Bollywood Blind Item – May 2020 – 7

The blind item below is a bit complicated. No news has come out on this year, which means there’s no sure-shot guesses if we go only by the clues. So we have two guesses for this blind item, just take a look below.

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For the first guess below, it might be this senior actor and he might have been asked to make a special appearance in the remake of one of his popular films. But the thing is, the film has already been made and it is also possible that they just asked him to come by and make a special appearance in the film the same way that this superstar made an appearance in another remake of this director. Speaking of remakes, does this director plan to remake every single hit film of his and put his son in it?

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The second guess, this is about this veteran director who every other year keeps announcing either remake or sequel of his yesterday-year hit films. He likes to keep himself in the news so he just calls up a particular paper and make an announcement. For years, he kept having hope that this superstar will be in his next film whether there is one but the thing is, he forgot that he also gave this superstar a big overrated flop/disaster.

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The senior actor in the second guess is known to charge a lot for films. It’s funny he used to do films for peanuts in the old days and sometimes out of love for his friends, he used to do the films for free. When he got married, his wife took over everything. She was the one who decided how much he will get paid. In fact, when he took a hiatus for a long time to pay for something that he did after he came back, his wife decided that his fee should be higher because people are dying to see him onscreen. Naturally, he didn’t get that many takers. It doesn’t help that his films has not been record-breaking either.

So in all, this blind item might just be about any of these two guesses. Only time will tell, but not anytime soon since no film will be taking off in the coming weeks or even months!

Check out the blind item below from Etimes.


Bollywood Blind Item


This veteran director got the shock of his life when this senior and ageing actor who was part of the cult film that is set to be revived called his mentor and quoted an insane fee to be part of the film.

The producer-director who doesn’t mince his words quickly dialled the actor and said ‘thanks maybe we should work on something else’. The words had their effect and the senior out of work actor landed at the directors house next day apologising and agreeing to do the film even for free!

OSOP Guesses


Veteran Producer-Director/Mentor: David Dhawan

Senior and Ageing Actor: Govinda



Veteran Producer-Director/Mentor: Subhash Ghai

Senior and Ageing Actor: Sanjay Dutt



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