Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 12

This actress once claimed that she’s only two-films old hence does not have enough money to go through the many cosmetic surgery procedures that the media claimed she had.

So, who exactly is footing her bills since she has to keep them updated right? Apparently, she had her cheek implants removed due to the backlash and also due to how it made her face longer and so different from her old-self.

Still, she has to keep doing the lips or it will get worst! That’s the thing with cosmetic surgery, it never stops!

So, we all know who is footing the bill and who also asked her to get surgery. Did Mr. India also advised her to get it done while she was shooting for this big budget film he is producing.

By the way, all that KebabJo talks about, he has managed to keep his mouth shut on his bestie! Funny how opposite attracts! Actually, to be fair, they are cousins! And KJo did once say that his bestie didn’t approve of him doing that famous and now crappy TV Show.

What this actress did has happened before, she won’t be the last. Remember that big action film whose lead star had to go get brain surgery? Well, during the time he was off, the leading actress of his film did the same thing. If you have seen the film, you would notice how different she looks. To be fair, so did he except he looked shades lighter as he forgot to put on his bronzer after he starting shooting the film again.

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Anyways, check out the blind item below from PopDiaries.


Bollywood Blind Item


This Leading Actress Came With A Visible Lip Job On The Sets Of Her Action Adventure Film, Left Director And Actor Shocked!

Nose jobs and lip jobs can be troublesome to a film-maker and especially when it is done midway while the film’s shoot is happening. Read on…

Bollywood is brimming with actresses who look great and are always the talk of the town for their looks & features. In this rat-race, a few actresses opt for cosmetic surgeries, lip-jobs, nose-jobs etc to look better or even more enhanced.

We do not judge or comment anyone who wants to do a job done on their body or face as it is totally their choice as it is their body but the problem persists when one changes how she or he suddenly changes her or his look midway through the film.

A similar incident happened on the sets of an action-adventure film which is being shot right now when the lead actress of the movie came on the sets looking totally different from what she looked earlier, all thanks to her getting something done on her lips.

This totally irked the director and the lead actor as they were taken aback completely. From what it seemed, it was clear that the director was angry as her look in the film was not matching with her current look. The portions which she had shot earlier will be totally different to what she shot later and it left the director in double minds.

The director also couldn’t delayed the shoot because of the lack of availability of the lead actor’s dates and had to shoot having no option left. The actress’s wrong decision of getting a lip-job done right in the middle of the film’s shoot definitely irked the makers but it seems that she has got away with it all thanks to the relations she has with the production-house. Her last two films were from the same banner itself and the last one specially was a huge hit and is still doing good at the BO.

The lead actor of the action-adventure film is jam-packed with his dates and whenever any delay occurs along the film’s shoot, he goes for a vacay in London where he spends time with his special one. Well, we hope the actress’s change in her looks isn’t THAT evident when we will see the film on the big screen. Meanwhile, you can tell us in the comment-section below about who you think this actress is?


OSOP Guesses

Film: Shamshera

Actress: Vaani Kapoor

Lead Actor: Ranbir Kapoor


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22 Responses

  1. Rekha Rai says:

    Could this possibly be Ananya, her lips are looking bigger recently.

  2. nefarious says:

    Isnt Vicky-Kat saga just PR as both share the same agency? And Vicky is dating some south indian star?

  3. Universal says:

    Vaani looked so good in Shuddh Desi romance. All talent, aura ruined cz of Mr India.

  4. Rekha Rai says:

    I thought it could be Ananya because she recently did a lip job. check her insta. Not sure her upcoming films though

  5. Monalisa says:

    Another Ranbir film is getting postponed I guess. Shamshera shooting is going the same way as Brahmastra with all the delays in shooting. Serves the man child right.

  6. dsang says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have one question if virat and anushka go on a trip alone,….then who takes there candid pics? they don’t have hands as long to take selfie..duh.

    • Admin says:

      Us, who else! It’s our new part-time job. We went with Anupam chachu and showed Mr. Kanada around some nice people’s houses in Mumbai!

    • Admin says:

      On a serious note, most stars travel with their assistants (PA). They, for sure, don’t travel alone.

      • HateKjo says:

        ADMIN so how and when do they get privacy and couple time?

        On that note, their staff is lucky to travel the world for free.

        • Admin says:

          Don’t know if it’s luck for them because it’s not just about travelling for free. It’s about being at the employers call at any time of the day and night. You really need to have the energy and stamina to do this. Privacy is possible, the rest is considered work.

  7. yuri says:

    Vaani had a successful debut and was already a model. She clearly got there on her looks and for years nothing happened until her β€˜mentor’ relaunched her with a chin job making her unrecognizable. Even now her face looks strange onscreen, something photoshopped pics can’t cover up. She’s not going anywhere without favors from mr.india. Yrf pays their heroines dust compared to men, rani is an owner so doesn’t count. Kjo is problematic but is a better mentor by far

    • Hmm says:

      Rani is an owner? Please! With the alimony Aditya had to pay his first wife, I’m very sure Rani had to sign a pre-nup. She has the big bucks as long as she remains Mrs Chopra.

  8. abcd says:

    Vaani is not a star kid. If she thinks lip job will help her get more movies, then it’s a big misunderstanding on her part. As far as Ranbir is concerned, he is everything that a person shouldn’t be, selfish, cruel, mean and the list goes on? Can he remember about his drug issues, hair transplant, number of lives he ruined because of his bedhopping activities, not having sense/conscious to understand difference between right and wrong?? Does he have the spine to react in the same manner for all the blunders that back stabber alia did on her body? As far as the director is concerned, his career suffered due to kjo’s arrogance and now he’s trying to get some work in competitor’s camp.

    • dsang says:

      what alia did to her body??? what did i miss??? :O

      • abcd says:

        Please check her before/after pictures/videos post backstabbing kat and using situation for her benefit to get that rich womanizer.

        • Kit says:

          @dsang, abcd is just a Kat fan girl.

          @abcd, Rest on this hate for Ranbir and Alia. Their relationship is strictly PR. Nothing is happening. Everyone, including Kat knows that. Ranbir is even suspected to be gay.

          Besides, Kat doesn’t care. She has moved on and even launched her own beauty products. Best way to support her is to buy and promote her products.

          • abcd says:

            I just told who’s at fault. This is now another question whether they want to accept their mistakes or not. Kat too had earlier shown arrogance and then mellowed down after her past got leaked. The problem is jerks like alia and Ranbir need frequent ego massage. They feel that nobody has to tell them their bad deeds. Anyways, time punishes such unethical people. Example: do you remember Govind dumped neelam as Govinda’s mother rejected her. Same old arrogance:not being good enough for her son. As karma, after many decades what happened, Govinda and his kids have failed careers. To cut the long story short, those who wrong others, get curse and not blessing. This takes decades, but happens for sure.

          • bollyfan says:

            that is true. Katrina is super arrogant. She sucks up only with successful people. Now it’s Vicky Kaushal.

          • HateKjo says:

            @abcd did Katrina and her fans accepted her faults?No. Katrina was and still at fault.
            Yes, I agree who wrong others, get cursed and not blessings. Same is the case with Katrina who wronged Deepika and Salman now Harleen. She even wronged Bipasha by having a fling with John .

            She hasn’t learn a lesson and did harmed Harleen for Vickey.

            Katrina is still arrogant and rude which was shown in few recent videos and her body language. Thing is now she acts sweet and friendly in public and try to show she is at peace with everyone when she is not.

            She sent her beauty products to everyone but not to her new friend Deepika or her friend Maliaka.

        • HateKjo says:

          Yes she has done something for sure. She looks different from her old pictures.

          How Alia backstab Katrina? She didn’t so don’t blame her and portray Katrina as a victim . Katrina backstab Salman and Deepika to get Ranbir: the womanizer and now backstab Harleen to get a national award winner and young actor.

          You must look at Katrina’s old pictures and videos as well after breaking Ranbir and Deepika and cheating on Salman.

          Katrina is not a victim and get what she did to others

          • abcd says:

            I have mentioned this several times, saying once more that sallu’s anger issues are legendary, she got her family out from hell, ensured that her sisters have respectable profession, what alia did with sid was a lot worse because sid treated alia well and was in love with her.Vicky dumped jasleen because he wants to date a big star for his image in Bollywood. His family wouldn’t accept kat due to her past and she is apparently heading towards another heartbreaking saga. Alia could have either helped in patch up or at least stayed away. But she’s turned out to be the friend that nobody must ever have. Lovey dovey picture/video of kat/alia’s friendship proved fake. Kat can’t afford to badmouth rk like dp because sallu’s support has reduced and she needs work. Kat did blunders on her face to ensure that rk doesn’t abandon her, but he did. The good thing is she is doing something worthwhile in life for herself, doesn’t hangout with kjo and his minions anymore.


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