Bollywood Blind Item – September 2017 3

A reader sent us a link to the first blind item below. It was from SpotBoye and to be honest, we knew it existed but since we mentioned that we are not that familiar with TV people, it was hard to guess who this blind item was about. Now that we were asked about it, it’s only fair that we researched more to find out who this blind item was talking about. As it turned out, this is not the first blind item about these people, there was another one that was published some time back by Mid Day. That blind item spreads a little more light on the situation and we might actually know who this senior actress might be based on the clues given by both blind items. As for the guy, we don’t know anything about him so can’t really comment much. But for this senior actress, good for her for having some fun since her husband is really really old now and doesn’t even seem to live with her. Check out who these blind items are talking about and see for yourself if we are right.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – September 2017 3

This TV Star Is Secretly Dating A Bollywood Actress Two Decades Older Than Him

He is a TV star; she is a Bollywood actress who shone on the big screen in the 70s and they are having a secret affair

This is as unusual as it gets. This is an affair which surprised even this jaded reporter who has seen it all. The man in question is a TV star who was in a long relationship with a well-known leading lady of the small screen.

They split up and she has since found love again. And so has he, but he is keeping his affair a secret.

Reason-his love interest is a famous Bollywood actress who is more than twenty years older than him. She has worked with the biggest stars in the industry and was part of a superhit film a few years ago too. She has grown up children who are close to the actor’s age but they are defying all norms for the sake of love.

He is a regular at her home and their closeness has got her neighbours talking too.

They are trying to keep their affair a secret but we have brought the scoop to you!

Bollywood Blind Item – September 2017 3


OSOP Guesses

Senior Actress: Hema Malini

TV Actor: Rohit Bakshi

TV Actress: Aashka Goradia

Bollywood Blind Item – September 2017 3


Bollywood Blind Item – September 2017 3

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11 Responses

  1. x y z says:

    Isn’t Ashka Goradia married to a firang? This has to be Vidyut I think who was/is dating Mona Singh who is rumoured to be bisexual.

  2. shivanisd says:

    I thought this was vidyut jamwal? Btw this rohit guy is good looking. Good for hema. If dharam can screw around why not she?

  3. suyash says:

    I never knew he was a TV star…he always acted in some supporting roles i guess…

    • shivanisd says:

      He was piyush in a very old serial kahin to hoga… With aamna sharif. But his character dies inxlike 100 episodes.

  4. Bollyfangurl says:

    Thank youuuu team! I was the one who asked for your guesses. Superb! Thank you once again.

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