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The blind item below is about something that has been happening since the lockdown has been lifted or eased in Mumbai. It’s funny that people are still getting infected but these celebs feel that it’s safe to head out of India for a holiday. It’s even funnier since they have not been working for months and then, they are praising the holiday as if they have not been staying put at home relaxing for months now.

And to be honest, it’s a bit insensitive considering how many of people are struggling to make ends meet or trying to figure out how to move on from hereon or suffering from the virus, but these celebs are going all out to show off how much fun they are having!

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As it turned out, this blind item is saying how they all got the trip for free! No wonder they have been posting so many pictures from this location. Lucky them! But here’s the thing, other than rich and loaded people, others won’t have the money or even time to think of taking off to another country for a short vacay! So in all, these celebs are advertising for the rich and loaded.

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

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LIKE us, if you have been wondering why all of Bollywood and its country cousins are headed to the Maldives, here is the answer. The island country has just opened for tourism and it has discovered the best way to lure Indian tourists is by bringing movie stars here first. Freebie holidays are par for the course, and our actors, who have been holed up in Mumbai for longer than they would have liked, are only too happy for the junket.
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  1. abcd says:

    Instead of helping find job opportunities and helping people get back at their feet, our stars are doing something else. Bollywood is already losing it’s credibility in the eyes of audience due to recent set of events. Posting holiday/luxury stuff in the name of so called endorsement adds to disconnect from public.

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