Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 16

There was news the other day that two Bollywood actors have added a special clause to their contract that states the movies they are working on or have signed shall not be released online. If they are making a film meant to be released in theaters, it should be released there only and not on online streaming platforms.

The reason why is one of these actors had to fight with the producers of his last released film to let the film be released in theaters instead of online. The other actor, his last film was released on an online streaming platform recently after the producer saw red when he saw the final product.

So this blind item is about this actor, whose last film released on this famous streaming platform. Apparently, the streaming company had no idea the movie was this bad and now they are rumored to have decided to review all films they pay for individually to make sure the content is good.

This actor has another film that is up for release. It has been in the making since last year when the film was hit during the #MeToo movement. The director of the film was accused while the lead actor was heavily mentioned in blind items as one of the accused as well.

This blind item is about this film and how the producers were unhappy with the first cut. Guess it’s true because news came out today that the film has been scheduled to release next year, which gives it plenty of time to re-shoot the parts they don’t like.

Other than this film, another film has also been postponed. It seems producers are really putting in an effort to make sure they release a product they are happy with.

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Bollywood Blind Item


LOOKS like the going is getting tough for this actor despite a big hit a couple of months ago. His next film, which was scheduled for release soon, has now been deferred to next year.

Apparently, the producers are not happy with the film even though it’s a remake of an acclaimed international hit. We hear some β€˜patchwork’ will be shot and the movie will be slightly re-edited before the makers finally fix its date with the audiences.

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Sushant Singh Rajput

Film: Dil Bechara



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  1. abcd says:

    Sushant is paying the price of kjo’s greed. This must serve as a lesson that kjo is not good for outsiders. Review process should have begun much earlier. But then, it’s better late than never, because of review by Netflix greedy people like kjo will stop getting opportunities to feast on others money. Hope Amazon and other portals follow the suit.

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