Bollywood Blind Item – October 2019 – 11

There is no other film that recently had its party than this upcoming film starring two top actors. Wait, is she still considered among the top actors?

So, as you all know, the website that this blind item is from always publishes these hard-to-guess blind items. Whether they do it on purpose or it is really their style of writing, we have no idea.

With that in mind, the only clues that this blind item gave us are the bold-ed parts. If you think this is someone else, drop a comment below.

For now, let’s just say it was a party and this actor does have the tendency to go all the way if not too much to have fun and enjoy himself. Is he really enjoying himself or does he want to entertain others? Only he knows!

He most likely danced close or behaved inappropriately with this person because his wife was pissed at him and continued to be pissed at him in the car.

Seriously? Who else can it be if not them? She was probably after him to behave properly in public or something.

Check out the blind item from SpotBoye.


Bollywood Blind Item


Wife Blasts Hubby For Shifting Focus From Her To Another Lady

None would’ve expected this, but it did happen! The actor got a bit too close for comfort with another girl and his wifey obviously didn’t like it

They are head over heels in love and marriage only strengthened their bond. We continue going gaga over their high PDA moments, but this morning we couldn’t believe our ears when a li’l birdie informed us what happened to this hot-n-happening jodi soon after a recent film party.

The actor was sloshed beyond measure and got a bit cosy with another girl from the production team of one of his films. The girl in question was equally β€˜not in her senses’ and by the end of it all, the wifey was spitting fire.

We heard that the fight continued in the car and presumably entered even their bedroom. Woh kehte hain na, ‘Sharab ne kar diya nikkama aapko, warna aap cheez the kaam ke’!

OSOP Guesses

Wife: Deepika Padukone

Hubby: Ranveer Singh


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