Bollywood Blind Item – November 2020 – 4

The blind item below might be talking about this superstar. It’s strange how the BI is addressing him as an “ageing actor”. It might be him or it might be someone else but no one fits the clues more than him.

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Who else is in a position to give people acting jobs in the industry? He has been doing this since forever. An inspiring actor has more chances of being helped and launched by this superstar and the chances are even higher if it’s a female actress. The superstar sure likes to help damsels in distress, as proven by his track record!

So now that we might have figured out who the “ageing actor” is, the lady in question might just be anyone. But the thing is here, the lady is being described as if she hasn’t made it yet as an actress. The only person who comes to mind is this lady who spent most of the lockdown with the superstar at the farmhouse. She wasn’t alone, the actor’s girlfriend and another actress were also there.

Now if it is really about this lady, they forgot to mention her kids but they did get the rest “pretty” right. The superstar, who acts as everyone’s Bhai, has been promoting this lady for quite a while now by asking directors of his upcoming films to cast her. She will soon be seen in a digital show and if things go as planned, she will be seen in many more.

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


NOW we are not saying something is going on between this ageing actor and this timeless damsel. But friends in their inner circle are trying very hard to get them together. It seems this pretty woman has her eyes set on the star, and has been spending all her time catering to his every whim and fancy. Her hopes are to be his permanent date and, by extension, be launched in multiple films as well. The star, of course, is used to attention from women to further their career. For now, he’s basking in it.


Actor: Salman Khan

Damsel: Waluscha De Sousa

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