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There are so many Bollywood couples who will come into mind when you read the blind item featured below. There is, though, only one couple who fit the description. Now we may or may not be wrong if you feel it’s about another couple, let us know. For the record, it’s not about Aloo and Sherbet! They, or rather their families, seem to be getting along well so it’s not them. Besides, they can’t afford a breakup before their film releases and up to now, there has been no release date set.

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So, the couple featured in the blind item have been together for many years. They finally came out in the open about their relationship last year at the premiere of his film. There have been rumours earlier this year that they were going to get married soon. But those rumours ended up being about his contemporary whose wedding also had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

Then, during the lockdown, came news of their break-up or temporary breakup which didn’t last long when they both tested positive for the virus. There! That’s all there is! Though, we know what you are thinking…

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It makes sense that their “friends” are wondering what will happen since they have friends in common consisting of Bebola and her gang! Long story short, they are also wondering when’s the wedding is happening. Well, certainly not now!

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Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


ALL eyes are trained on this charming romance for the past couple of years but it seems to be going nowhere. Even though fans have been hearing, perhaps imagining, wedding bells for a while, we hear this good-looking duo is in no hurry. Cracks have already started showing in their sometime lovey-dovey relationship. Friends of the two, who have been sharing a home the last few months, have their fingers crossed that they make it to the altar.

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Couple: Arjun Kapoor & Malaika Arora Khan

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