Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 15

Every time there’s a film like this, the rumors end up being the same.

If the film is a comedy ensemble, blind items like the one below will always talk about how they don’t get along and how one of them if fighting to get more attention and so on.

If the film has good content with good roles for everyone, then there will be blind items about how one actress got the other one’s role cut!

Alright, so this blind item is about this ridiculous comedy film with a big ensemble. Apparently, these actresses don’t get along and they are even going ahead to say they don’t want to be in the same room with her.

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Quite a bit far-fetch, if you think about it! Unless the girl bites or something, all three of them are not in any position to dictate terms like this. Besides they have small roles in this big film, no producer is going to take their nagging seriously.

Have you seen how ridiculous this film is. What is more ridiculous is that this beefcake actor is totally taking the route of Mr. Khiladi. As in, do a mixture of patriotic films and a few silly comedy films to keep their 100 crore status intact. Maybe they both shared this recipe when they did that desi Magic Mike film.

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As ridiculous as these comedy films are, people do flock to the theater to see them so in a way, they are sure-hit films for actors.

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


‘TIS said a producer’s worst nightmare isn’t a delayed film project, it’s a multi-starrer. Managing egos is the hardest thing, they say. If it isn’t puffed heads of male actors, it’s often the female actors as well.

Now imagine that with three female leads instead of two. Two of this upcoming film’s heroines have refused to promote the film if the third one is in the same room. No joint interviews or outstation promos. Now, talk about gang wars.

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Movie: Pagalpanti



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