Bollywood Blind Item – October 2019 – 25

Months ago, there was a blind item from the same source about this celebrity and her missing rib. Technically, it didn’t go missing, she had it removed on purpose. Many of you argued then that this procedure is dangerous and is only performed by professionals for legitimate reasons and not for the purpose of staying thin!

Well, that’s not true! In life, if you want anything, you can have it as long as you have money. This procedure is only coming to light now, who knows how many celebrities have gone through it?

This time, the same source is saying a recently single actress has also gone through the same procedure. The funny thing is, both ladies rumored to undergo the same procedure are already thin! So, removing a rib means they want that curve or something around their waist.

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Now the question is, how does removing a rib make a difference to their career?

Only they know!

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, don’t go googling “remove ribs”, you won’t be able to unsee that!


Bollywood Blind Item


NOW if we are all for removing appendices, tonsils and wisdom teeth when they bother us, why not a rib or two? We guess this is why they are called β€˜spare ribs’, simply because we don’t need so many of them. Or so a growing tribe of women in Bollywood seem to be arguing.

The latest lady to lose a few bones is a newly single beauty, with a charming kitty of films under her belt. How do you know which one? Well, she’ll soon be showing off a lot of a teeny-tiny waist on her photo-sharing site in about two months from now.

OSOP Guess

Lady: Ileana D’Cruz



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