Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 16

We are going back in retro on this Saturday evening. Though it’s not as retro as we usually do it, this blind item is from two years ago. Due to the way things have shaped up between these two, we thought it would be nice again to reminisce about the past. This was shared by a reader and we are sharing it with you here so that you can check it out. It’s from Mumbai Mirror, which was released on Sep 4, 2015.

Bollywood Old Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 16

WHILE rumours these two top actors being involved have been doing the rounds since a year now, both the man and woman have fumbled and denied it. But the truth is this: the actor chased the actress with messages and phone calls for two years but always asked her to meet in secret. She thought she would be on his arm on the red-carpet as soon as their relationship became a little more serious. But the actor was bent on secrecy, thinking the girl wasn’t ‘cool enough’ for him. When she asked him to go out publicly even as friends, he still refused. She was bruised, and told him she wanted to end it, and then they did. She later told a confidante that her pedigree mattered more than her achievements to him.


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Bollywood Blind Item – Retro 16

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16 Responses

  1. desibelle says:

    Yeah, no, the same PR also anonymously leaked details of the so called Paris engagement, they were obviously going by Kangana’s side of the story. If Hrithik and Kangana had even some secret half-assed relationship, there would have been plenty of text messages and phone calls between them, but the police have revealed that Hrithik only made 4 phone calls to her in 7 years and never emailed her, and she doesn’t have any text messages on her phone to prove her imaginary story. Not buying it.

  2. Reason says:

    Planted blind! Exactly what Hrithik spoke about. There was so much insinuation happening that everyone instantly recognized silly ex. Her obsession with him is scary. Even the Nepotism rant is around him.

    • Rashmi says:

      he could not have been planted two years ago, at a time when the affair of Kangana and Hrithik was not open. but the media were very actively writing about their relationship during the time of Krish 3. The divorce of Hrithik and Suzanne happened right after Krish 3. Turn on the logic. Hrithik did not even react to the rumors about his relationship with Barbara, which made him admit that he was that silly ex?

  3. Jyoti says:

    THis means kangana Hrithik actually did have an affair with kangana and all of Bollywood knows this but chooses to be silent o

    • suyash says:

      Ofcourse they had, If not then why he had to get offended when she called β€œSILLY EX”, he felt so coz he was her EX…. & for being called EX he has to have relationship…. SIMPLE LOGIC PEOPLE CAN’T UNDERSTAND…& whole Bollywood trying to bully her and no one has Guts to support her…

  4. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    Mail=blind. Pretty clear the email leak has taken a toll on my weak mind.

  5. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    Sigh sigh sigh. This mail makes no sense, after the emails leaked it appears Kangana and hrithik relationship was done and dusted by march or april 2014. I get that Kangana was pissed things didnt work out and felt she needed to make him know. Anywho, as usual the woman got hurt the most in the end. She shouldve let the bye gones be bye gones and move pass him. I do hope the case is concluded and a version of the ultimate truth is uncovered. I wish Kangana all the best in life but can really say the same for Hrithik, he tell cnn-ib publish two selfies of hers on their news channel, so he doesnt deserve an ounce of respect.

  6. Anisha says:

    This blind item just perfectly sums up their relationship! And it came out in September 2015!!!

  7. Rashmi says:

    I think every adequate person with logic knows that Hrithik and Kangana had an affair. but Roshan is too cowardly to admit it. In public, he plays the role of an angry, offended boy, but in fact he says a lot of lies, humiliates KanganΠ°, buys support from friends, the media, paid trolls and other horrible things. I’m just shocked by his mud. it is better for him to recognize an affair with the Pope than with any woman, for me such a person will never be adequate

    • Reen says:

      If they did have an affair ? How come there is not one single proof ? On that basis I genuinely feel it was a one sided affair and kangana is finding it hard to digest the fact that hrithik is a happy man without her., he never needed her in his life in the past nor will he ever get succumbed to her in future.

      The lies about the Paris engagement makes it all go even more against her…

      • Rashmi says:

        Do not be ridiculous. Kangana personally never spoke about the Paris engagement. It is very easy to get to Paris from any EU country without any stamp. Fact. In addition, there are personal aircraft. If you believe Hrithik, he is still a virgin and apart from his wife, he was alone. However, there were too many rumors about his love affair with Barbara, Priyanka, Katrina, Shveta Bachchan. All lies? However, for some reason, Suzanne filed for divorce and for this there must be a weighty reason. Playing the role of an angel, Hrithik becomes more and more entangled in her lies. and the fact that it was Roshan-Kangan’s initiative in Krish 3 and she herself was against it. If there was one-way communication, then only from Roshan.

    • sharuna says:

      Rashmi your so so right, a chill passes through my spine when i read what you had written, your right for instance even when we just travel to denmark and from there if we take a bus trip we don’t need a visa to Paris ( meaning if you got a visa for denmark then you are automatically titled to travel in 18 schenzen countries) so you will never have a visa stamp of France if you travel to Paris from there) you are right it makes so much sense.

      • Kuldeep Goel says:

        But if I am not wrong, the passport will have Indian immigration stamp while you were going out of India. If you read his statement carefully, it has mentioned that his passport bears no stamp of going out of India in that period (and not of France). But it happens when people decide on something by their own understanding and then they overrule all the logics just to make them happy that whatever they are thinking is the really the truth.

    • anon says:

      The way he went after kangana is reminiscent of bill Clinton and Lewinsky case, where bill character assassinated her by calling her lier, delusional, crazy. Here Hrithik took a step further and released private pics and mails to the public which is very disturbing and warrants legal action if not massive criticism. Even if it was a case of misunderstanding or stalking, it shouldn’t have played out in this manner, he should not have lost his patience and resort to reprehensible means. He always seemed nice and decent and gave the image that he was respectful of females., His action was indeed disgusting and is not condemned enough. Anyways for his karma he will be linked to this unethical action of his much like how it is with bill Clinton and you know people don’t forget easily.

  8. goldengirl says:

    its fake. i hope Kangana PR is paying you well. Since she has NO proof and her lies got caught she has stoop that low This blind is also by her. World knows she has VIVID IMAGINATION . She needs help Hope you get a handsome amount form kangana. tc.

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