Bollywood Blind Item – September 2019 – 18

There was a similar blind item that was released some weeks ago by another website. This blind item is by another source, so it all depends on whether you want to believe them but at this point they might just be copy-pasting from the other site.

Either that or this younger star is off babbling about this to people connected to this source. There are two things here and since the blind item praises this young star like crazy, let’s assume these stories are coming from him.

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First is, he knows his role is not too much in the film so he’s just making up excuses that the senior actor chopped off his role. Second is, he thinks this film is not good and is not going to work, so he’s already putting the blame on the senior actor. For the record, the senior star always edits his film but he does not do it to extend his role. He does it to make the film better in all aspects.

You know Mr. Khiladi used to do this at one time, so much so that they used to joke that he also does the editor’s job in his films. He would shorten the others’ roles and make his stand out. This was at a time when he was doing a lot of multi-cast films.

As for this blind item, the top star is not that mad to lengthen his role for no reason and jeopardize his film at the same time. Doesn’t make sense.

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


FOR too long this hero and his super-hero mentor have been great pals, showing off a healthy camaraderie that’s such a rarity in the industry. But now we hear their vanity has got the better of them.

The mentee, it seems, has become even more successful than the mentor, making the latter rather jealous and insecure. A film they are working on together has seen the older star chop scenes of the younger one, in a bid to extend his own part. Tsk, tsk.

OSOP Guesses

Hero: Tiger Shroff

Super-Hero: Hrithik Roshan


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7 Responses

  1. sharuna says:

    movie war made with 215 cr budget, until saturday 128 cr earned. Needs more 137 cr to be called an average runner.

  2. Universal says:

    Tiger can’t even give two diff expressions, does acrobatics in the name of dance and spreads such childish blinds.

  3. Aria says:

    Is anyone else bored to the skull with both these two? More bland heroes cannot be imagined. Even their blind items are boring.

  4. Samantha says:

    Hrithik fans…go.. 1…2….3

    “OMG psycho Kangana witch again spreading all blinds! Kangana is outsider but has all the media in her hands! Kangana who was boycotted by the media; is spreading all these blinds to media… n very very powerful Roshan family is not able to do much” tsk tsk!!” lol

  5. Shefu says:

    Let’s be clear- Tiger is NOT more successful than Hrithik Roshan . So that sentence itself does not make sense. The fan following that Hrithik has is immense. His personal life is an inspiration to many of us where he taught not to lose sanity and stay calm during the darkest period too. He was targeted, he faced the worst time with so much of public humiliation and yet he came out stronger and more powerful just like a phoenix whereas his haters have just faced failures after failures .. he is a true example of β€œtruth prevails” . He fought his battle against all those evil forces with so much dignity. He was humiliated in public but his silence was much more powerful than those that were shouting.

  6. HateKjo says:

    Another negative blind about Hrithik being insecure and jealous. Wow it’s fake and by someone who is jealous of his success and the love he is getting since super 30. The one who openly threaten to scar his life and career is behind all this.

    Tiger adores or say workship Hrithik. He is good in whatever he does but he is not as successful as Hrithik so far.

    Hrithik is a gentle man and always supports his co actors.

    The buzz of war is great and public is liking whatever they have seen of it so far.

    Wait , mark my words, when the face off between Tiger and Hrithik will be out, same rival source will come up with another fake blind of Hrithik being jealous and insecure because Tiger danced well . Mark my words ADMIN.

    Let these jealous and flop hater play dirty PR games and try hard to malign Hrithik and his movie, he will rise high (super30 is an example of it) and war will be a blockbuster .

    Some one is also jealous to see super 3o being a hit while their 2 big films becomes a diasaster though they refuse the audience verdict and called them a hit. Hahaha.

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