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The blind item below is the continuation of two other blind items. For the first part of the blind item, it is talking about a recent schedule of an upcoming film that got accidentally deleted. The thing is, this blind item is neither confirming or denying that the deleted parts are actually from this film. So we won’t change the guesses of the other blind item from Mumbai Mirror until it is confirmed that this is the film they are talking about.

So what happened is, there was this blind item by PinkVilla that mentioned how this young actress felt extremely uncomfortable shooting with this senior/top star. She made it known through the blind item how he was touchy-feely with her and she didn’t like it. Why would she since he’s as old as her dad (presumably!).

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With this blind item, it can be confirmed that whatever creepiness happened on the sets ACTUALLY did happen, which is sad that instead of feeling apologetic, this top star’s ego got so badly bruised that he now wants the actress to get out of his film.

The source of this blind item feels that he made up the fake news of this deleted shooting footage story just to get rid of this actress. Because as of now, no one really has confirmed if the deleted portions are from his film. It is strange that at a time when there are so many ways to back up your stuff, they lose something like this?

Anyways, if you know this top star, he will never repent. He has been enabled for so long by everyone around him that he thinks it is normal to behave in such a way. Stars from his era always have this MCP attitude. They think they should get it, it’s their right and worry nothing about how the girl is feeling. And you wonder why they don’t want their sisters and daughters joining films?!

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Check out the blind item from PinkVilla. Will someone grow a bone and out these men?


Bollywood Blind Item

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Is this TOP actor playing MIND GAMES with the NEWBIE actress as he wants her REPLACED in his movie?

Pinkvilla has learnt that a TOP actor is playing MIND GAMES with the NEWBIE actress as he wants her REPLACED in his movie. Read on!

A blockbuster director, known to complete his movies sooner than the scheduled dates, is apparently traumatized as his next, an action-thriller, is in dire straits. There is news being leaked out that a major part of the shooting for the director’s movie has got deleted and will require a re-shoot. This means juggling around with the dates of the top leading actor, actress and other artists – all at the producer’s cost.

Nobody knows what happened and why the movie parts (digitally shot and also canned) got erased suddenly. The blame game is happening but strangely, the director remains cool and relaxed, considering what’s happening to his movie. The cop caper has many actors (who are yet to shoot luckily).

Apparently, hearing the news (of the deleted scenes) the super star, acting in the film has cancelled the shoot of his supernatural thriller and given his dates to reshoot again for the action drama. Now there’s a twist to this tale… The young, upcoming actress who was shooting for the horror flick (opposite the super star) this month was told at the last minute that her dates had been cancelled.

She was told to go for a holiday so as not to raise too many questions but what is making Bollywood folks curious, is the strange timing. The release of the horror flick has already been announced for a big date next year and postponing the shoot may mean the date getting postponed too. If a major chunk of the action drama remains will this mean the postponement of that movie too, as it releases earlier?

It’s a mystery. People are speculating whether major scenes in the action drama has been really deleted or is a story created by the super star who is in both the movies? Buzz is that after the newbie actress was heard complaining about his hugs and being physically too demonstrative, he is upset with her and doesn’t want to shoot her now. She has been overheard talking about his sexual advances to her friends and the discomfort she feels and that has irritated him.

Unit members have been heard saying the male super star wants her replaced and will quickly and quietly shoot with another actress in the horror flick – thus cutting down the newbie’s role and her to size for daring to talk against him. ON the surface he is very kind and supportive to her but seething from inside.

The sudden deletion of shoot seems fishy especially as the action drama’s director is known to be thorough in his work and it has never happened to him before. Top directors are known to be extra careful about such things. So, what is happening is an interesting mystery. The super star is very smart and known to retaliate but very subtly. He will strike without anybody being aware. The producers of both flicks are very close to him and will listen to whatever he says. Whether anybody else will know what is happening is another question…


OSOP Guesses

Top Star: Akshay Kumar

Actress: Kiara Advani


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7 Responses

  1. KA says:

    May be GOD knew that kiara might suffer throughout the shoot of Laxmi bomb, so offered her bhool bhulaiyya 2 , she can do very well in that and also thankfully there is no Akshay kumar in it.

  2. Lucy says:

    She is smart,she actually went on a holiday in Italy and posting regular if she is thrown out the blinds will be proven correct.besides lakhmi bomb would only have added a 100-150 cr film in her filmography but wouldn’t have done anything much.kabur Singh already put the spotlight on her and she does have a few good she is rich Rich so isn’t starving .giving it up to Akshay Kumar isn’t worth it,she cannot oviously fight with him openly but smart to fight through blind items.if this does happen only Akshay has to loose a lot

  3. abcd says:

    the terrible part is that there is no law and order to punish such people for their bad deeds.Culprits are easily let off with that one apology video and life is back to normal. Victim’s career is destroyed as victim is considered a cry baby and shamed through evidence. Kjo has the time to blabber
    about star kids and lavish stuff but he does not have the spine to take a stand on such matters because uglia has never been the victim of abuse.
    Kiara will henceforth avoid talking on such matters as she seems concerned about her career (being touchy with shahid during arjun reddy, age factor: akki).

  4. Kit says:

    I think it was a bad move for her to let it know via blinds though. Considering that his wife paid off the actress who nearly outed him, she could have found a way to get through to her.

    Kiara would be fine. Akshay is getting old. She should network with the younger actors. The success of Kabir Singh has put her on the spotlight.

  5. Hmm says:

    So it wasn’t Ajay Devgn’s film afterall. The Opinionated Indian guessed Brasmatra (or whatever it’s called)

  6. Nancy says:

    Akshay shouldn’t mess with Kiara, she’s not some outsider. This can come to hurt him


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