Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 26

There has already been a couple of blind items and news items about this actor and why his upcoming release has been postponed to next year. At first, they claimed that it was because of his last movie, which was released on an online streaming platform.

But no one can deny that the postponement has a lot to do with a couple of things, not just his last release. For starters, the producers were not happy with the version of the film they saw. They asked for a couple of reshoots. Then, the hype surrounding both the main lead actor and the film died when the #MeToo movement hit the film’s director and silently the actor as well.

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The production company doesn’t really care about the Metoo allegations, who are we kidding! So, it must really be that the film isn’t up to par anymore and they are wondering how the leading man will pull in the audience. Let’s see if they do stick to their plan or they release this one online.

Check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item


On the Back Burner

When a leading studio recently delayed the release of one of their big-ticket titles by a few months, it became clear to industry insiders that there was a problem. This is a film that the studio has produced in-house and one that has cost them a neat little packet, so it’s very unlikely that they’d postponed the release for no good reason.

The reason, as it turns out, has been staring everyone in the face. The studio has realised that the audience appears to have lost interest in their talented and promising leading man since his name became linked to a scandal.

Despite efforts on the part of the studio to deny the rumours, the actor has not been able to revive interest in himself. So much so that he barely benefitted from a big fat hit that he starred in recently. It also doesn’t help that the film’s director was tainted by a similar scandal, whose veracity was also questioned.

Sources say the studio has decided to move the film to next summer in the hope that public memory is short. They’re counting on the possibility that the audience will look at the filmβ€”and their leading manβ€”with fresh eyes closer to the release and might be willing to show more enthusiasm for their film, which, by the way, the studio has faith in.

OSOP Guesses

Film: Dil Bechara

Leading Man: Sushant Singh Rajput

Studio: Fox Star Studios



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2 Responses

  1. Chingababu says:

    Ha! Good. Everyone related with metoo should def be banned in the industry. Just wished that people were daring enough to speak against the big actors as well.

  2. KA says:

    i dont think this blind is true. Even before the announcement of the new release date some sources like distributor etc were telling the film would get delayed because of some patchwork, few reshooting of scenes and we know it all takes time. also next year its jam packed with films releasing, so may would be the best time for release. The writer of the blind item is again trying to stir up negativity by writing false things. people in bollywood wont stop writing negative about sushant’s solo lead films. biased for some reason or other. i dont care i know he is a genuinely good guy.


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