Bollywood Blind Item – May 2020 – 36

The blind item below is talking about two young actors. One who is from the film industry and has tasted success at the beginning of his career. The other one is an outsider who recently tasted success when his films started hitting the 100-crore mark.

Naturally, the industry stood up and realized his value. They wasted no time to welcome him to their small-tight group. Now the star kid has began to show how insecure he is with his films flopping and no longer connecting with the audience.

The outsider actor is the kind who is not ashamed to go out of his way to get something he thinks will advance his career. Remember, there was a time when the nepo kids and nepo mafia king were laughing at this outsider at his attempts of creating a fake girlfriend and getting his PR to talk about his fake relationship.

Now it seems they are laughing at him and his attempts to get this film that was rejected by the star kid. Notice how in the blind item, he is asking to do the film and there’s no mention of the script or story whatsoever!

If you recall, the star kid left that film because the script wasn’t up to what he thought it would be. The fact that they shelved the film says a lot about the script or they could have just gone ahead and have another actor replace the star kid.

Well, the outsider is desperate to be in the big leagues but doesn’t he realize that all these people will do is take advantage of him and then throw him out when he serves no purpose to them anymore?

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Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This actor is desperately trying to get this project, after a Gen Y star walked out of it

In Bollywood, one person’s loss is always someone else’s gain. There have been countless examples of actors making their career out of films another contemporary hero/heroine rejected. But here’s a different side to the tale.

There are also actors, who are constantly keeping tabs on which movie is being produced by who and who’s being approached for it. Not because they love the filmy gup, but only to know when to attack to get the part.

Today, we’re talking about this young actor, who’s clearly catapulted himself into the A-league with a few big successes in the past. But despite a few hits to his credit, he has not been able to match up to this other Gen-Y star who enjoys a massive fan following but has been experiencing a rather dull phase in his career.

We hear that when the Gen-Y star decided to walk out of an upcoming film, our hero made desperate calls and attempts to land the role. He would constantly be nagging to the director and the producer (both very close friends of the star) and explain how he’s the perfect choice for the film.

Not just that, he would send out stories in the media which spoke about him being offered the role and him toying with the idea of taking it up. All of this has left the filmmaker and the producer really miffed. In fact, the producer who’s also signed him for another project, has only been complaining of his changed behaviour.

From what we hear, this movie will definitely be made but there are very bleak chances of it being made with our desperate hero. The Gen-Y star might not be in the project anymore, but he can be overheard speaking in their circle about how his contemporary actor has been begging to get all the roles he and his other friends reject. Ouch! Did we say how they also pretend to be good friends in front of the camera?

OSOP Guesses

Young Actor: Karthik Aryan

Gen-Y Star: Varun Dhawan

Upcoming Film: Mr. Lele

Producer: Karan Johar



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4 Responses

  1. Ria says:

    I loved the poster of Mr Lele and also the title name, its funny. Wonder why they are not making with some other actor if Varun backed off. Kartik seems smart making his way inside somehow

  2. KA says:

    I agree with you , he should take small leaps instead of a long jump, Bollywood seems not very accepting and kind to outsiders, Kartik has struggled since years to achieve the kind if importance he is getting as an actor, he should be calm, level-headed and careful, he should maintain a safe distance from these big wigs and keep in contact with good story-writers, filmmakers, producers for work purpose, you can be genuinely friends with those who like you, want to befriend but not those who would use you, after seeing what all has happened with Sushant, i hope he does not go through all this.

  3. Hmm says:

    I see nothing wrong with what Karthik us doing. Many actors and actresses including SRK got their big breaks by accepted films rejected by star kids.

  4. abcd says:

    Kartik needs to work in low budget movies and first time directors with good scripts. Kjo and his gang can’t have good intentions in their hearts for outsiders. This has to be realized soon or he will be forgotten from public memory.

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