Bollywood Blind Item – September 2017 6

We don’t know what’s going on with this superstar. It seems that he’s trying so hard to chase that hit film that is running away from him. In his desperation, he’s just signing up films with directors that he thinks might just bring him on the right track. It’s a sad state really to think that his film was taken out of theatres so that the film of this young actor could be given more slots.

Even his next film doesn’t sound that exciting to begin with. And now, he has announced that he will be working on a project soon with his filmmaker buddy. Well, the filmmaker buddy got him to announce and be at the launch of his home production so he should have known that he has to give back something in return. That’s how the industry works!

Check out this month-old blind item below from BollywoodLife.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – September 2017 6

This film’s dismal performance at the box office has ensured more screens for a multi-starrer

This hero’s film failed at the box office, but it has provided a new lease of life to a family entertainer that released ahead of them…

Looks like a multi-starrer movie, starring a young hero, has got a new lease of life thanks to the dismal performance of a superstar’s film. This massy entertainer that released before last week received a great response at the box office. In fact, it was supposed to fare well before another film hit the theatres in the week that followed considering that the other film boasted of quite a few big names. However, seems like, with this star’s film failing to perform at the box office, the family entertainer has benefited majorly. It seems that the film distributors are now going back to the earlier released movie and the film is managing more number of screens, which is a rare phenomenon in Bollywood. The star, whose film tanked and went on to earn some terrible reviews from critics and fans on social media, wasn’t too sure about the film’s fate at the box office. A source close to the film revealed that initially the actor had planned to have a massive release, however, after going through the final cut the actor literally cut down the size of the screens to half of the original number.

The senior hero’s film has unfortunately not been received well. In fact, the actor has hit an all-time career low with this one. What’s worse is that the film’s director is also facing a lot of backlash. We hear that ahead of the film’s release the actor and the director had a major fallout. It seems that the hero felt that the filmmaker had failed to edit the story well and wasn’t too confident of the final product. The movie was supposed to resurrect the hero’s track record, however it seems like things turned out to be quite different. Now while one team is sulking over their film’s terrible fate at the box office, the other film team is happy to have found some extra screens. Like they say, one man’s loss is other man’s gain.


OSOP Guesses

Senior Hero: Shah Rukh Khan

Movie: Jab Harry Met Sejal

Young Hero: Arjun Kapoor

Movie: Mubarakan

Bollywood Blind Item – September 2017 6

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53 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    What you seek is seeking you. What the hell does that even mean? Imtiaz ali needs to get back on earth and stop pretending to be this modern day rumi with sufi ideals!!

    • Nimi says:

      Totally agree. Its the same coming of age kind of crap and boy meets girl but girl leaves him as he is commitment phobic and doesn’t know what to do in life, eventually finds a great creative career and meets the girl 1 year later to find she’s still waiting for him and get back together. Cue JWM, LAK, Tamasha, JHMS and so on…

      • Shivanisd says:

        I know!! So tired of these dumb formulaic predictable movies. What kind of ppl watch them in cinemas and make them hits. I mean jab we met and love aaj kal were the first ones and were good movies but now its just ludicrous.

      • ghjk says:

        How is Tamasha in that list? It was the anti thesis of most of what you say. That beautiful movie ebbed and flowed like no other.

        • Nimi says:

          I didn’t enjoy Tamasha. I found DP quite desperate in her act. And RK was same old. The content was slightly better but I was also put off by the lead actors’ promotional strategy. They both pretty much sold their souls to the devil for this film. Both supposedly in a relationship, living in with their partners, and then making comments like “Ranbir has the cutest boxers recently”, “I am still in love with Ranbir”, “Working with Deepika is like coming home”. I lost my interest and respect.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Same here. No wonder Katrina gave that interview where she said she can’t control her partners choices. I felt bad for her. Investing ur heart and soul into a relationship and then u find out the guy doesn’t care about your feelings. But in a way i also understand dp and ranbir point of view. Yjhd was a superhit and they both wanted another one so they played the media game. They are what you call smart people who are unemotional enough to, go after what they want. But at what cost, i wonder? I was never one of these smart ppl. Now im glad im not.

          • kiran101 says:

            look what katrina is doing now…sucking up to salman.No one is better here…i feel atleast DP knows what she is doing …RS seems to understnad that. RK would have dumped katrina either way.

          • Nimi says:

            I totally agree Kiran101 and Shivanisd but I also think that RS knows if he seperated from DP he’d lose a massive fan following. I mean its a PR relationship but looking at how most BW marriages are, they might just stick with one another because none of these remain loyal more than a month anyway. There was a blind on PV about Shahid and Alia for Shaandar and how they hooked up, it was one month after his wedding. And Alia then hung out with Mira and Shahid. Not sure how much is true but either way it was sickening. Everyone has an open relationship in BW and I feel that Katrina wanted a normal, stable one but she’s cunning enough to know thats not possible, so she just wanted to get back at RK for Tamasha promotions. Good on her! And she knows she needs to survive in the industry so no issues to suck up to Salman.
            What I find intriguing is this DP’s sudden interest in KJo and Alia to the point of sidelining RS ansd other film makers. In her recent party it was all KJo gang and that cringe worthy photo of RK’s cousin Aadar kissing her and touching her. I mean why would you even invite any one that is connected to your ex whom you bashed on national television. I don’t get it. Just my 2 cents, you guys are welcome to share your opinions 🙂 One thing is for sure, I don’t buy any celeb relationship claims anymore. Even so called Mr family man SRK.

          • kiran101 says:

            These actresses cannot stay away from limelight which is why most of them marry in Mumbai and try their best to stick to film family and settle for already married men too. Its a wonder Madhuri dixit could do it for 10 years but came back again . DP hanging out with Alia and KJo – Everyone tries to be nice with KJO he is the glue that ties to most bollywood relations.Could be a movie coming up…KJO plants blinds spreads gossip everyone is friendly with him but no one trusts him. KJo is also singing praises for Ranveer and Deepika these days … i guess he also wants to branch out to rising super star than that dummy kapoor gang. Also about DP – i have noticed even in interviews she has this flirtatious nature with everyone .she made peace with RK his cousins are nothing.In any case Ranveer – DP might as well end up together. Kat looking for stable relationship in kapoor family is a joke because that is where exactly she will not find that.she has to settle for Ali Zafar or some business man from London. I dont see her settle down with anyone from bollywood…but who’s to say.

          • kiran101 says:

            @NIMI I agree there are fake friends and selfie friendships only in BW but i think so is it in the rest of the world. I dont think ranveer -DP is PR relationship… maybe i like ranveer too much to say that. 70% of the blinds have some truth but to label every relationship in BW as fake would be a bit cynical . SRK is a man who was only in love with himself , it was well known and even mocked how much he used to talk about his love for Gauri in his interviews in 90’s . Everything he says is too good to be true. He acts much better offscreen. wanting normal things in dubious ways is irony in itself …KAT.

          • Nimi says:

            Kiran, yes absolutely, infact Bebo’s over the top antics during her pregnancy and post pregnancy was sooo annoying. I worked until the evening of the day I gave birth and had to return back to work for a short time when the baby was 3 months old. Putting in day care as I have no family. I quit work now because I couldn’t bear it but I did it for 6 months. And the Bebo with an army of nannies, and helpers goes on ranting so she can get all the limelight put all other hard working mothers to get annoyed.
            A PR relationship does not necessarily mean a bad thing. I talked about Fassy and Alicia. I mean atleast both the parties are clear where they stand. I’d rather than then get married believing my husband is only mine, only to find out he’s cheating during outdoors shoot lol.
            DP needs to hone her interview skills. Even Ellen called her crazy! She has no education to talk intelligently or smartly. Probably why people didn’t warm up to her in the West. But that’s ok, she’s a good BW actress. And she always does well in her roles. But as I said I am not going to idolise her because just like every other actors, hers is also a carefully crafted PR image. She’s a good actor and thats what she remains for me.
            Ranveer on the other hand, is the smartest guy out there to the level of SRK in intelligence and wit, He knows how to play the game and he might come across goofy and silly but in reality he is completely the opposite. I think DP is more innocent than RS in this aspect. DP should remain ever cautious.
            Kjo probs wants Alia to do a SLB film so he’s buttering up his proteges. Because he isn’t doing the same to Shahid so its not film related. He knows SLB is warm towards DP RS so he’s taking full advantage of that. Don’t forget he’s literally shoving Alia down our throats everywhere.
            Kiran, I love how we can have this civil conversation without any moderation. I love this page Admin.
            Also there were wild rumours of SLB and Kjo being a thing, but then SLB dumped him ungraciously. lol

          • kiran101 says:

            KJo is a man with agenda…never an honorable one. What you said about Ranveer jogged something that I already had in the background of my head. You are right… Ranveer’s wit is his charm , he singled out himself and created an image for himself completely apart from the rest of the newbies with his carefully crafted goofy antics (intentional or otherwise). Now everyone is awe of him who earlier said he was attention seeking.Now this guy is connected to classes and masses alike. To tell you the truth my Bollywood expertise and analysis on actors is only till 2000 from 90’s . I lost interest in BW for a good decade until i saw Band Baaja Baraat(netflix) …I looked at Ranveer and thought if this is his debut then he is a super star potential . I had such feeling with Robert Downey Jr when watching ‘Ally Mcbeal”(not knowing who RDJ was but realizing his potential and felt why is he not a STAR…not realizing he already was). Anyways it got me interested in BW again..

            I really like the insight I get here in this forum…i was in Pinkvilla with same handle…It has some really good posters but the moderation is very haphazard and too many Fan wars. I like who I like yet like to analyze and discuss their shortcomings.

            I agree with the Kareena thing you said…but then reality always evaded the puny brains of entire kapoor clan. Congratulations on your newborn…I hear you when you say its a challenge . I had a baby too a little over an year ago at age of 34. My old parents did help me but i did take a break from work for 6 months.
            I am new to this place…can you throe light on Ranbir-Anushka hook up story in Toronto…i have seen references here but no article.

  2. Nam3less says:

    Great discussion going on and very balanced comments overall though slightly negative towards SRK lol. From recent movies of SRK, Fan and Raees were great movies. Though some parts of Fan were a little silly but still as a story it was good. Hell i even liked as i thought that it had a great story line for gaming genre movies. Happy New Year was entertaining but silly and same way Chennai Express too. I didnt like Dilwale so much and Jab Harry Met Sejal too. I just couldnt finish the latter. Not sure if it was the story line or Anushka blabbering. Anyhoo I think SRK should be given some credit that at least he is doing some different kind of movies now than in the past and the problem is that those experiments are not working. And after Golmaal has become a blockbuster (tho i havent seen yet), i am afraid he will be back with Farah for another leave the brain at home kind of movie. Audiences tastes have changed today and their attention span is quite limited. Hopefully SRK will bounce back with a different kind of movie in future.

  3. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    This comment section was great to read.

    Got to agree, Kjo and Aditya have no clue what to do, actually most of the filmmakers dont have a clue. SRK is looking so old, he looks much older than Anil Kapoor. I dont know what happened to him but his wife is looking great with that PC hair cut.

    Its funny Admin tried to get Rashmi to read that funnybones article.

  4. Kalika says:

    Absolutely agree with Kali! And me too love your detailed analysis and comments! In this film industry, nobody is genuine or has unconditional love for each other.. it’s all convenience and need based.. Or more like use and throw kind of relationships..
    Unfortunately, I did watch Jab Harry met Sejal.. Luckily on TV, not in a theatre.. didn’t want to torture myself and regret wasting money on it.. Shah rukh looks old and haggard, tries too hard to act his character.. Anushka’s accent was forced.. Didn’t even understand what was the message of the movie.. What was the director trying to convey through this story?
    They never explain the parts where he suddenly starts crying remembering his village..
    The problem is the older actors donot want to give up their power and retire gracefully.. They still want to cash on their old popularity till they can. It doesn’t matter if they look foolish in certain Salman in Tubelight.. Couldn’t tolerate more than 5 minutes of his screen presence and silly dialogue delivery..😡😡

    • Admin says:

      It’s because they reach a certain level of fame and think their fans will take it all. But they have to remember that if in the South a superstar’s film can fail, they can too. We are using the South fans as a reference because they are die-hard fans but still they are not blinded by their love and adoration over a good film; a good paisa vasool film.

      • Shivanisd says:

        Which south superstar movie flopped admin. As far as i know rajni movies are always hits… right?

        • Anonymous says:

          Rajini’s Baba in 2002 was a huge flop. He has to return money to distributors like Salman had to for Tubelight. But afaik he did it willingly on his own.

        • Admin says:

          There’s just so many of them. But yes, Rajni is one of the most humble ones, he even refunded distributors after his daughter’s directorial debut failed to make them any money.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Rajni is probably the only indian superstar who remains humble and is a good man. I really think its the marathi influence as they are known for being humble and down to earth. Rajni is a 1000 times better person than amitabh.

  5. Hmmm says:

    SRK is a good actor but is too scared to do good films and instead keeps repeating himself in crappy films. Just from the poster of JHMS he looks old and out of place. I saw some shorts on instagram and was horrified at what I saw. He is way too old for the romantic larrikin roles and needs to move on gracefully.

  6. Shanaya says:

    Shahrukh has lost his charm. Now he is trying hard to get back to Dharma but Kjo is a smart man. He will go for the younger lot and give guest appearances to the aging actor.

    • Shivanisd says:

      And, even in his guest appearances he looks so tired.

    • Shivanisd says:

      If kjo is in love with srk why doesnt he help him resurrect his career? If hes so selfish then why does he claim everywhere srk is my family etc? What a hypocrite!!

      • Admin says:

        Problem is, KJo also has no idea how to appeal to the movie-going people of today….He’s scared of failing and if his buddy Aditya Chopra fell flat on his face, he can too!

        • Kali says:

          I agree. The youth these days don’t want to watch these Raj-Simran type of stories or movies where the leading couple go to Switzerland to shoot a song where the heroine titillates viewers with a sleeveless chiffon saree. There has been a big shift in perception. The youth these days have access to better content online, foreign and domestic right in the comfort of their homes, and sees these movies as kind of cringey and tacky.

          Filmakers like Aditya Chopra don’t know how to appeal to the new audience. He doesn’t want to use his Raj-Simran formula and seems to think that being ‘liberal’ and tons of kissing scenes and making out in foreign locations is going to appeal to the newer generation. This is not the way to do it. Content is key. I can’t remember the last time I was really stimulated by hindi cinema. Even one of the most supposedly acclaimed movies this year (TOILET) made me wanna cringe with the scenes in which Akshay stalks the girl and films her on his phone without her consent like a creepy uncle. (And she did the same to him later) I almost needed to sanitize my eyes after that.

          Besides gone are the days when someone needed to go to the movies to watch a heroine wearing a white transparent saree under a waterfall, if you know what I mean.

          The Khan trio, SRK, Salman and Aamir are so tired and old looking. Most of the youth today were born after DDLJ released so they are considered ancient by the youth, especially when they try to take on romantic roles. Salman Khan’s USP is his Bhai-tards. One can argue that Aamir at least tries to scratch the surface with his movies. SRK has no USP apart from opening his arms wide and stuttering “SS.-sss-sssimran” which his eyes glossing over.

          Movie theatres are dying so they are trying to market movie going as an ‘experience’ to recoup their costs with with drinks, popcorn, food, etc. If you dig and see, you will know that the prices of cinema food and beverages have shot up in recent years. Within a period of 10 years or so all movies will be released on a digital platform.

          • Rashmi says:

            just an awesome comment! I love your comments (and many here) as smart and logical. I love this site not only because it’s interesting, not only because I love the site’s admins (but I do not always agree with them), but also because there are chic commentators here. here you can not find the dirt and bias that is on other sites, especially the shitVilla, so I like coming here the only thing I do not like is this, it’s a CAPTCHA check (

          • Kali says:

            Thanks. +1 on the Pinkvilla issue. I spare myself from commenting on Pinkvilla because I find the commentators on there very polarising and one-sided. It is difficult to have a respectful conversation because it’s like wrestling with a pig. You just get dirty and the pig enjoys it. It is one thing to idolize your favourite actor/actress, but it shouldn’t be such that you write disrespectful and inflammatory comments about his/her competitor without a basis in reality.

            I have also noticed that sometimes my comments are not published, especially when it involves the intrigues of Sid and KJo or made-in-the-PR-office couples. It is also quite apparent that PR agencies of certain stars have paid for/written certain articles. I don’t agree with such a selective and censored environment.

            I do not always agree with the Admin either, but I find that at least he/she takes the time to make a logical, researched article with proof and is respectful of other viewpoints. This is the only way that a debate can flourish.

            I used to be one of those naive people who believed everything spewing from the celebrities and that they stitched clothes from their local darzi until I became aware of how hard PR agencies and stylists work and how much money is spent towards maintaining their clients image. It was an eye-opening moment for me.

          • Rashmi says:

            Oh yeah! you are absolutely right! My comments are also often not published on Pinkvillа when it comes to favorite or hateful actors of the site. for example, they publish any dirt, any insults about Akshay or Kanganа, but never publish comments on the protection of these actors. there are a lot of paid bots from the Hrithik team, they write a negative again and again on any article about Kanganа and it is published by site administrators. I very sincerely believe that the PR team Hrithik is cooperating with Pinkvillа. very dirty, yellow site, recently I do not even go there. you are right about the admin of our site, he does not really blame and has arguments, but sometimes he is too much biased, alas (but this does not make him a bad administrator, he just has another point of view.) It seems to me that the most friendly people with logic,exactly here on this site when I was too naive, as you also believed in the words of the actors and thought all the scandals are intrigues of the media, but the further I become, the more I understand that the actors themselves are much more deceitful than the media and publicly want to wear a mask There are no saints in Bollywood, every has the skeletons in the closet, the more the actor hides them, the more I have distrust for him, especially if there are too many blind about the actor, that means the real and public image does not match

          • Admin says:

            We noticed that you didn’t comment on the Missing Bones post? You don’t agree? Even with proofs?

          • Rashmi says:

            you’re not biased? you have it, do not be offended. but it does not mean that you are bad no, I did not read the article about Twinkle and did not even want to read it. I know that you are bad about this family and I do not want to get upset when I can avoid it. but I agree, Twinkle often speaks and does nonsense, I never thought she is intelligent or kind woman.

          • Admin says:

            You should read it…It’s your point of view, just like Hrithik Roshan fans think we are mean to him or SRK fans think that we are just picking on him.

          • Rashmi says:

            I never wrote to you that you work for the money of someone’s PR and your articles are paid, as Hrithik fans do. I understand perfectly well that you have a different point of view, I have my own point of view, I’m not blinded by a mad fanatic and I can easily criticize even my favorites. it will be confirmed by anyone who knows me. I do not deify actors. just my opinion you biased to this family, I often see it. I do not ask you to exculpate you have every right to think as you think. I do not read the article and will not read anything related to Akshay so as not to argue with you. I know your opinion of him and do not want to enter into a debate. I’m very emotional))) but still do not compare me to the fans of Hrithik, I mean frenzied fans, they excessively idealize Hrithik and do not recognize any criticism, plus they have a lot of negativity for one famous actress.

          • Admin says:

            It’s cool. After all, it’s your choice 🙂

          • Admin says:

            Thanks for the compliments. We know that even though we are not bias, we are still posting our opinions. And yes, research is needed because we are spreading content and it’s not right if it’s half-baked content.

          • Manisha says:

            I agree with your Pinkvilla assessment. Priyanka Chopra and Kangana are hated there. It’s very biased and as much as I like to read the articles, I take it with a grain of salt. Many times my comment is not published whereas the same trolls or rabid fans comment “lol” or other inane comments under the guise of ‘anonymous’. So I try to avoid it and hence come here to read thoughtful discussions 🙂 Please keep it up!

          • Rashmi says:

            yes, yes, there is a lot of dirt and negativity about Priyanka too. I do not like Priyanka for some things but sometimes I go to read the news about her, so much dirt that I think, how can this be published? where is censorship? why do normal comments get blocked and dirt gets published? Ranbir was right, this is Shit Villa. I do not like some actors, but but I will never go under the article about them in order to spread the negative. what for? you can criticize wisely, but do not mud yourself. I do not know who the admins are, but they absolutely work with some PR teams and it’s terrible

          • prvilla says:

            Personally i have to agree with the ‘prvilla’ assessment,In my opinion and they obviously have a bias agenda and if you follow posts of certain actors for example ranbir kapoor or aishwarya rai,the comment section seems like 80% paid pr.The former( likes to create fake fanwars between certain actresses(deepika and katrina) and make it look like he is the greatest gift to mankind and that every woman in the industry is vying for his attention,degrading these women every step of the way.Also it seems that since he’s lagging behind in the work department and younger blood (varun dhawan)and outsiders (ranvir singh)are taking over due to their work ethic or crowd pulling abilities,it seems all he does is try to stay relevant using dirty pr tricks and playing cheap games using his personal life,I mean just look at the way a pakistani one year old starlet mahira khan is heavily promoted on pinkvilla?!basically to keep him and this stupid stunt in the news.Funny thing is he claims he doesn’t have a pr..Also,in Aishwarya’s case the comment sections are so fake to the point its obvious most of it is paid pr,its almost like mudslinging on other more relevant actresses is the norm and each negative or constuctive critisim is either not published or a paid over active pr person disguised as anonymous will downright immediately degrade the commentator,for example in my opinion the harvey weinstein article regarding article screamed damage control by aishwarya,just google her with him and it will be obvious for all to see how chummy they were and that it was mutual,im not defending that sicko in any which way but one should call a spade a spade..besides if she was being sexually harrassed or was uncomfortable in his prensence then why did she continue to work with the man under his production house and attend all his associated events(e.g. amfar gala,bride and predujice,the last legion e.t.c).she clearly made her former agent clean up her mess.anyhow my question is if these people have so many loyal fans who worship the ground their ‘idols’ walk on then,where are these internet warriors when they’re films release respectively?cuz its basically all paid pr and no real fans.anyways enough of my rant.

          • Nimi says:

            Oh don’t even get me started about ‘Villa’. Every time I want to call the PR couples out like Kali does, my comments never get posted. I have started calling it ‘Deepivilla’ because you know I can never post a criticising comment about her. Be it even constructive criticism. Like I was left underwhelmed with Ghoomar song as compared to Nagada Sang Dhol and it never got published. Why would I even bother any more?

          • Admin says:

            Agreed…As an audience, we want to be surprised by the content and actors. Old filmmakers cannot crack the code, which is why they choose to see what younger filmmakers can pull off or continue directing sequels of their successful films.

          • Nimi says:

            The Khan trio should gracefully retire while the public still loves them. I cringed when Anushka was first paired opposite SRK because its the same age gap as me and my dad. 1988 and 1965. It was super gross to see them romance.
            Not to mention they all look so old and haggard that they need VFX to erase all the collagen loss and fine lines. Why not give chance to younger people? I know there’s not many that are talented but I’d rather see Sid romance Anushka than SRK romance Anushka. Fact.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Befikre was so bad admin. I wondered about aditya Chopras mental status. I dont care if he goes, mad but i do care about rani! Are we indians so dumb that these filmmakers make shit movies like this and expect them to be hits??

      • Pepeas says:

        KJo loves SRK but is not in love with him. Maybe he was decades ago, but nothing ever happened between them. Totally platonic relationship. Now SRK-Rampal on the other hand… palpable sexual chemistry!

  7. Shanaya says:

    The tables have turned in the srk kjo relation. Now srk needs karan more. And Karan knows that. He will milk the relation for personal benefit but wont cast srk as main lead now. The fact that directors like rohit shetty and imtiaz make better films without srk shows he must be interfering in the directors rhythm for his own benefit which backfires.

  8. Shanaya says:

    The tables have tried in the srk kjo relation. Now srk needs karan more not the other way round. So karan is totally milking it but will not cast him as main lead. SRK is buttering up farah khan also. The fact that right shetty delivered a hit without shahrukh and insist on makes better films with ranbir proves that srk interferes and breaks the directors rhythm. Am sure even karan is aware of that.

  9. Ramzil says:

    I am a big fan of SRK (die hard) but I haven’t watched his movies in a long time. I can’t stand Anushka but still went to watch JHMS coz of SRK but was so disappointed. He really needs to work on his movies now. There is just no quality cinema.

  10. ray shan says:

    Wait, Mubarakan worked at the box office? :O I would have guessed, Judwaa 2

  11. suyash says:

    Is it not Golmal Again and Secret Superstar….?? not sure though….

    • Rashmi says:

      it’s an old blind I do not know why the admin decided to duplicate it. no this is exactly Jab Harry Met Sejal – Mubarakan

  12. Shivanisd says:

    It was a shit movie anyway. Srk needs to accept reality and quit being an actor. Ge looks haggard. Find another pc and kill time with her.

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