Bollywood Blind Item – October 2017

The first blind item for October is about this already-launched female star kid, who is now finding out ways to get new projects. We have to admit it’s a really good tactic, but how is it going to work in her case is what we want to see. The blind item below is from PinkVilla and they keep insisting on how this girl likes to play it all good and nice in front of her parents, but when they are not around, she’s different. There’s nothing wrong in what she’s doing. If we are not mistaken, her brother too is with someone loaded or a loaded guy’s daughter. So, if this is the way they think life rolls for them, who are we to judge?

But as for this girl, she needs to have it too. ‘It’ being talent, which so far hasn’t made an appearance in the two films that she was in. She’s still young, so either she starts ‘acting’ or she can turn to modelling. By the way, she thinks she’s playing one of these boys below, but he’s the one playing her with his sugamomma by his side. As for the other boy, she’s doing society a favour by taking him in. No sane girl would want to get involved in that! Also, he doesn’t have any interesting projects on hand. In fact, his own father is worried at the way this kid is taking care of his career. So far, there’s not much public interest in him. Let’s wait until his next project releases and then we will know for sure whether he’s as good as he thinks in his head. In the meantime, check out the blind item by PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – October 2017


This STAR daughter is DATING two BROTHERS from the film industry and NEITHER has a CLUE

She debuted in a big Bollywood production but the film didn’t help her career. Now the daughter of this big senior hero, whom she has wrapped around her finger with her innocent act, has hardly a few films on her hand and is angling for them from various young actors, her age. First, she befriends and then dates them to get closer to them so they can recommend her. The young actress already bagged a film by getting close to one of the Gen Next hero’s. She thought that was the way to get more films and now that’s become her modus operandi.

After she bagged a film with the son of a filmmaker in recent times, she has now started to get close to the son of another B-Town celeb. Both these guys are brothers and have no clue that she’s dating both of them. She has an on-off relationship with the older brother and has just started dating the younger one – who is also known to be something of a flirt already. The girl’s father and the young actor’s father have acted in some films together and are known to be good friends but don’t know that their children are dating. We wonder how the two fathers and brothers will react when they come to know the truth?

The actress may be young in years but has already acquired the reputation of an incorrigible gossip. As she has no films on hand at the moment, she sits around chatting with her friends and has knowledge of almost each and every celebrity in B-Town and is willing to share it with whoever is interested. The actress has been meeting many top directors in the hope of getting them to sign a film with her. The actress is known to be something of a fashion icon, without much acting talent, hence, few filmmakers want to sign her for their films.

Both her parents are distinguished celebs in their individual fields and have no idea what their sweet daughter is up to. Maybe it’s time for them to sit and have a chat with their daughter dearest because the way she is going, all the gossip that she is brewing around her, will soon make her career go up in smoke. Too much gossip spoils the filmy broth, we say.


OSOP Guesses

Star Kid: Athiya Shetty

Hero: Arjun Kapoor

Other Star Kid: Harsh Kapoor

Bollywood Blind Item – October 2017

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4 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    When i asked u about athiya and Arjun u said theres nothing between them. Now ur saying they were dating??

  2. Sweeti says:

    Lol. Harshvarshan himself is not getting any movie,how will he help athiya in gaining new projects?

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