Bollywood Blind Item – November 2019 – 1

Today’s blind item is about this upcoming film, one of which has been released today. Both films are about the same topic or rather have their lead character in the same setting with a similar main problem. Since both films are about the same thing, one of them preponed the film. When the other heard it, the other also preponed its released.

So the other released today, which is the official remake of a Kannada film. The reviews are in today and apparently, most critics are not really happy how they made this film’s lead creepy as compared to the original.

Anyways…The blind item is about how this film was involved in a controversy with the other film that is also about the same issue. No one backed off, which is why both films are releasing in theaters.

So the problem is something else from behind the scenes. The lead actor is upset that his co-star of his probably biggest hit film has not stepped up to support him publicly. Seriously though, what actor can do that these days? Unless you are an established star but even that, actors are way too diplomatic today. Why would his co-star, who himself has managed to get in the KebabJo group, will speak up for him?

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Nah, this actor is mistaken. Samosa-boy is not that big of a star! But to be fair, at least he is supporting him at promoting the film and attending the premiere. That’s already huge!

Check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item


Turning Turtle

A young actor who’s made more than one film with this co-star has been telling friends that he feels let down by his actor buddy after the latter broke out and became a β€˜hot’ star. The two had pretty similar career trajectories until their last film together sent the other one to stratospheric heights.

The dejected actor has been saying his friend does not keep in touch, has never offered to help him and hasn’t shown any support for him at a crucial time when an important movie he’s in is being shuttled around because another β€˜hot’ star who has made a film on a similar theme is racing to release that film first.

In all fairness, his β€˜now famous’ friend and co-star is self-made and had no friend or colleague helping him during his rough patch either. What’s more, there’s little the star can do for his friend when he’s just about trying to hold on to his own success and popularity.

Finally, he’s kept a safe distance from the controversy surrounding his friend’s new film because he clearly doesn’t want to make enemies in the business or be seen taking sides on a matter that doesn’t concern him directly.

OSOP Guesses

Famous Friend: Kartik Aaryan

Young Actor: Sunny Singh

Film: Ujda Chaman


Ujda Chaman, which opened to mediocre reviews on Friday, has featured in headlines for its similarity to Ayushmann Khurrana’s upcoming movie Bala – both films deal with the issue of premature balding. “He’s playing his part, I am playing mine. We both are actors doing our jobs. I love him and I’m a fan of his acting,” Sunny Singh had told news agency PTI.


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