Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 9

What do most actors desire?

Really, what do you think?

It’s to win THE awards. No just any award, THE National Award!

That’s right. So now, since this film got this actor THE award, the other actors are all want the same thing. Instead of finding amazing scripts to work on, they just pick up the phone and call up the director just to express their desire to work with them.

That’s a sign you have made it in this industry! Just ask Luv Ranjan! In his case, it’s a hit film and sudden fame that made a star kid just pick up the phone and express a desire to work with him. You all know what happened after that!

Anyways, this award-winning film and surprise hit has been refused by many big actors. Good for them! This very role changed the direction of this actor and not to forget, gave him THE biggest award an actor can have.

It’s a good thing that this star kid refused the film. He wouldn’t have suited the role. What if, he wanted to add an item song in the film?

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So, it seems he is in a hurry to announce that he will be working with this filmmaker even though the script isn’t ready yet. It could be that he wants to make his market price to increase or it could mean he wants the trade to know he is doing an interesting project or it could be he doesn’t want the filmmaker to change his mind about doing this film and hiring him as the lead.

This movie, though, has a much more serious premise that the film this star kid refused. Let’s see how he will pull off his role, if it does really happen.

Check out the blind item below from Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item


Once Mistaken, Twice Prompt

The critical and commercial success of a dark comedy last year led a young A-lister to reflect on his decision to pass on the project. The actor had clearly misjudged the script when he said no to the director who’d given him one of his best received films. He wasn’t confident that the complex, risky script would translate into a winning film—clearly, he was wrong. The actor who replaced this A-lister has benefitted considerably from the film and was being cheered for trusting his instinct.

Good thing the filmmaker is not the sort who feels slighted by the rejection or the kind that holds on to a grudge. When the A-lister learnt there was a new project the filmmaker was contemplating, he reached out asking to be considered for the lead. It helped that the producer was a mutual friend who had in fact produced their last film together. Although the script is still being fleshed out, the producer and the star were keen to announce the project quickly and to ‘book’ the director formally. They are aware the director’s working on multiple scripts and is committed to make a film for at least one other producer—but they’re determined to get ahead in the queue.

The director in question isn’t expecting to begin rolling this film before March or April, given the pre-production involved on a period film of this scale. But he does hope he can get a ‘small project’ out of the way before that.

OSOP Guesses

Dark Comedy: Andhadhun

Young A-Lister: Varun Dhawan

Filmmaker: Sriram Raghavan

Film: Arun Khetarpal Biopic

“A lot of big actors said no to the film. They couldn’t understand how the movie would pan out. At the time, we didn’t have the complete script. And I was like, if they can’t understand it now, then it’s fine because they won’t suit the role,” the filmmaker said. Sriram had various artistes in mind for the role, but Ayushmann’s name never came up! Till the Badhaai Ho actor texted Sriram asking to audition for the part.

When the Badlapur director asked him if he could play the piano, the actor said that while he knew how to play the guitar, he would learn the keys for the film. Sriram says it was the enthusiasm that he was sold on. Once the film’s casting was complete, he was convinced that he had found exactly what he the story demanded — an actor who was well-versed with musical instruments and could take to piano easily and an actress (Tabu) who could take on Simi so effortlessly.


Varun told Mumbai Mirror, “When I heard Arun Khetarpal’s story I was awed that this could have actually happened. I understood then why Dinoo (Dinesh Vijan) and Sriram are so passionate about it. When I met Arun’s brother Mukesh, I was moved. I too have a brother and I can’t understand what he must have gone through. And it’s our responsibility to tell it correctly. This is the most important film of my career and I’m excited to start work with Sriram again. I hope all Indians will feel as proud when they see our story unfold on screen.”

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2 Responses

  1. Gina says:

    Too bad, the movie was so good and Ayushman did a damn good job

  2. KA says:

    ayushman actually suited the role to the T, may be the role was meant for him

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