

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