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Everyone knows this man is guilty and yet, he was said to be innocent when a movie production house conducted their own inside investigation. So many proofs out there and yet, they concluded that this man was innocent and never did what he was accused of.

That says a lot about this industry and the length they are willing to go to protect the powerful. Technically, this man was not that powerful then but the movie he was directing stared an A-list actor who worked really hard in this film and who claimed that he will not work with anyone who is guilty of being a creep. So the production house did what they thought was best, declare the creep innocent!

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Clearly, they are all living in their own world where they think they can just pass a judgement and everyone will blindly believe them. Now it’s even worst because this director’s film was a super hit so he is more in demand than before.

In fact, there was a rumour going around how this famous actress signed his film but she quickly backtracked and claimed that was never the case when people on social media called her out.

Bottom line is, the industry people only cares about hits and as long as creeps are giving hits, everyone will brush their creepy activities under the carpet and praise them to the skies…And also join hands with them!

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Luckily, there’s social media around to remind whoever forgets or pretends to. The blind item below is talking about the same film. The director’s upcoming project has just secured itself a producer. Let’s wait and see who this might be, it might just be Bollywood‘s Mr. Moneybags!

Check out the blind item below.


Bollywood Blind Item


A director disgraced during the #MeToo movement has surprisingly found a producer for his next film. The word isn’t out officially but the industry is already under shock at how quickly some people have forgotten about all the ire and rage at the male carnivores.

Surprisingly, the producer we’re talking about was a major crusader of female rights back then and is conveniently relying on the β€œclean chit” given legally to the director. Clearly, there’s nothing known as principle.

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Director: Vikas Bahl




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2 Responses

  1. KA says:

    can’t these bollywood people instead help out those struggling filmmakers , who are waiting with better scripts for a chance to showcase their talent.

  2. bollyrandom says:

    Is Farhan the producer? If so, this is so unexpected of him. I gave him a pass in my head regarding Sajid Khan because at the end of the day, he was family. I don’t expect anyone to speak against a family member. But if he does this, he and Zoya are the biggest hypocrites out there.

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