Bollywood Blind Item – November 2020 – 1

The blind item below is about an issue that has been happening since the lockdown began. Many employers have used the lockdown as a reason to not pay their employees. If the employee is not working for them, it’s fine but if they have been working during the lockdown, they should be paid. There’s no other way about that.

There are even employers who refused to settle their employees’ dues for their work before the lockdown. Granted film or TV personalities are not paid month but still, it’s their duty to pay their employees.

The blind item below is about a television actress who has not paid her part-time employee. Since we are not really familiar with the television industry, we are not sure who this is so no guesses featured below. Whoever it is, that person must have been really upset to go to MM and complain. Either that or they have someone in common who passed along that message.

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

BACK to work for a few months now, a leggy star has been rather busy with her television commitments lately. But we hear she is being thrifty with her household help. Her part-time staff, that has not been able to commute without local trains, has not been paid at all. Rather unkind we think, since other users of the same staff members have paid for the missed months.



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