Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 9

This blind item was released sometime in 2008. It’s about this casanova actor, who’s still in the news for his casanova-ing ways. Can you believe it? Almost 10 years later, the man is still on the same train. Well, so much for being married to a supposedly feminist woman! Anyways, since this was from 2008, many of you might not remember this, but this was really in the news then. That doesn’t mean though that anyone who works with him has to compromise. If they want more movies with him, then most likely compromising is the only way to go unless you are his rakhi sister. Check out the blind item below and try not to be surprised, we are sure you won’t be!


Bollywood Old Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 9


An A-list actor who is often compared to King Khan and has delivered many hits. He decides on who he wants for each of his big films by getting sexual favours from each even though he is married. The favours come to an end when the media chases up with his actions. This is the reason why his current favourites boyfriend doesn’t like her acting with him.


OSOP Guesses

A-List Actor: Akshay Kumar

Boyfriend: Ranbir Kapoor

Favourite: Deepika Padukone

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 9

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14 Responses

  1. Nam3less says:

    Admin sorry to hear the loss of your pets. Though i dont like to keep pets at home but i can still understand and sympathize with what you must have gone through. Hope they rest in peace.

  2. Kali says:

    Admin, I don’t understand why you haven’t made any articles on Nawazuddin and Akshay Kumar’s recent controversies since they are a few key points to discuss on there regarding their treatment towards women.

    What I found particularly fascinating was Funnybones response to her husband’s comment about humour needing to be seen in its right context. I agree that it was a poor joke in bad taste, but I also think that Mallika Dua is really milking it and it is an attempt to get revenge for being fired (How else will it mysteriously surface weeks later) and I also thought that her father’s response to that (I will screw him) to be repulsive. But honestly, Mallika Dua’s attempt at revenge, her father’s crude response and AK’s pathetic attempt at humour are not what bother me..

    Was AK wrong? Yes. Is he part of the bigger picture? Yes. But anyone who has actually been raped or brutally sexually assaulted can tell you that a lame joke like this is nowhere near the magnitude of what they had to undergo. That is true pain that haunts one for years and leaves scars physically and mentally. So this way I think Mallika Dua is making a mountain out of a molehill for publicity reasons.

    See the thing I hate more than misogynistic men is hypocritical ‘FEMINISTS’. I think they are doing all of us women a disservice and are collectively causing more harm to our causes than those misogynistic men. You can’t pick and choose what you think you deserve as a woman. It’s fair to ask for equal rights and wages but wrong to expect men to pick up the tab for dinner and hold doors open for you in the same breath.

    Anyway, with Mrs. Funnyhaddi, I thought it was funny how she picks and chooses causes that she wants to support. She put a post up saying that her husbands comments were no big deal and ‘kindly stop tagging me in this debate’.

    So according to her it’s ok to make a long TOI blog post about harassment at the workplace even though her own husband makes crude comments and supposedly engages in the casting couch. Here’s a quote from her article….

    “In order to merely do our jobs, we ignore the hostile work environment, keep quiet, smile politely at sexist comments and pretend that the pepperoni pizza we are being served masquerading as a margherita is acceptable. We pick off the pieces of baloney from the surface and throw it into the garbage, focusing only on the parts we can digest, our stomachs constantly churning.”

    So Mrs. Funnyhadi, how is it appropriate for your husband to tell a woman that he is going to ‘bajao’ her in a work environment? So special rules exist for your family and husband? Just admit it was a bad joke and be done with it! It’s really not that big a deal!

    Remember, this is the same woman who thought it was and still is OK to post a picture of a man defecating at a beach. What if the man has medical issues? Imagine the uproar if it was a man posting a picture of a woman in the same situation. Isn’t that considered an ‘outraging of modesty?’

    ‘kindly stop tagging me in this debate’…… The man probably wishes that she didn’t drag him into that debate of open defecation either!

    • Pepeas says:

      Nuanced analysis! And that too on the internet?! Gasp! How dare you! ( I kid, I kid). πŸ˜„But seriously, a well thought-through and lucidly written comment.

    • Admin says:

      When we don’t mention about something huge that has happened, it’s not that we don’t want to, but it’s more like we were busy and involved in something else. Like you all, we too read about this whole fiasco but unfortunately at the same time we had a situation at home. Some of the stray pets that we looked after contracted a deadly virus, which required them to be looked after like babies. Sorry we are going to sound really boring and pathetic, but with this situation, it was hard to think as we normally do and to produce content like we normally do. Sadly, the infected pets have succumbed to the virus and now our minds are much more at peace because they are. We apologise to all the readers about the delay, we’ll be posting soon.

      • Kali says:

        I am very sorry for the loss of your pet. I am an animal lover myself, so I can sympathize. However, I am glad to know that they are at peace now and I hope that the virus does not spread to the surviving ones.

        I was wondering why you did not make a piece on the topics I mentioned since they are right up your alley..

        It seems that an update to Nawaz’s situation has come up.. In the last few hours there was a case registered against him and he has since apologized to those his comments have affected and decided to withdraw his memoir. Honestly, I think the damage has already been done though.

        • Admin says:

          Well, thank you…We will be updating the website soon and as for the Nawaz case, it has surely taken an interesting turn. With him, we can definitely judge a book by its cover.

          • kats says:

            Admin..may God always bless you. My parents too care for stray dogs and have adopted 5. Its a tough road but is full of blessings.

          • Admin says:

            Yes, it is a tough, but fulfilling journey for us as human beings to do our part in taking care of God’s beings so that he can take care of us. God bless you all too. We feel like Sai Baba now.. πŸ˜‰

      • Anisha says:

        I’m so, so sorry to hear that your pets have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. May I ask, what happened? I lost my dog last year and I still can’t get over it. Sending love and light….

        • Admin says:

          Well, we take care of strays and there have been cases where the others have been sick. But these two were the quickest, they fell sick and didn’t even make it after a day and a half from the time we started medication. Both were rescued and one was around 7 months while the other was around 3 months. Thank you for your good thoughts.

  3. Rashmi says:

    blind about Akshay look more delusional on this site. Really. Sonakshi, Lara Datta, KarΠ΅Π΅na Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Juhi Chavla, Deepika, Huma Qureshi, Radhika Apte, Bhumi Ileana and so on have never been the lovers of Akshay, never! (even if the admin will stubbornly argue with me, he is known to be a big haters of Ak) The five actresses that I called the first worked with Akshay more than once and not even 2 and there were never any conditions. The same Huma has Sohail. Well, Akshay straight sex giant)) 50 years and there is not a single male problem. This is not Hrithik, who already at 40 has certain sexual difficulties.

    • Kali says:

      Firstly, I have to say that I re-read your comment at least 4 times to understand it because sentences like ‘straight sex giant’ and ‘more than once and not even 2’ are hard to understand.

      If I was AK I wouldn’t try anything with Kareena, Karishma and Sonakshi since they are from the industry. Even Deepika’s family is connected in celeb circles since her dad was an international sportsman.

      From what I have seen, celebs engaged in casting couch tend to get involved with aspiring female actresses, back up dancers, etc. trying to get a foothold in the industry. Usually strugglers. It is a give and take relationship for them. You will never see someone like Alia Bhatt involved in casting couch controversy because she doesn’t need to compromise. she already has a Godfather (KJo) and her Dad is a producer.

      The thing about these affairs is that the stars will keep it quiet and news outlets will try to keep it hush because of legal reasons, but there is always someone watching – people on set, make-up artists, spot boys with loose mouths. There is usually never smoke without fire. The fact that AK can’t keep it in his pants is well known and he is also rumoured to go both ways. The fact that Funnyhadi has banned her husband from working with Piggy is enough evidence of his philandering ways. She has even banned Nimrat from doing Gold.

      Btw, how would you know that Hrithik has sexual difficulties?

    • Nar <3 Kangana says:

      Where r u? Y not on twitter?

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