Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 3

The last blind item for today might or might not interest you, so just read on to find out more. Not much information is given about this celebrity’s trip except that she is coming to India to attend a private party. Based on the region she will be heading to, it might be some fancy royal party or a super rich person’s party.

Whoever it is, they must be a big fan of her to invite her all the way here. Technically, it’s not “invite” but more like “hire”. But yeah, why is she coming there for? Is it to meet people or what else can she do? Launch something? Then again, it’s a party so it can’t be.

Anyways, she’s making her millions so who cares!

Check out the blind item from Hindustan Times.


Bollywood Blind Item


She is one of the world’s most famous socialites and equally successful businesswoman in the world of fashion and beauty. Her TV appearances have made her a household name and social media posts by her are said to cost a cool million dollars.

After her Sabyasachi sari clad photo-shoot caused much commotion, word comes in that the famous lady in question will soon be making her maiden India visit. But fans will be disappointed to know that her PJ will not land in Mumbai or Delhi for photo-ops and this visit will be restricted to Rajasthan, where she will make an appearance at a private party. And no she will not be joined by her equally famous musician husband on this trip, if you were wondering.

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Socialite: Kim Kardashian


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6 Responses

  1. No new posts for 2 weeks??? Whats going on admin?

  2. Universal says:

    Can’t even say RT if you don’t understand why is she famous.

  3. Ria says:

    Woah who could that be to spend a fortune on this party!!! Kim would be indeed expensive to travel for so long. Hope we at least get to see her in Indian attire. @Admin pls post pics of Kim from partyif you get any pls

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