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There have been news for quite some time, if not for years, that this superstar’s son is going to be launched by his father. Some time back, his son assisted on the sets of this famous director’s film and there was news that the director will be launching him next.

But that never happened! In fact, it was the superstar that grabbed the next role of this famous director. That aside, his son has been waiting to be launched in films and in the meantime while for waiting for this to happen he has been working in theater acting in stage plays.

He will be 30 in a few years and his dad is still playing lead roles alongside heroines twice younger than him. So it will be interesting to see when he will get to launch his kid. If you look at the way this actor is, the launch won’t come anytime soon. See, even his wife has been waiting to turn director and she thought by having this superstar by her side, she would become a big director making the films she wants to make. But that never happened and she got to direct under his home production only once!

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What we are trying to say is, the man is a narcissistic and as it happens with narcissistic people, they might great at their job but they don’t care about anything else. Most superstars are narcissist so it’s nothing new but for this actor, if you see the way he lives his life you would understand how in his family, it’s only about him and nothing else!

As far as the below blind item goes, it does sound a little far-fetch that the director wanted the son to play the younger version of this superstar. They look nothing alike and if the director really wanted this, it could be because he wanted to hype up the project more.

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla. By the way, even this superstar’s daughter is also waiting to turn director. For now, she too is working on stage plays just like her brother.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

This superstar is insecure of his own son; didn’t let him play his younger self in next

Actors and insecurities go hand in hand. Almost like long lost buddies. But when you talk about this particular superstar, stories about him being insecure and finicky are enough. But little did one know that it will come into play,even with his own family members. Yes, you read that right! This top A-list hero is insecure of his own son.

The actor has already kickstarted shoot for his next biggie – a period drama that will also see him age through the years. The director, who’s very close to the actor, wanted his elder son to play his younger version in the film.

He had even spoken to the young boy, who of course has acting aspirations. But right then, the superstar father decided to go against their wishes and told the filmmaker friend that this won’t be the right platform for his son to make his debut. In fact, he went ahead and told the director that he will play the younger role as well. The maker couldn’t refuse since he considers him his mentor.

What’s surprising is that while other actors’ kids are already making their debut at a really young age, this superstar has been stopping movie offers for his son. Whenever he’s asked about it, he hesitantly shrugs off the topic. But the reality is that he’s insecure of his own son.

He didn’t want his son to have an important role in his next as he felt all eyes will be on his debut and he didn’t want that. This is not surprising for people who know him since it’s happened in the past, too with his own nephew. Currently, the nephew is nowhere to be seen and his doting mamu has not even bothered to give him a helping hand. We just hope the beta doesn’t face the same fate!

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Superstar: Aamir Khan

Son: Junaid Khan



“We are looking for Junaid. I’ve seen his work and I’m quite happy with it. When we will get the right kind of story… I believe in screen tests so he has to pass the test. If he does a good test, he’ll be in the film. If not, he won’t be,” Aamir said in a group interview.


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2 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    Really, is this even possible before the son’s debut? i find this hard to believe.. is Aamir really so petty?

  2. killtheboredom says:

    If he trusts his father he will end up doing Aamir’s father’s role. He will sure have contacts he should be smart enough to get himself launched sans his das’s help.

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