Bollywood Blind Item – November 2020 – 2

Since the makers of this film decided to release this star’s movie on an OTT platform, there have been so many blind items about what’s really happening behind the scenes away from the camera. The blind item below is going to be probably the third or fourth one about this movie and the star’s frustrations on the makers.

Today, the story is about the star and how he is super mad at the film’s production house for not going out of their way to promote this film aka spending more money on promotions. This is the second time there have been complaints about the same issue. Like a reader kindly pointed out, he is free to use his own money to promote the film. Why not? Since rumour has it that he charged 120 crore for the film!

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The production house was launched with such a big fanfare in Bollywood, but unfortunately they haven’t had much success as far as their films are concerned. After the lockdown happened, it is understandable that the company doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on promoting the film. Also, the film will be launched on a streaming platform so it doesn’t really matter how much money they spend on the promotion, subscribers will watch it since it’s a big release – 2020’s OTT biggest release, probably! It has been reported from the 54.5 million subscribers of this platform, only 8 million subscribers are in India. So how much can local promotions matter, really?

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Stars and superstars obviously won’t really understand the financial crunch that the production houses are going through right now. Maybe the ones who have their own production companies will understand, but the rest won’t! They still expect to be treated the same first-class way.

If you are wondering why this star is so keen on promoting this film when he does a gazillion films in a way…Well, it’s because this film is different and was supposed to be the trendsetter, had this pandemic never happened. The man wears a sari in this film and if we go by the original South Indian film, there will be lots of sari-wearing moments by this star in the film. He will be acting, dancing, singing and doing action scenes in a sari which might just be a first for a Hindi film star. Also, this film was supposed to do something for transgenders. It is gaining some publicity due to that but it could have been more, if there was no covid!

The film will be released next Monday on November 9, 2020. Will you be watching?

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In the meantime, check out the blind item below by Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


WHEN you are a bigΒ production houseΒ making a mega film, you don’t annoy the lead star. Not especially if he is a money-spinning superstar. But this major studio, which has seen far more flops than it can handle, is taking things in its own hands. It has decided to tighten promotional budgets for an upcoming film that has upset the hero no end. We believe he isn’t interested in working with the studio again, and possibly not even promoting the film. Since not much is expected in these troubled times, he will probably write this film off as a digital experiment.

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Lead Star: Akshay Kumar

Film: Laxmii

Producer: Disney + Hotstar

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