Bollywood Blind Item – September 2019 – 23

Has there been an award show where this superstar was present and this young actor was also there? Usually with award shows, this superstar just make special appearances here and there. He’s not there throughout the whole show, which makes this blind item a little unusual.

It’s unusual, but might not be fake. With this superstar, it could have very well happened! But wouldn’t he have traded this young actor with any one of his minions? It would be strange that he just threw a fit to have this young actor replaced and that’s it.

Speaking of the young actor and the superstar, we were wondering when the tsunami was going to hit? It’s like the earthquake happened a long time back, there was a tsunami warning but nothing happened! Apparently, if we are going to go by the recent news and blind items, it is happening. That is, if these are not coming from the superstar’s ex-manager!

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Even though whatever this young actor did to this superstar and his brother happened a long time back, it’s a bit useless to start taking revenge now. Especially when the parties involved have moved on.

If this is true then Bhai is only now going through mid-life crisis!

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Check out the blind item below from Filmfare.


Bollywood Blind Item


Superstar changes the host of an award show

Here’s some solid goss our little birdie told us. We hear that a young actor was finalised to host a recently concluded event in Mumbai. He was to co-host the event with another talented actor who’s currently the man of the moment. However, things didn’t go as planned. The event also had a superstar as their grand finale performer.

When the big star got to know about one of the hosts, he threw a big fit. He told the organisers to replace the young actor with someone else. If you ask us the reason, well the superstar and the young lad go long back but things turned bad between them due to the latter’s romantic liaisons, which involved the superstar’s family. The actor was quickly replaced by another rising actor.

OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Salman Khan

Event: IIFA

Young Lad: Arjun Kapoor

As per close sources, Salman arrived at the awards just before Katrina’s performance and then soon after finishing up his other stuffs left for home.

Our source present at the event shared, “Salman arrived a few minutes before Kat took the stage. Throughout her performance he was cheering for her, calling out her name and could be seen exchanging lovey-dovey glares. He didn’t blink an eye lid and was completely into her. Later Kat too came towards Salman and greeted him with folded hand and a broad smile, made a gesture and then went away.”


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4 Responses

  1. Meerasmom says:

    Salman danced at IIFA last week and there were photos of Arjun on the red carpet. So I’m assuming they’re referring to that.

  2. HateKjo says:

    Salman always supported Arjun but he backstabbed him by dating his sister in law.

    After that not only Arjun’s struggling in his career ( all his films are flops) but it sours the relationship with Boney Kapoor.

    Salman is really powerful to make it break anyone’s career .

    Even he is the one who asked Iifa to have Katrina as one of the performers. ( she is nothing without Salman. It’s a gospel truth)

    But iifa organizers shouldn’t have listened to his demands . Its unethical to ditch someone at the last moment.

    • Nancy says:

      Salman isn’t the reason why Arjun’s career is failing please πŸ˜‚. We all know the reason. Also I doubt this blind is true, it’s just his ex manager that is throwing out this stories

    • Kit says:

      Thanks @Nancy. Stop blaming Salman for Arjun’s career. I don’t like Salman but even i can see Arjun just refused to grow like his contemporaries

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