Bollywood Blind Item – May 2020 – 28

What this blind item is reporting below is nothing new. Some months ago, it was already been said in the media that this actor has hiked his fee. Not just any normal hike, but his fee per film has been increased five times from what he normally charges.

People in the industry are shocked because of such a big hike. But the actor’s films have been doing well so a lot would say that he does deserve this raise, right? Why not? But then if you think about it, his movies have been working because they are low budget films.

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He increased his fee not now so bad timing is not really a question here, but for sure they will ask him to decrease his fee since everyone is going to do it after the pandemic is over.

Let’s see what the future holds for him. These past two years, there were so many films starring him. His last film was such a disappointment, to be honest. It was supposed to be some groundbreaking story, different from the usual love stories that we get to see but his acting in it was so nothing. It was like he wasn’t even trying, the other actor opposite him completely overshadowed him. Maybe playing the same character in every film is getting to him!

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


Despite several success films, this actor isn’t in A league; producers miffed with his pay hike

Success changes one, they say. But sometimes, even success can’t change a perception surrounding your name. Such is the case with this young actor, who has seriously climbed up the charts, delivering one success after the other. Yes, despite being hot property, he still isn’t really considered one among the creme-de-la-creme from the Gen-Y brigade.

Yes, the success might have tasted sweet for this actor, who had worked for years to get it, but it seems he’s not been able to reap the benefits of the same. We hear that the consistent box office success hit him hard in the head and he decided to hike his fee. Forget doubling, he has almost started charging 5 times his usual fees.

We aren’t saying he doesn’t deserve it, given his hit run at the plexes. But unfortunately, producers still don’t consider him in the A-league. Several filmmakers are shocked with the amount he’s quoted them and although they were really keen on getting him on board, they have now decided against it and choose another young star, who’s also turned out to be a heartthrob in the last few years.

Producers believe that this young turk has more potential and is way more bankable with his films, than our hero and the cherry on the cake is that our actor no.2 is charging half of what the other one has been quoting.

It’s also a sorry state of affairs for our hero, because the other actor, despite being known to be a terrific performer as well, has not been able to deliver as many consecutive hits as him. But he’s definitely delivered double of what his highest grossing film collected, with just one movie and that’s what counts. Plus, he’s also maintained his position and didn’t decide to ask for an exorbitant amount to star in a film.

A renowned producer who decided to choose someone else over our actor for his next production venture, also indirectly told his team to knock some sense as he feels that the actor will lose all big projects if he continues to throw tantrums with his pay, especially when the industry is going through one of its toughest times. All in all, it seems that our hero’s loss has turned out to be this hot actor’s gain… At least for now!

OSOP Guesses

Young Actor: Ayushmann Khurranna

Other Actor: Vicky Kaushal






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11 Responses

  1. Shruti says:

    Where do they stash so much money?

  2. RA GA says:

    Can’t stop laughing !!!
    KJo Mausi !!!

  3. Vaidit says:

    I am sad for ayushmann that he has to prove gain and again that he can make brave choices and yet deliver a super hit . I am also sad for vicky that just because he did 2 dharma movies a side kick role and a film bound to be flop , all of a sudden people consider him nepo kid . This actor started his journey with masaan zubaan and Raman raghav . I think so he should make sure that he is not in this gang else he will definitely fail . Dharma films are failing now a days with zero good will.

  4. Hate Kjo says:

    Sadly, despite giving back to back hits Ayushman isn’t consider as an A lister just because he is not a nepo kid neither have KJO. He is more successful than Varun/Alia/ Vicky but then all those have KJO which he doesn’t. Vicky is over rated with no starpower and cant pull audience to the theatre which Bhoot confirms.

    • Hmm says:

      Bhoot was just a bad film. Vicky is talented. Liked him more than Alia in Raazi. I hope he gets good films and KJo doesn’t ruin him

      • HateKjo says:

        Film may be bad but Vicky despite being talented lack star power and an X factor. Then his PR games and PR relationship with Katrina further make public not to like him. He is just playing the same games which Rankat played years ago.

  5. Vaidit says:

    This is all insiders plan to create tension among actors . Lol they are good with each other let them be . Plus I guess both will be charging the right money for themselves . Vicky is with matrix , do you think he will charge less . And ayushmann has delivered sufficient number of hits to increase his fees .both are terrific performers but Vicky always will have a upper hand in terms of performance because he has proved his versatility already and suits any kind of roles . But lol his personal drama is too much . If that continues all his talent is in vain .

  6. selig says:

    KJO amma at work…

    • selig says:

      he is probably trying to promote Vicky over Ayush…2 crore? that was measly ! even Disha patani might earn more

  7. Hmm says:

    Reminds me of the rumour that SRK was being paid peanuts by YashRaj and they began a war with him when he wanted more

  8. Raj says:

    Really!!. Heused to charge 2 Crore !!! any nepo kid would hve charged 5croe in his first film and this guy even after delivering multiple clean hits cant ask for 10 crores!!. Films earning 70-80 crore or above 100 crore will become loss making if he gets 8 crore extra. I think he deserves 10 crore may be not in one go.

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