Bollywood Blind Item – September 2019 – 33

Since last week, this is what everyone has been talking about. By now, there have been about three blind items about the same situation. All of them have the same details, so there’s nothing new in this blind item either.

But here’s the film, in one of the three previous blind items, we mentioned how this actor has a knack for making big budget films with him in the lead. He doesn’t have that big of an audience so why does he waste his money like that? Is he that ambitious?

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Now, it seems he is using his wife’s money to make his upcoming big budget film. That’s a little bit too much. Couldn’t he get financing from those big companies that produce films? And on top of that, he is stressing his wife out by hiring the same actress he had an affair with.

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What a life!


Bollywood Blind Item


Loyal and Indebted

A pretty young actress is flying solo again, the grapevine insists. And, according to well-placed sources in Bollywood, that makes her vulnerable to the charms of a prominent male star with whom she was previously involved apparently.

Turns out the actor decided to cast her in his new film the moment he learned about her single status. But his wife put her foot down vehemently, insisting that he keep a safe distance from the younger actress.

Last heard the star has obeyed his wife’s diktat. Why wouldn’t he? After all, she’s supposedly bailing him out of a significant business debt.


OSOP Guesses

Pretty Young Actress: Ileana D’Cruz

Male Star: Ajay Devgan

Wife: Kajol


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