Bollywood Blind Item – September 2019 – 30

So this is the second blind item that has come out about this actor. It seems he is really going ahead and helping this actress get back on her feet. It was the other blind item that said he would be getting her the second supporting role instead of the lead actress role because his wife asked him to.

It’s funny how everyone in the media knows about this and just blatantly telling it like it is. Maybe everyone is surprised how this actor is going out of his way to help this actress out months after they supposedly had this affair.

But what about the rest of the time? What is she going to do after this film finishes?

Does he feel compel to help her because he’s the reason her boyfriend broke up with her? Quite daring of him to help her out despite his wife not wanting him to.

To think that there are girls still willing to “fall” for him. We thought his actress-star wife was the only one blind enough to fall for gutka! Money and power do make love seem blind!

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Bollywood Blind Item


The star to the rescue again

A newly-single actor has turned to this leading star to put her career back on track. He is said to have taken a fancy to her after working in a dud action thriller two years ago. Later, on his recommendation, she was roped in for a real-life drama starring him.

Now, he has cast her in one of his upcoming productions in which he is also acting. It features a star son in the title role. It is a rise and fall story set in Mumbai. There’s nothing like a helping hand in B-Town.


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Actor: Ileana D’Cruz

Leading Star: Ajay Devgan



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6 Responses

  1. Neep says:

    Stop glorifying Kajol. A nepo brat of the 90s, she was intolerably arrogant and loudmouthed. She set her sights on Saif but he was into older women. She had a crush on Akki. Who knew?! Then she focused on Ajay, never mind that he was dating Karisma! The only wife with self respect is Rina, Aamir ‘s ex, who walked out on him twice. Work wise Kajol is overrated. She reprised the same role and got so many awards.

  2. Tanuja says:

    At this point I feel like she’s only in it either for her kids or because she just doesn’t want the tag line of being a Bollywood divorcee.Sad that being a star in her own right,she’s taking this disrespect.

  3. Samantha says:

    How do we NOT blame Kajol?? How do we even pity her! Sorry, I cant! If u dont have balls to walk out on ur ever cheating husband, then u r equally to be blamed (NOT victimised). Same goes for Twinkle Khanna, Kiran Rao etc etc! Only Susanne Roshan had guts to walk out on creepy Hrithik!
    Who knows these actresses might be fine wt all this! I mean, Akshay Ajay Aamir provide the monies, jewellery, foreign vacays; n they turn a blind eye! Maybe Tina Kajol Kiran blackmail their hubbies too! Looks true for Tina Kiran; but not so much for Kajol to be honest as Kajol is genuinely head over heels in love wt Ajay; even after so many years of marriage!

    N all bollywood heroes r creep! ALL! with ZERO exceptions!

    • Kit says:

      You just said it. The reason why i pity Kajol. Among the wives, Kajol is the only one genuinely in love with her husband. I don’t think it’s about the money. She’s not flashy and is known to be very prudent with money. If money was her concern, she wouldn’t have married him in the first place.

      It’s no hidden secret that people in Kajol’s clique (the Chopras, Johars, SRK) and her own family looked down on Ajay but she married him anyway. SRK and Ajay basically hated each other’s guts. I don’t think the Devgans as at the 90s were as wealthy as Kajol’s family or the Chopras/Johars. Also, Kajol’s star power was considered higher than Ajay’s as at that time. It’s like Deepika getting married to Rajkummar Rao. Kajol actually struggled with the man to be where they are today. But he repays her by treating her so disrespectfully.

      Remember Kajol is a child of divorce. I think it speaks volumes that she didn’t follow her mother or grandmother’s path where marriage is concerned. Perhaps her experience as a child of divorce makes her hesitant to take that path.

      Also, please don’t use Susanne as a good example. There are confirmed rumours that her father basically blackmailed Hrithik into marrying her in the first place, that she was also cheating on Hrithik with Arjun Rampal, she has a drug habit and she has been trying to reconcile with Hrithik possibly because of the financial benefits. To be sincere, Sussane’s outcome would make star wives hesitate to get a divorce.

      Others like Kiran and Twinkle, i sincerely don’t feel pity for. Kiran is the other woman who contributed to the end of Aamir’s marriage, Twinkle is rumoured to also have her own side piece, not to mention how manipulative she and her mother are. Her mother has been married Sunny’s lover for years! And Twinkle paid off a woman who would have outed her husband.

  4. leaps says:

    no wonder ajay is bhai friends lolz

  5. Kit says:

    I’m shaking my head. Looks like this marriage is over. See Kajol’s posts on Instagram trying so hard to be positive. I pray never to be in her shoes right now.

    This is just blatant disrespect from Ajay Devgn.

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