Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 13

The blind item below is a bit messed up. This was released last week and we are only sharing it now since there was no new blind item yesterday.

So, you have probably already read this one. It’s no brainer, you already know who it’s about.

Funny thing is, she was always so composed at the beginning of her career. It’s when she started dating this twice-her-age filmmaker that all hell broke loose. All the good-girl image went out of the window and things started to get really messy!

The things that she has had to do since her career brought her nowhere kind of shows that this blind item might just be true. To think that she used to flaunt her degree a lot and yet, she still ended up in this mess. Poor girl! Once you get a taste of what this life can give you, you never look back!


Check out the blind item below from SpotBoye.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item

Actress’ Bitter Tale Of Revenge Coaxed Her To Seduce Her Uncle As A Teenager!

A bitter tale of a revenge saga that hurt! This actress’ troubled childhood with her mother coaxed her to seduce her uncle. Call it her style of getting back to her mother

This Bollywood actress, who used to be a popular face in her heydays and even marked her film debut with her mother had a troubled childhood. Her mother’s abusive ways irked her to an unimaginable extent as a child.

She did the unthinkable. Heights of dominance and abuse by her own mom pushed her to seduce her uncle in the four walls of their house. Call it her style of getting back to her mother. A deadly revenge that hurt!

While, this may be an incident from her teenage years, some scars stay forever and it ain’t easy letting go such incidences. The actress isn’t hot on the film front now, but her recent appearance in a reality show grabbed enough eyeballs.

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Actress: Ameesha Patel

And no, she had not invited her parents. The bad blood that set in years ago when Ameesha charged her parents with finishing all her earnings doesn’t seem to have been replaced by any great bonhomie. Strange because of two factors: one, her parents had named the kids Ashmit (Asha plus Amit) and Ameesha was also derived from Amit and Asha. The family was that close once upon a time. Secondly, the family was estranged when Ameesha Patel was being wooed by Vikram Bhatt. The Patel parents had often blamed Vikram for misleading their daughter and creating a rift between them. However, at Ameesha’s launch party, Vikram too, was conspicuously absent, although she had invited every director she had worked with. Anil Sharma who directed her in Gadar, the biggest blockbuster in Hindi cinema to date, was in high spirits as his film featured prominently in an audio visual (AV) that was screened at the party.

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2 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    It sounds so absurd to be true. I saw simis interview with ameesha and asha… and it dint seem like they were bitter with each other.. altho her mom did make condescending statement about giving her pocket money etc.. She was the kangana ranaut of her times…

    Wasnt she the third wheel in a married couples relationship? its sad to see her downfall, she could have done something with her education
    i dont believe she was with Kanav Puri, i hear he is gay and hangs out with bharat sahni πŸ˜‰

  2. Aria says:

    The article doesn’t mention her age but if she was below 18 then it’s RAPE. Not seduction, RAPE.

    Even if she was older – I don’t get this thing of blaming her completely by calling it seduction. This uncle was obviously old enough to know better and a total creep who took advantage of a young relative.


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