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This director has been finding it hard to get his next movie up and moving. For some time now after he was fired or graciously let go from the sets of his own film, he thought he would be able to get back on his feet. Yes, he would had if this beefcake actor agreed to be in his film but since that didn’t happen, this director is doing what the blind item is saying he has done.

To be fair, this film is his film. So for them to let him go because of the allegations against him and bring someone else to replace him and some more, not give him any credit seems a bit too much.

Sure, he’s a jacka$$, a creep and a predator! But all that they knew from before so why act so holier than thou and cancel him out like that? What they should have done is just cancel the whole film since everything comes from him. Now, this is making bitter not sorry about his behavior, as he should be!

Let’s see if they do manage to fully cancel him out or will he get top stars to work with him?

By the way, check out Akhri Pasta talking about this creep as if he passed away!

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


A filmmaker, who had to leave his movie halfway after being named in various episodes of sexual harassment, is rather angry at the way his life has shaped up.

He recently demanded credit for his work and sent a legal notice to his co-makers. On this one, we have our eyes peeled for more.

OSOP Guesses

Filmmaker: Sajid Khan

Film: Housefull 4

5Farhad Samji came on board to finish the film, the trailer of which was released on Friday. β€œSajid has directed 60 per cent of the film. But this is studio’s call (to not give him credit). And that is how it going to happen now,” Akshay told reporters here at the trailer launch of the comedy.


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