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It is puzzling how this filmmaker is hell-bent on making this movie, which is a remake of an 80s film. For some reason, this filmmaker can’t find any new topic to work on, which is why she is remaking this film.

Seriously, though…Why this film? Is it special to her in some way? Like another remake was her brother’s favorite and he too was hell-bent on making it and he pretty much ruined his career after that film.

For this remake, who really wants to see this film? It’s funny how we don’t remember seeing it. We must have seen it but we don’t remember.

Anyways, so for months now this filmmaker has been chasing actors to star in this film. Not just any actors, stars, top stars, big stars and superstars. The script went through them like a stain going through bleach!

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This top star admitted that he was being considered for the film or rather he was considering to do this film, but he mentioned he hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet. Let us remind you that sometime back his name was also featured in a blind item when there was a rumor that the filmmaker was considering to ask her creepy brother to come onboard to help with the scripting of the film.

So the top star himself has not yet confirmed, everything is still in the rumors’ stage. Other than him, this actress was also signed on. She used to be one of the top actresses, but she has taken a break from acting to focus on other things. She will make a nice pairing with the top star, that’s all fine.

But…How is Bhai’s bro-in-law also being considered for the film? Is his wife lobbying on his behalf now? She might be, considering how Bhai is taking his sweet time into relaunching him! After all, their family is expanding so he needs to start looking for more work outside of his family comfort zone.

The rumors surrounding this film have been going on for so long. Whatever it is, just wait for the official announcement from the filmmaker.

By the way, are you excited for this film?

Check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item


Casting Coup

There’s considerable excitement in Bollywood over the fact that a prominent filmmaker has pulled off a ‘fresh casting’ at a time when it’s hard to find two actors who haven’t worked together before.

The director of this unapologetically masala remake of a popular ’70s hit has cast this red-hot A-lister opposite a talented and hardworking leading lady who’s been on a short sabbatical.

Insiders were surprised the filmmaker cast her, given she’s hardly a top choice when it comes to ‘hardcore’ commercial potboilers. According to the grapevine, she was not on the radar (for exactly the same reasons), but when the management called enquiring if she could be considered for the role, the director began thinking of her seriously.

The actress will play a teacher in the film. But she’ll be very differently styled from the diva whom the same director cast as a teacher in her previous film. That role went on to become the diva’s most iconic role, largely because of the way she was presented in the film—sari billowing in the breeze, pallu falling repeatedly.

In her new film, however, the teacher will be styled more ‘Western’, a reliable source says—all short jackets and summery dresses.

Where were these fashionista teachers during our school years?


OSOP Guesses

Prominent Filmmaker: Farah Khan

Film: Satte Pe Satta

A-Lister: Hrithik Roshan

Leading Lady: Anushka Sharma

The Diva: Sushmita Sen

Previous Film: Main Hoon Na


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4 Responses

  1. Bollyfangurl says:

    it is a popular 80’s hit and not 70’s hit as you have mentioned. And it is a huge mistake to remake the movie.

  2. KA says:

    KRK box office had months ago confirmed that anushka would be the leading lady while media was dropping in names of Deepika and other actresses

  3. Hate Kjo says:

    Would love to see Hrithik and Anushka in a film but not in this movie. Remaking a classic movie or a song is a bad idea. Why cant film makers come up with some fresh ideas? how they get rights to remake these movies?

    Hope Hrithik don’t sign this movie. It will be a wrong decision after his two good choices and hits. A new actor or any other young actor is suitable for this role.

    Who wears short skirts and such clothes? I guess Farah is inspired by Kjo’s school and teachers. HAHA

  4. yuri says:

    Anushka lobbying for a farah khan film? That is interesting! She really wants a massy movie since none of her films have really worked and she’s had all the opportunities. Sui Dhaga, Zero and jhms were unbearable, this one will be a pass too!

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