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Months ago, there was a blind item from the same source about this celebrity and her missing rib. Technically, it didn’t go missing, she had it removed on purpose. Many of you argued then that this procedure is dangerous and is only performed by professionals for legitimate reasons and not for the purpose of staying thin!

Well, that’s not true! In life, if you want anything, you can have it as long as you have money. This procedure is only coming to light now, who knows how many celebrities have gone through it?

This time, the same source is saying a recently single actress has also gone through the same procedure. The funny thing is, both ladies rumored to undergo the same procedure are already thin! So, removing a rib means they want that curve or something around their waist.

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Now the question is, how does removing a rib make a difference to their career?

Only they know!

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, don’t go googling “remove ribs”, you won’t be able to unsee that!

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Bollywood Blind Item


NOW if we are all for removing appendices, tonsils and wisdom teeth when they bother us, why not a rib or two? We guess this is why they are called β€˜spare ribs’, simply because we don’t need so many of them. Or so a growing tribe of women in Bollywood seem to be arguing.

The latest lady to lose a few bones is a newly single beauty, with a charming kitty of films under her belt. How do you know which one? Well, she’ll soon be showing off a lot of a teeny-tiny waist on her photo-sharing site in about two months from now.

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Lady: Ileana D’Cruz



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9 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    She’s naturally beautiful with diff body type. Why on earth do they mess with their natural shapes!

  2. Simi says:

    Of course, the moment you said don’t go googling “remove ribs”, you knew that’s exactly what some of us would do… what in the name of Mother Earth was that…. jeez you’re right, can’t unsee it 😩 but more importantly how exactly do they think they look better like that πŸ€” weirdos πŸ˜’

  3. selig says:

    Admin Akka, why why why…stopped having Dal makhni after u told us about Imran Khan plus lentils…now removing ribs…lol

  4. Ria says:

    But she has pear shaped body. I wonder how does a extra small waist look for her. Curious to see her new pics now. Why do they have to undergo horrible things like this

  5. abcd says:

    Another shameful attempt by kjo and his minions to get outsiders down!! Illeana is having some work and a casual affair with Ajay. But that’s not sufficient as she doesn’t have enough support like rich star kids of Bollywood. Break up with Andrew hasn’t helped. The good thing is she still manages to get some work for herself. Illeana shouldn’t have messed with her body.

    • Adira says:

      So she should be excused for having an affair with Ajay D while allegedly married because she isn’t a star kid? Let’s stop justifying bad behavior please.

      She shouldn’t have messed with her body though. She’s already beautiful.

      • Ria says:

        Why accuse a woman? Doesn’t Ajay be accused of cheating on his wife. Stop blaming women for everything. Atleast Ileana is working hard to earn money.

        • Adira says:

          I’m not justifying the idiot. Men who cheat on their wives make me sick. Especially when the wife isn’t a cheat (no rumors yet anyway).

          But let’s stop justifying selling your body and self respect. Ileana also cheated on her husband (if rumors that they were married are true) all for fame, money and possibly getting a richer husband and breaking a family if Ajay D chooses her over his family.

          Women like this make it harder for others who refuse to sell themselves because the way the goats see it, if one woman says “no”, over 10 women would say “yes” or even initiate the offer. This is not just in Bollywood. Even in secular careers.

          One of the ways sexual exploitation could stop apart from punishing the perpetrators is if ALL women take a stand to REJECT and not initiate such offers.

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