Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 7

There is nothing wrong with what this actress has done. There is certainly nothing wrong with her taking this next step in her life.

What is wrong is, whoever thought this blind item was so scandalous that it deserved to be out there to malign her!

Seriously? How low can some people get? They are talking as if most of Bollywood are super innocent. Most of them have had only one relationships or are still…let’s not go there.

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It’s as if they have written this blind item with Raymond or the Ultimate Godfather in mind and just aimed it at this lady. It’s sick! Let her move on in peace. If she wants to get married, let her.

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What in the world did she do that some people are pissed at her getting married?

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Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS TV actress gets engaged in a secret ceremony; Fiance unaware of her shenanigans in India

This well-known television actress, who recently was a part of a number of web series and is set to marry year-end, recently got engaged in a hush-hush ceremony to a Chennai based person. The ambitious actress was a household name a couple of years back.

She has been allegedly in a relationship with not one but many prominent personalities in the industry in the past and currently, some even at the same time without letting so much as a hint gets to the other people.

This actress became popular with her debut show and about six years ago, an MMS clip of her was leaked on the internet. The sensational actress, who has been in relationships with powerful personalities, has often fluidly changed relationships and insiders are aware of her cheating in her past relationships.

As word travels, while she is now secretly engaged to her boyfriend, her fiance is in the dark about her shenanigans in India. At the same time the people she was involved with in India, biggies from the industry, couldn’t find out about it until a few weeks before.

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TV Actress: Mona Singh


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9 Responses

  1. Asther says:

    Ok.. he is not a Chennai based person. He is South Indian and born and brought up in Lucknow and has been living in Mumbai for years. He was our colleague at a company owned by Roshan Abbas which had a lot of Lucknow crowd . He was married and cheated on his wife with multiple colleagues of ours and one affair got serious and his wife walked out with their daughter . Since then, he has been sleeping around big time mainly with people who work under him.

    He is no β€˜banker” either. No one knows what he does for work anymore. His last job was with Sahara almost 10 years ago and that was because he grew up with Sahara owner’s older son and has been a parasite and lived off him all his life. He most probably looks at this marriage as a means to now live off her . Guess after multiple failed affairs and her age , she is vulnerable and he scavenged off it. It’s a matter of time and we will hear how he messed up. Now, if she is the same as mentioned in the blind then it may be a match made in heaven.

  2. mm says:

    admin please check your page….i cant find the blind items until or unless i check twitter.

  3. KA says:

    she has dated people , which is her past and now is getting married to a person she has been dating for over a year, whats the problem ? this blind has a headline which makes one feel as if she is cheating on her fiancee and he doesn’t know about this particular shenanigan of hers. Mona has been dating him and loves him, he must already be aware about her past and her real personality much more than others could be.

  4. Kit says:

    So who are the people she had a relationship with? I’m just curious.

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