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If you are wondering what it takes to hobnobs with the who’s and who’s of Bollywood, this is what it takes.

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You have to be Robin Hood, but the opposite of that. Meaning you have to love to steal from the poor and give to the rich. You have to have a knack for conning people so you can live the life you dreamed of coupled with a lavish lifestyle, of course!

Yes, that is the key to being able to hang out with the rich and famous of Bollywood! This is exactly what this couple, who came out of nowhere and started at being present at all the famous parties. Anyone’s famous is having a birthday? They are there! Sometimes they even graciously give their huge yacht and holiday house to their guests as the birthday party location!

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So yeah, con some people preferably rich, make yourself some big money to be able to afford these:

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And you will soon be able to hang out with King Khan, Bebola, Bhai, Khiladi Kumar and many more.

Not surprising, out of all the famous people that frequently hang out with this couple, Khiladi and his not-so-funnybone wife are the closest. They used to go on holidays together and even celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries with one another. Of course, the fact that this couple owns several private jets doesn’t hurt either!

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Since the man has been arrested, let’s see if any of their famous and some loaded friends come forward to offer help. Naturally, everything they own would be seized and unfortunately, the man and his father didn’t get to run away to London before they were arrested so this means more financial restraints. They must have money stashed elsewhere outside of India. They must have known this day would come.

Or did they not?

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Check out the blind item below from HindustanTimes. How long more before the other IT couple gets outed for their shady business? Oh, maybe Khiladi Kumar can do this man’s bioic? Obviously, he will play the good guy, which we are guessing is the person who managed to figure out this fraud and arrest him!


Bollywood Blind Item


The oolong tea-serving hostess friend was looking ashen-faced as she clutched her new iPhone (with three cameras she informed us) to her ear. Every now and then she made sympathetic noises, as if to console the person at the other end.

After a suitably lengthy goodbye and many platitudes of “Don’t give up hope” and “This is not the end”, she hung up, turned to us and said soulfully, “That’s the second Bollywood star wife who has called me in despair in the past two days. It’s a very serious situation”

Huh? we said, not following the trajectory of the conversation.

“Where have you been?” said the OTSHF, adding, “Don’t you know the anxiety and distress that Bollywood is undergoing currently? How will they spend summers in Mykonos and Ibiza or lunch at Mayfair and shop at Bond street or have a Birkin to match every sunshade of theirs.”

Huh? Why? What’s happened? we asked.

“Besides, there are no direct flights between Mykonos and Mumbai,” she continued, “From now on, no dabba service from Wasabi, no getaway shopping trips or New Year bashes in Dubai, no more cases of Armand de Brignac champagne on their birthdays. And of course, no access to clubs like Annabel’s and Loulou’s. And not to forget their entrances into parties in Rolls Royces surrounded by body guards from Israel and Russia, kaput, poof it’s all gone.”

What’s gone, we said exasperatedly.

The OTSFH looked at us pityingly. “Don’t you know what is happening? The recipe for trouble these days is if you own a PJ and hang out with Bollywood stars, think about the all the recent industrialists in trouble with the law, it’s more than a coincidence that they all had PJs, extravagant lifestyles and Bollywood friends, and now that they’re all going bust one by one, who do you think is bearing the brunt of it all? The stars, their wives and families of course! Let’s face it, the party’s over…” she said in a low voice.

And then her phone rang.

“It’s another one of them,” she said sadly.

OSOP Guesses

Couple: Anu and Sunny Dewan





“By this time, they had already become famous for their flamboyance,” says a real-estate industry insider. In 2007, Sunny and his wife Anu reportedly flew down a Chinese circus for their daughter Sara’s first birthday party, and several Bollywood bigwigs were in attendance with their kids: Shah Rukh Khan with son Aryan; Malaika and Arbaaz Khan with Arhaan; Seema and Sohail Khan with Nirvaan; Sussanne Khan with her son Hrehaan Roshan; as well as Sanjay and Maheep Kapoor, Maureen and Celina Wadia and many others from the highest strata of Mumbai’s social circles. The celebrations didn’t end with the cake cutting of course — a ‘club area’ had been created in anticipation of a post-party party for the grown-ups.

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  1. abcd says:

    If the same amount of money and effort would have been spent in doing better business, life would have been so simpler. Bollywood folks are fair weather friends.

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