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The director from this blind item hasn’t had much luck with his last release. Even though, his previous release before that was a big hit, this one didn’t strike a chord with the audience.

The trailer looked ridiculous, but then most senseless and mindless comedy movies work at the box office so it must really come as a surprise to the cast and crew that people couldn’t give a damn about this one!

The one who would be more surprising must be this beefcake actor, he probably thought he could get it both ways with his serious movies and this kind of ridiculous commercial films. Well, not everyone can nail it like Khiladi Kumar.

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Anyways, so this director didn’t get paid his full fees upfront. The producer doesn’t want to pay him and this is what the blind is saying. Who knows why? But this is not the first time this director has complained of not being paid. The last time, it was for a superhit film of his and yet, the producer didn’t pay him. If we remember correctly, the producer was bankrupt or didn’t have enough money or something.

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


Did this director of a FLOP comedy film have a tiff with the producer after he refused to pay dues?

At times, when things don’t always work out in favour of the Bollywood filmmakers and producers when their film hits the screens, the showdown between them might become ugly. Speaking of this, recently going by sources, filmmaker of a recent comedy multistarrer had an ugly tiff with his producer when the latter refused to clear his dues.

The multistarrer had a huge star cast with some huge names and also all formulas for a hit were tried including the remake of old classic songs and comedy tadka. However, the film tanked at the box office. According to sources in the film trade, the director of the disastrous film apparently went to meet the producer to collect the rest of his pay.

However, the producer refused to give the remaining payment to the director saying that the film was a disaster and he has lost almost 40 crores due to the failed film. The filmmaker reportedly started abusing him in front of people that were present at the scene. But the producer kept calm.

However, despite the ugly showdown, the producer of the comedy film refused the director the remaining payment. Now reportedly, the filmmaker has threatened the producer of the multistarrer that has flopped.

Those who know this filmmaker there was a similar episode with another producer where he is no longer welcome. We also hear that this filmmaker who charged Rs 15 crore for a film will have to take a salary cut.

We also hear that the next film offer that he is getting now is just Rs 3 crore. Guess the director of the recent flopped comedy now has no choice but to take it.

OSOP Guesses

Director: Anees Bazmee

Film: Pagalpanti



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  1. Chingababu says:

    I saw the trailer of this movie but I didn’t like it. Guess many people thought so too. Haa

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