Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 22

The blind item below might just be about anyone. That is, anyone who has been accused during the #MeToo movement last year and anyone who in particular has his hand in many things other than just one field.

So, this could be the director that they are talking about. It makes sense since he thought he could just get back to work but actors are actually scared of what the media will do to if they work with this director.

What’s funny in this blind item is that he thinks his “bad times” should end. Yeah, like for real? When they were being creeping, they never thought it was bad and now after people called them out they feel they are going through “bad times”.

Well, what else is new right? Like Bill Cosby recently said, he is not going to apologize for what he did because he believed he did no wrong!

Check out the blind item below by Mumbai Mirror. By the way, his sister always rants about people not supporting them. At least, look at what your brother did and think whether you will support someone else in the same situation? Oh yeah, she totally would. Remember the pic with Nana Patekar as soon as the media was blasting him?

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Bollywood Blind Item


THIS well-known film personality is up to no good. After being accused of sexual harassment by multiple women he has worked with, the man finds himself a social and professional outcast. We hear he has chosen prayer as a form of penance.

He is also engaging with godmen of all religions and asking for his β€œbad times” to end. We aren’t sure about his bad times, but the godmen are surely having a good time shacking up in five-star hotels on this crazy man’s dollar.

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Film Personality: Sajid Khan


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5 Responses

  1. Chingababu says:

    Maybe by supporting him, his sister can advise him on how to be a better man. Maybe. Otherwise, I believe this is normal among rich people and filmy waalon.

  2. Jagu says:


  3. Self-Love says:

    Hi Admin…Can you do a review on “100 greatest performances of the decade – Actors Adda roundtable” by Anupama Chopra? Would love to read your opinion πŸ˜‰

  4. Sheena says:

    Shame on those buggers who are in the pic with this sicko

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