Bollywood Blind Item – October 2019 – 13

The blind item for today comes from Mumbai Mirror. It might or might not be true. We are gravitating towards “not true” since this actress has never ever done something like this her whole career.

The small percentage that this might be true comes from the fact that this project is very important for this talented actress so she might be doing everything in her power to make sure things go well. But…That said, she will never simply chop off her co-star’s role just to make her role look better or just to get more screen time.

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It sounds ridiculous so let’s go ahead and call this one a hoax, possibly by the movie mafia since they have nothing else to do at the moment. Also since this movie has generated so much positive comments since the first pictures have been shared.

Some people just can’t take that, especially if it’s not their own potato film.

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. Can’t wait for this film to come out and be a success! Like Adele once said:

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Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

THIS powerhouse female actor, who plays the character of a beloved real-life go-getter in an upcoming film, just had what we call an unnecessary tantrum. As hers is the title role, she insists on slashing the long monologues of her co-actor playing her daughter. Considering the junior is rather gifted, the editing table stories are getting rather annoying.


OSOP Guesses

Film: Shakuntala Devi

Powerhouse Actor: Vidya Balan

Co-Actor: Sanya Malhotra


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7 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Don’t know about Tantrums but Vidya Balan is making some rather strange statements off late.

  2. Aria says:

    Don’t believe it. Know a few people who have interacted with Vidya professionally and they all say she is very genuine and nice.

  3. NotATroll says:

    But also could be true

  4. abcd says:

    I have checked vidya’s interviews. She’s never found badmouthing anyone. This role chopping isn’t her doing. The problem with kjo/ alia is if good role is gone to someone else, then they will move earth and sky to that person down.

  5. Ria says:

    This is not tantrum. If young actor is gifted make a film solely for her not at the cost of Vidya’s name. If Vidya is playing main role she should have all preferences as movie will be watched coz of her not anyone else. Certainly Vidya’s not tantrum player

  6. Sona says:

    Vidya Balan and tantrums? No way. I don’t believe this. Vidya is one of the nicest persons in Bollywood.


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