Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 2

You might have forgotten this actor exists! Yes, he has been really quiet for a long time since he has no film up for release. Otherwise, you would have definitely heard from him or heard how he deserved this award or that one.

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Anyways, this blind item is about this actor and the recent Diwali party he had at his house. In Bollywood, every year there are only 2 big Diwali parties. One is at this actor’s house and the other one is at the Bachchans. Usually, more people attend the Bachchans.

So this actor’s ex attended the party with her family and he thought that perhaps she would chat up with him. But there’s a big difference now, she tasted success with her first two films while he’s still grasping his own standing in Bollywood.

It’s funny that these two used to date. We forgot about this!

Read on to see what happened at this party. Check out the blind item below from SpotBoye.


Bollywood Blind Item


Dame’s Dirty Game With Her Ex-Boyfriend At His Pad

He waited but she did not respond. He hoped but she did not reciprocate. Such rudeness!

It was a lit-up bash at the actor’s residence. Drinks poured and the dance floor was set for the stars to shake a leg. Amongst the guests, an invitation was also extended to the actor’s ex-girlfriend. Surprise! Surprise! She landed up at the party, and trust us, looking gorgeous.

While, the actor would’ve expected at least some exchange of pleasantries to happen in return for the olive branch he had extended, much to his dismay, she just exuded one forced smile looking at him and for the rest of the night, chose to mingle with everyone else. Woh kehte hain- You wanted me to come, I didn’t want to. We hear, the actor has still not recovered from the royal snub. Pehchan Kaun!

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Harsh Kapoor

Ex-Girlfriend: Sara Ali Khan


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2 Responses

  1. kiran101 says:

    This is one guy who gives stiff competition to Ranbir on being spoit bollywood kid. Atleast Ranbir has some talent and is very successful.

  2. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Well , the story goes that Harsh unceremoniously dumped Sara (who was very upset) and continued his shenanigans with another woman. She did turn up and was polite to everyone else , given the circumstances it’s not very likely she’d merrily chatter away with him like long lost friends. His career is stagnating , an ex freezing him out is the least of his troubles.

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