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Today’s blind item is about an online streaming show. So if you are not a fan, skip this one out.

The first season was super successful, a surprise hit. Naturally, everyone thought the second season would be better but ain’t that a shock! Actually, this has been the way TV shows always run. The first season is always amazing and the second season pretty much dips from up there.

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This show, though…The second season looks as if it was written when the writers were high! If you know who is in charge of these series, you might think it’s true.

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Who knows?! It might be, for all we know! What a waste of money, to be honest. The best part of this season was only a couple of minutes. We spoke/wrote about it last time, the best part of the show this season is the Ram Gopal Varma spoof. Hilarious!

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The rest of the show was just blah! But at least, they have to finish it so we know how it ends right? Because we wasted a substantial amount of time on this season, it’s the least they can do!

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So apparently this actor, whose career was given a third life with this show, is complaining how the script was bad and boring. Now we don’t know whether he is saying that now because of people’s feedback or he personally feels that way. But man, he was there this season. He had his scenes. He should be thankful they did not kill his character. Otherwise, how else will he be able to afford these medical vacations to the UK and these fun vacations to Switzerland? He will have to make do with his palatial home, which by the way he has forgotten how to get to!

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Seriously?! This news came out today, how he forgot the own way to his own house! That is so Bebola’s husband!

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Bollywood Blind Item


The End

This outspoken actor who had a career revival last year when he appeared in a successful streaming show is not hiding his disappointment over its underwhelming second season. He has privately admitted the production was β€œdisorganised” this time and the script β€œfar from watertight”. Asked if there’ll be a third season, he clapped back reflexively, β€œI hope not.” Ouch.


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Actor: Saif Ali Khan

Show: Sacred Games





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  1. Universal says:

    If only they focused on making script more logical than forcefully fitting mob lynching scenes and Hinduphobic references.

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