Bollywood Blind Item – September 2019 – 33

Since last week, this is what everyone has been talking about. By now, there have been about three blind items about the same situation. All of them have the same details, so there’s nothing new in this blind item either.

But here’s the film, in one of the three previous blind items, we mentioned how this actor has a knack for making big budget films with him in the lead. He doesn’t have that big of an audience so why does he waste his money like that? Is he that ambitious?

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Now, it seems he is using his wife’s money to make his upcoming big budget film. That’s a little bit too much. Couldn’t he get financing from those big companies that produce films? And on top of that, he is stressing his wife out by hiring the same actress he had an affair with.

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What a life!


Bollywood Blind Item


Loyal and Indebted

A pretty young actress is flying solo again, the grapevine insists. And, according to well-placed sources in Bollywood, that makes her vulnerable to the charms of a prominent male star with whom she was previously involved apparently.

Turns out the actor decided to cast her in his new film the moment he learned about her single status. But his wife put her foot down vehemently, insisting that he keep a safe distance from the younger actress.

Last heard the star has obeyed his wife’s diktat. Why wouldn’t he? After all, she’s supposedly bailing him out of a significant business debt.


OSOP Guesses

Pretty Young Actress: Ileana D’Cruz

Male Star: Ajay Devgan

Wife: Kajol


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5 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    Take me back, was it Karishma who was in a relationship with Ajay and when she called him one day he was with Kajol who sold out the affair by opening her big mouth and Karishma overhearing? I am trying to remember. Anyway, whether it was karishma or who ever, karma is getting her back. By the way I think Ajay comes from a well off family, stunts??? He is loaded, the only thing that was his downfall then that wasnt getting him the chicks like akshay was his dark looks.

  2. abcd says:

    money buys loyalty. here love as got nothing to do with loyalty. kajol should walk out of the marriage and give fitting reply to ajay devgan for all his deeds. but will not do so, sad state of affairs. this sets very strong benchmarks for upcoming marriages of Bollywood.

  3. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    But what happened to Kneebone for the sudden breakup ? She seemed so much into him .

    • Kit says:

      Ileana turned greedy and cheated on her husband. She probably thought Ajay was the one with the money and could do whatever he wanted like dump his wife for her and get her the bollywood stardom she desires.

      Turned out his wife is financing his projects. He can’t afford to leave her (yet).

      I bet this is not the first time he’s using Kajol’s money. This is the first time we’re hearing of it. I’m not surprised though. Ajay spends recklessly. Film with the highest budget just one year after his marriage that flopped badly. First Bollywood celeb to buy a private jet when the Khans were doing way better box office wise. Owner of luxurious cars. He is the 3rd indian after Mukesh Ambani and Bhushan Kumar to own a Rolls Royce Cullinan which he got August this year.

      So he had the money to make this kind of purchase but is stressing his wife?! Kajol barely spends on herself from the looks of it. Most likely invests most of her money.

      I bet we’re only hearing this because Kajol got fed up and most likely confided in KJo (big mistake by the way). Still can’t understand why Kajol has never been given producer’s credit when her money is in his films. Did she make that decision so no one would look down on her husband or is he that insecure?

      I wonder where Kajol is getting the money from though. She acts like once every 2 or 3 years and can’t be earning up to 10 crores per film. She must have a serious business outside showbiz that allows her make the money to give Ajay.

      I guess it’s not enough for a woman to be financially independent. She must also have the self respect to walk away.

      A pity about Ileana. Thought she was one of the decent ones. What a disappointment.

      • kiran101 says:

        Bollywood is filled with creeps, lechers , exploiters, insanely egoistic people. Only the degree varies . Ajay -the man whore has been cheating on Kajol even in their honeymoon with Mahima. Yet kajol went ahead and had babies with him years after their marraige. She even quit films for some time.

        So i dont know how Kajol is the money here ? Her Yash raj and Dharma hits are of no use money wise since they pay literally peanuts even to SRK and its known publicly. Her other movies were not great hits and she married in her prime career time. She hardly had time to make great money.

        Make no mistake none of these producers real wealth comes from movies.They have investments everywhere . Ajay devgan has several investments in gujrat,mumbai etc and real estate. His vfx wala comany is every successful…perhaps even more than SRK’s vfx company.

        Ajay – AKshay these actors make silent money unlike KHANS. They have been working since decades imagine all their investments since so long ago compared to their wives. Their wives real money(not counting their wealth made as a couple) must be from inheritence …if any.

        Most of these high budget flop movies are for washing the dirty money.

        Aneways , why do we assume that star wives sign up for fideility when they married these very well known womanizers ? Ajay womanizing ways were legendary and even talked about in 90’s how and why all tops female stars used to fight to be with him(karishma, Raveena etc ).Β 

        Suzzane divorcing Hrithik has more to do with her hope of better life with Arjun Rampal along with Divorce settlement than having a pride and not being able to put up with a cheating husband. I mean this woman comes from a family of abusers and cheaters and apparantly coerced Roshan family into marraige.Β 
        I strongly believe that most women (even from high society) just stay in maraiges because an alternate life is more miserable. And then there is the children and their inheritence issue. Most of these men do not want to leave their wives , they just want to bed other women.

        I dont think Ajay will ever leave Kajol. His kids will hate him, the kind of man that Ajay is …he surely is not a man who loves his women more than his children. He gets to sleep with ileana aneways, why does he see the need to marry her ? He is not itching to go public with his affections for her …all he wanted with other women is a closed door relationship…leaving Kajol is out of question.

        Kajol confiding in KJO … Kjo knows who is likely to sleep with who in BW even before the actual sex happens. The biggest peeve Kjo has against Ajay is that he is no ass sucker and has derisive attitude towardsΒ ass suckers of BW . Otherwise Kjo normalizes adultry and even to some extent endorse it. If there is any truth to Alia -SRK thing /blind obviously its Kjo’s doing and Gauri is his best friend.Β 

        Kajol- Ajay is a very normal/standard BW marraige.

        Gossip about 90’s actors is usually what interests me and I have something to contribute to. I am no fan of anyone in particular or defending anyone here.


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